57Playa del Rey, United States
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My self-summary
I wouldn't normally consider finding a partner via this method but, I'm at a point in life where I'm contemplating relocating to Maui, likely building a more architecturally inspired abode than is typically found over there and "chilling" in general. My current female acquaintances are too into their careers, or other diversions, to follow this plan so... I'm trying a longshot and looking here!

Here are a few personal details for your elucidation. I'm a Caucasian California native, 5'10", 170, with brown hair & eyes, clean shaven, no tattoos, non-smoker, rare social drinker. I was married once for 10 years; no kids. I have been in a couple long term relationships since, though, I'm now currently available. I am an ENTP (inventor) per Myers-Briggs. I've no communicable diseases, prison record, restraining orders, nor outstanding debts. I am allergic to cats, dogs & gods so, if you are keeping close company with any of those critters we probably aren't a love match. I'm not much of a sports fan, nor club goer. I don't smoke, drink beer nor coffee. I prefer not to post a photo on the 'net but, I will certainly send one direct to ... qualified applicants. :-)

I suppose a few words about the kind of gal with whom I'd most likely be enamored would be cogent at this point. Somewhere between 5'3" and 5'8" tall, slender (think single digit dress size), with some light color hair (brunette, blonde, red), a non-smoker (lifelong), unencumbered (legally!) and, non-religious. Age ... well, that's a number. I could say anywhere between 35 & 55 but, more importantly, whatever the number is, if you'd be game for a hike up Half Dome, you've made the cut.

Beyond the statistics, I am seeking a best friend, lover, partner who is kind, honest, witty, articulate & communicative, affectionate, inquisitive, attractive, intelligent, self-aware, playful and spontaneous, but who, like me, has a contemplative, reflective, perhaps even an artistic or creative bent. A woman who's unpretentious and down-to-earth with a sense of adventure and who values integrity, friendship and monogamy for the duration of our relationship, whether it lasts an hour, an evening, or indefinitely!

Of course, we would actually have to like each other... I've no desire to exemplify that old "find a woman I don't like and give her a house" joke. :-)

So, if you are similarly tropically inspired and would like to see if there's a fit for us, please send your name, an intriguing note, along with your phone number plus a good time to get in touch and I'll call.

Have a great day!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why the "staff-robot" is seemingly unaware of my partner preferences nor the match question percentages.

This robot's got "issues"!

And then there's the mystery of the matching questions.

Some typical numbers when viewing prospective partners:

You publicly answered: 168 questions
You answered: 321 questions

You publicly answered: 74 questions
You answered: 108 questions

You publicly answered: 157 questions
You answered: 269 questions

Yet viewing my own profile shows this!

You've answered: 283 questions
You've publicly answered: 283 questions

And looking the questions I've answered returns this:

You’ve answered: 360 questions
You’ve publicly answered: 360 questions

Which I surmise is (was) the correct number!

Now the latest wrinkle is that I'm down to 293 questions!! Someone is stealing the queries!!!

The children of Billy Gates are at play in the computing arena!
On a typical Friday night I am
in the dark.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was standing on a grassy knoll when JFK was shot!
You should message me if
... I've visited your profile and you might be interested in further exploration of the "Maui Project". I'm going to be looking nationwide for a (high percentage match) partner since, if this undertaking is a success, neither of us will be living where we now reside.

Or if you've by happenstance come upon my profile, not to diminish the romance of my overture, but after a bit of... experience, I'm going to proffer a few hints about responding to my ad.

Please impart the impression that you've actually read my post; Perhaps disclose your favorite Maui locale?

Please be a US born citizen -- There will be adventure enough without adding papers & translations.

Maui is the destination. Alternatives such as the Caribbean, Central America, the South Pacific, & Florida are not. We might discuss Kauai or the Big Island but, even those aren't "no ka oi".

I'd consider younger than the age range noted above except that I've only received entrees, proporting to be, from that generation which are fraudulent.

If you've never been to Hawaii and just want to go on a vacation to "see if you'd like it there" or if you just want a trip to visit your kama'aina friends, relatives or an ex', please just call an airline.

The two of us