38Camp Hill, United States
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My self-summary
"What difference does it make"... Hillary told me to say that 🙋

Do people really read? Hell no they don't, so I am just going to look at your pics and either mock you or grovel at your feet for acceptance... 🌄 Its what you do online, and why if you aren't a catfish don't usually need to waste your time bothered by vowels and consonants.

So Try to be hot... It's easy these days thanks to Cover Girl and Estee, not to mention all that photo editing you might be doing... Too rough? Well you know what I mean, so many smart phone selfie editing whores these days... You know if you are one...💋

Me: Go look at my pics... I look pretty good even though I put next to zero effort into trying. That's probably hypocritical since I like a girly girl that smells like roses and vanilla, skin as soft as Snuggles and whose teeth I can see my reflection on. But eh, I'm not looking for a carbon copy of me, even though if I was a gay guy, I would sooooo love me....
What I’m doing with my life
Are ya still here❓Probably not, but you should be only because this profile actually makes more sense then the others you've read to date...

But I understand if you aren't because is a real man doesn't use emoji's 😎👾👎🌹

Well... Like the three other decent people over 30: I am wasting a few minutes, a few times a week, during times of boredom, on OkCupid looking at people who are most likely "nothing" like they appear in their profile, and sometimes helping them see the light...💡Why is this place so dark... 🌚

I do other things too like run a business, lucky me 🏤
I’m really good at
Challenges: (like getting you to message me back when that false sense of reality in the back of your brain tells you that you are talking to someone better) Sorry it's not true, that you are talking to someone better I mean, not that I don't like challenges. Wait wait wait that isn't true again, that I can get you to do anything, cause you can't fix stuck up, especial false reality stuck up. Which means I have to waste what little time I have with moderately ugly to semi attractive, who knows that may be you sweet tits! But I really do just get going at opposition and believe persistence is key... Is this why I make so much in my profession... :D (sure it does!) 💸💰
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably that gap in my teeth that my Dentist wanted to close. However, if Letterman can make millions with one, why can't I... 📺

How about my massive chest and shoulders... Who knows I work out a lot so at least I hope that they notice. They're really not that massive💪🏽

That baby face and cherub like demeanor that I exude... Can't you feel it?👶
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too busy to watch TV so I don't even get cable😅 wait UPDATE I do now get cable since I wanted the fastest internet package and it was cheaper to get it with cable bundle... Lucky me!!! Still don't watch it though 🚫
Love shows though like Dexter, Southpark, The Five, have to add Breaking Bad as that was awesome... 💉
Music: Hell I was a DJ before so I like a lot of stuff, mostly though stuff I can dance too.💽
Food: I don't want to gross you out so I'll say I'm very open minded. 🍱But you can't enlighten me on cuisine, however I sure as hell can you...
Six things I could never do without
Food, Air, Red & White blood cells, a Digestive System (unless administered nutrients intravenously) and a Heart (again, unless or substitute here a possible pacemaker, in which case I wouldn't need one last thing) ... A brain!🎓

Ohhh, wait! Can I take that all back and just say "you" 6 times ;;;) Heheheee💗
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why can't I just eat whatever I want and still keep my 20 year old body...🏊 But more so why aren't there any women my age who look as young as I do... 🙍

How much taxes I am going to be paying because Washington keeps @%#!ing things up...📊

Why is it that I often find myself believing what I see on TV...😜
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing Poker At One Of My Many Friends Places♠️♥️♣️♦️, or you can find me In Da Club 🍻...


Probably working on a cure for global hunger. Working on equality issues for women, since I come across so many disenfranchised and down trotted on here that it brings a tear to my eye. And most importanly taking care of orphans 👬 and kittens...🐱
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
"I like turtles" ( put that in a Google search, and it will then possibly appear somewhat funny to you... At the very least if you have a soul you you should like the link... )🐢
You should message me if
I compliment you...💑

You brush your teeth And bathe regularly 🛁

You have something to bring to the table other then two or more kids, no possibility of escaping the black hole that follows you, and an ex who can't even take your BS anymore 😋
The two of us