50Vestal, United States
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My self-summary

OK guys, I've taken the time and energy to fill out my profile, answer a lot of questions, and put up some decent photos of myself. If you want me to reply to your messages, you better have done the same. I will not reply to anyone that has a sketchy profile, has not filled it out at all, or has no pictures up. And for heavens sake *DO NOT* post pictures of your reflection in the bathroom mirror!! They never come out well and no one wants to see how nasty your bathroom is. Photos like that are just creepy.

Now, moving on.....

I've been divorced since 2001, had a couple of semi-serious relationships, but haven't really been looking for "the one". Kinda figured there isn't anyone like that out there for me after divorce #2. I'm looking for new friends, and folks to hang out with, go hiking, to the gym or camping, I want to go out and have fun, and enjoy the company of who I am with, but I'm not looking for "hook-ups", one night stands, or a "fling". I haven't been looking for a "serious" relationship, but finding that "special someone" to curl up with and spend time with would be nice. If you have kids, I can handle that, I like kids even though I won't be having any more of my own. I'm not looking for a 'dad' for my girls, I want a companion for me. I'm not looking for bed partners, I'm looking for *FRIENDS* to spend time with.

That said, I am seeing someone now, and we have an open, caring relationship. He will get the lion's share of my attention, but new friends are always good to have. He is Grillmaster1313 on OK cupid.

I have a full time job and a home, so I don't need to be 'taken care of'.

I enjoy an evening out for a nice dinner and a movie or play, or an evening in having a home cooked meal and snuggling up on the couch to talk, play games, or watch a DVD.

I'm a Pagan, love animals (especially cats), I have 8 cats and 1 dog. My pets are part of the family. I enjoy walks in the woods, bike rides, camping, canoeing, collecting antiques, going to the Opera {my friend and I have season tickets to TCO, and travel to NYC occasionally to catch an Opera at the Met} , reading, learning new things, & adding to my personal library. I like good beer, such as Ommegang Witte, Guinness, Smithwick's. I watch football Go Bengals!! (but I have *NO* love for any NY team!) or baseball, I play a decent game of pool, and sometimes play chess (not very good at it). I enjoy riding motorcycles (used to own one).

Guys, be reasonable about age difference, please. If you're 21 you should be asking one of my daughters out, not me......

I am inquisitive, literate, open minded, and independent.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and being able to get outside again. Cold weather and I do not mix well.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I'm a single mom, with one kid still at home. My youngest is in her 5th year of college, BioChemistry major. She is looking at Grad school now. I have a full time state job (I work nights, but hey, it's work!), own a home, read, read some more, & putz around on the computer, and like to spend time with my kids and friends. I also enjoy spending time with family, anthropomorphic art, working out, antiques, puzzles, some board games, & word puzzles like crosswords, jumble & word find.

I can cook & bake but don't do anything fancy. I have cooked from scratch & served Thanksgiving dinner for 20 in my home, so I'm able to do 'fancy' I just choose not to.
I’m really good at
I suppose that depends on whom you ask........ but I think I'm a good listener.
The first things people usually notice about me
My tattoos, and that I'm stronger than I look. Also I don't look a lot different in real life than I do in my pictures. The biggest difference is the amount of makeup I tend to wear.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fantasy, Murder/Mystery, Sci-Fantasy, Sci-Fiction, Non-Fiction. I have about 300 books in my room. OK, so I'm a bibliophile ;) I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon at AnthroCon 2013.

Movies: action such as 'Iron Man', the 'Pirates' series, Schwarzenegger movies, James Bond movies, some comedies, anime. I'd rather see movies than watch the idiot box.

Food: steaks, beef stew, chili, homemade soup, Thai food, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, good salad bars, anything that's not too spicy

Music: Heavier music (Tool, Kamelot, AFI, Godsmack, Disturbed, NIN, Rammstein, Drowning Pool, System of a Down, Tantric, Arteyu, Mud Vayne), classic rock (Metallica, AeroSmith, Van Halen, Judas Priest, ZZ Topp, Fleetwood Mac), Foreigner, Air Supply, Bryan Adams, REO Speedwagon, Thomas Dolby, Tori Amos, Enya, Yanni. I also like Jazz, Big Band, Blues, a select few country songs, and Opera (I used to go with my parents for the season), and classical music. I grew up listening to Neil Diamond, John Denver, Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul & Mary, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Chuck Mangione, Gordon Lightfoot, among others, and still enjoy them. Bill Cosby rocks!
Six things I could never do without
1. Freedom
2. Truth/integrity
4. Music
5. Stars at night
6. Wind in the trees
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My pets, family, getting the bills paid, reading, conservation, recycling, the state of the country/economy, and how much longer our world will survive at the rate humans abuse it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working :(
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Get to know me, maybe you'll find out.
You should message me if
You're interested in Tattoos, books, antiques, animals, Anthropomorphic art (aka Furry art), heavy music and/or alternative religion.
The two of us