46 Madison, United States
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My self-summary
Perhaps I'm a familiar face. I've been here before. I thought I'd give it another go.
I pride myself on being conscientious, loyal and trustworthy. While I appreciate a little mystery and intrigue in the world of dating, I really don't have the patience for game playing.
I'm at my best when I'm passionate about something and I'm innately drawn to intensity. Though I'm often soft spoken and gentle in demeanor, I doubt any friends would describe me as being a tranquil soul.
My sense of humor tends to run darker than most but I still do enjoy smiling and having fun (I keep telling myself that anyway).
I'm not really the outdoorsy sort. Hiking with the dogs, camping, going for a dip in a lake…it's just not my thing. Hotels and hot showers? Now we're talking!
But I do get outside. I adore going to the pool each summer and though my endurance isn't top notch, I'm a very good swimmer. I also enjoy monitoring bats as a volunteer for the DNR. When I go to a park it's often when everyone is heading home. Following trails and meandering down rivers by night is far more enjoyable in my opinion and it's a lot more interesting dealing with what I imagine seeing or hearing in the dark. I haven't encountered a vampire…yet.
I'm a night owl through and through. I've tried scheduling myself doing early shifts at work but all it means is that I take longer naps. My most creative and energetic times seem to be in the later evening so I try to make the best of it.
On things domestic--I've never been married and I have no kids. I do have a house but lack the know-how (and motivation) to truly improve it. I like to keep myself relatively clean and my home is an extension of that. I appreciate dramatic colors, art and lighting so I play to my strengths. I don't have any pets though I've met one dog and one cat in my life that I thought were truly special beings. As far as my interest in someday having children of my own, I'm "fixed" so I'm afraid I can't be very flexible on that front.
One of my favorite ways to share an evening is listening to music with beer or wine and discussing more than just the day's events. I enjoy conversing about psychology, sociology, sexuality and gender, art (no, probably not paintings, more like music, movies and books), religion and perhaps a little politics. Though I wouldn't describe myself as overtly political, I do harbor a handful (or two) of strongly held beliefs. Having worked at a cooperative business for many years, I'm more than a touch anti-corporate and my social views tend to run exceedingly liberal. However, the world is so complicated that I must admit that too much of any side is either unworkable or unsustainable. 
Spirituality is of some interest of me but I have no path of my own. I do yoga once a week to increase my ability to be present and to help avoid injury. If there is something greater than us, it's been lost on me.

As far as who I'm looking for, it's really difficult to say. One thing I have learned over the years is that big hair, make up, long nails and high heels hold absolutely no appeal to me. If you think of yourself as a bit tough or a tomboy, there's a higher probability we'd find more in common. As you may have already concluded, I'm not exactly a guy's guy, so I can only hope that works for you.
What I’m doing with my life
I can get lost in the routine of work and the weeks and months can go by in a blur. It's very fortunate I care deeply about what I do.

I wish I was traveling more but being a homeowner has stifled much of my wanderlust. I'd like to say I'm content but that would only be a half-truth. I'd like to experience more yet I am disappointed by my relative complacency.

Maintaining strong and caring friendships, and enjoying music, movies and books are how I often occupy myself. I have an interest in photography and hope to someday self-publish a racy coffee table book. My parents are divorced (and live out of town) so I try to keep them as engaged as I'm able.
I’m really good at
Hmmm. I suppose if you were to ask my my friends they would say I should be a counselor as I feel a strong sense of empathy (at least most of the time). As far as doing stuff: I randomly make music and artwork (mainly of the graphic design variety), I can throw and catch a football exceedingly well, I'm an (gods help me) excellent bowler and I really enjoy teaching wrestling (nothing overtly competitive--just for fun). Please don't get me wrong, jock or workout warrior I am not. I'd say I'm very coordinated but then I remember the time I took a dance class (samba). Let's just say it could have gone better. I could become a worthy tennis partner with a little practice.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably that I'm often smiling. Or perhaps that I'm very polite and reserved (even a bit formal). Yes, that does change quickly once I feel more at ease. I've been told I have very expressive hands. I would not fare well in poker though I did play blackjack in Las Vegas for two hours and came out ahead. Four whole bucks! I was so proud of myself I gave it all to the dealer.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Cliche as it may be, Russian authors are my favorite. The Brother's Karamazov, Crime and Punishment, The Master and Margarita and Lolita continue to be my favorites. Victorian era mysteries and gothic stories have always made me happy. I guess I have a taste for older books. More modern novels I've enjoyed include Cruddy, House Of Leaves and Tinkers.
Most horror movies are worthless but it's the good ones that keep me going. I'm a student of horror films because of the powerful emotions they can create when executed well. As a child, I was terrified by many films (though ultimately it was of my own imagination) and I took it as a challenge. Though I don't care much for comedies, many of my favorite movies are not horror films at all. Some of these would be, Inception, The Ninth Gate, Solaris (2002), Ed Wood, Melancholia, Drive, Her, Blade Runner and Donnie Darko (boy, did I get in trouble when I recommended that to my 15 year old niece). I think Werner Herzog is the man. Dexter, Top of The Lake, Game Of Thrones and Louis CK are all things I've been enjoying on TV.
With music I'm a bit particular. I love making mix CD's! I appreciate moody music and am the furthest thing from a funk, folk, or bluegrass lover. I often listen to Ladytron, Broadcast, old Cure, Front 242 and Siouxsie. I also have a soft spot for European EBM music like Blutengel and And One but those are more guilty pleasures. Some black metal and neoclassical music often works it's way into my playlists.  I'd never be dismissive of Duran Duran or Marc Almond. Scott Walker makes me happy unlike our amazingly brilliant governor.
I don't spend a lot of time thinking about or preparing food. Thai and sushi are my favorites when I go out. Cheese curds and deep fried pickles…and beer are also right up there. Just no fast food for me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why we believe in the things that they do.
If we are meant to be something more than animals (no disrespect to other mammals and cephalopods).
What happens to us when we die and what we're supposed to be doing here (I suppose this also includes online dating). 
How excellent it would be if there were ghosts, secret societies and giant (and I mean GIANT) squids.
The people I care about and how I can make their lives better somehow.
You should message me if
You can relate to at least some of what I've written. I know that none of this is easy or comfortable and that it's very easy to take a passive role on these sites. I do appreciate and admire people who can be assertive and thoughtful at the same time.