35Cooper City, United States
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My self-summary
(*PLEASE NOTE: I have already found my soulmate, so I am no longer looking for a match on this site. I did make a friend, or 2, on here, however, so I am choosing not to deactivate my profile at this time. If you are looking for a romantic partner, it is definitely not mee, & I do not want you to waste your time reading my long profile, but good luck on your journey...*) :-)

I can be both idealistically optimistic & realistically pessimistic, but I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt & view all of us as Children of this vast Universal Space Playground . . . ! ! ! Aliens in our own land, strangers in our own skin...We think we know who we are, although it seems we all forgot how the story did begin !

I have always felt VERY different from most other people... Since I was just a teenee-tiny li'l youngin', I have always known that I am a spiritual being/a neutral soul housed in a pretty girly vessel, although I'm nothing like most females! I don't like to put product in my hair or wear much make-up, although I know how to get dolled-up, when the occasion arises!! I prefer simplicity, though, & I'm not a tom-boy, but, being a gender-neutral soul, I do relate to both sexes in unique ways. I am feminine, for sure, in this lifetime, but I can be quite atypical, as well, & I'm definitely 1 of a kind. :-)

Smart, sweet, spiritual, genuine, kind-hearted, communicative, curious, courteous, intuitive, creative, empathic, patient, playful, passionate, compassionate, careful, thoughtful, talented, open-minded, serious, yet seriously silly, honest, observant, giving, loving & loyal. - Ego is neither attractive, nor impressive. Spiritual awareness & selflessness are simply imperative. - P.S. I'm quite pretty, but have no posted pics for good reason(s); just in case you were (surely!!) wondering...! :-) (If I'm interested, then, of course, yoU will be lucky enough 2 see mee smiling at u!!) :-)

(It's merely ego, anyhow, that makes people try to look cool & sexxxy in stupid profile pics! I'm pretty dang cute, but I don't believe in "cool," or in making the popular puckered lips duck-face fuck-me eyes look for random strangers online!! Or, at all, for that matter...! I'm sure just being Mee would be sexxxee enough that I wouldn't have to make dumb, desperate faces to keep my man entertained & interested!!!) ;-P
What I’m doing with my life
Health & wellness are top priorities 4 mee now b/c have some serious, altho by no means insurmountable, issues, at the moment, which have made it very difficult to be a fully functional human being...But, I am optimistic & motivated, and very posi+ive that I'm headed towards being healthier & more fit than I've ever been in my whole entire life, as of yet ! - My Man will hav2be patient, supportive & understanding of my situation, & non-judgmental about these current circumstances. May be coming from a not-so-good place, but where I'm headed makes it aLL sO WeLL WoRTH iT !! :-D
I’m really good at
...wouldn't YoU like to know!? ;-) ;-) If you're My Love, well, then, you'll find out...! --- OKay, silly suggestive answer aside, I'm really good at poetry, writing, talking, (maybe singing? - I don't know how good I am, or could be, with training, but the few people that have heard mee have thought that I had A LOT of potential!!) song-writing, being nice, polite & considerate, & loving my man! - Oh, yeah, & I'm kind of OCD, so I like to be super organized & tidy, but cleaning is not my favorite activity, although I'm good at it !!! (Currently, though, my room is a depressed mess, but I'm working on digging myself out of dis sad hole & being a fully functioning human!) --- I really want posi+ive influences in my life now = people, or even just 1 single person, who will unconditionally love, encourage, believe in & support mee. My intense gifts & energies have tended to attract only those who have wanted to control mee or tear mee down, so that's why I felt that I needed to get away from everyone I used to know, &, hence, have no1 really in my life, at the moment... I do believe in myself & my many talents, as I have lots & am extremely gifted, but I would love SO MUCH to experience what it feels like to have someone special that has my back(other than my mother, that is!)...! I don't think I've ever really had the kind of nurturing from another human being that could help foster my growth & success, so that's what I'm looking for now, whether that be from a friend, a pen pal, or, hopefully, eventually My Life Partner!
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes, smile & long hair, & my kind words. :-) &, my phat ass...! ;-P (Butt, don't like any1 else looking at or touching it, except for my man!! ~ My mom's Cuban & my dad's a gringo with a round booty, so I ended up w/ a phat Cuban Cracker AssBootee!!!) ;-P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
MUST READ: "A New Earth," by Eckhart Tolle!! It literally saved my life a few years ago, & I'm due to read it again! It's actually the only book I've read cover-to-cover in a while, but I do like to read...I'm very smart, but read kind of slow, so it has to really be something that can keep my attention AND is useful to my being!

Movies/TVshows = LOTS, but mostly comedies & cartoons for entertainment, & documentaries for knowledge. Also, lots of science, history or otherwise educational things, as well !! :-) Some "dramadies" or dramas, too, like the Law & Order, CSI, & NCIS shows, although I don't like dramas that revolve around hookups & breakups, like what most females watch(i.e., Grey's Anatomy, etc...!), or most other "popular" shows that people follow. I'm just not generally into much fiction/fantasy, but some of my favorite movies are Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, The Dark Crystal, etc, etc, etc...! Oh, & Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp is D Man!) & anything Pixar, of course!!! :-) (F.Y.I.: There's been periods of my life where I did not watch much, if any, TV shows OR movies, but, due to my recent sick status & being aLone in my room most of the time, I've gotten into a lot of different shows, although I could see myself going back to not caring, at some point in time, if I had better things to do to occupy my time !) :-)

Music = Classic Rock (The Doors & Pink Floyd are favorites, among others...Mostly 60's, & some early 70's, although that's when they all started getting way too into the whole "sex, drugs &..." thing, & started to be too superficially shallow & sUCK!!) & "Alternative" Rock, whatever that means, LoL... In the car, where I mostly listen to music, if I don't have a PJ CD, I usually switch between the Classic Rock & Oldies stations, since there's overlap - i.e., the Oldies station does play some good Classic Rock, too!! - & I enJoY most of the cutesy & groovy Oldies songs, since they make mee shmile! :-) But, I do like lots of other individual songs & types of music, as well, & I am open to whatever cool music a friend or my man may want to expose mee to, altho I currently mostly listen to Pearl Jam, who is my all-time favorite band for helping mee through A LOT in my life! :-) There's nothing in this world like singing along with Mr. Eddie Vedder to make mee feel better!! :-) And, anyone who is interested in mee would, at least, have to respect this connection. They don't have to be your favorite band, but it helps if you can see where I'm coming from! :-) *Side Note: Chicago's "Beginnings" song lyrics pretty much describe how my romantic side wants to feel & have My Man feel about mee!! <3 "...Only The Beginning Of What I Want To Feel Forever...!!!" <3*

And, Food = balanced & fairly healthy. (If I could afford it, I would always eat strictly organic b/c I can actually FeeL the difference! - I've been fantasizing for a number of years now about having my own sustainable, eco-friendly farm of sorts...And, taking care of plants of all varieties is deeply satisfying on many levels, as well, so definitely will have some decorative ones, tOO!!) Some faves = salmon or other fish, sweet potatoes, a variety of cooked veggies, grilled chicken(Cow is the hardest meat to digest, & I haven't eaten hardly any of it for many years now, so virtually no red meat, although I will eat pork sometimes.), fruits, nuts, protein shakes, whole grains, some vegetarian, vegan or other specialty foods, Spanish & Italian cuisine, Mexican (but NOT really spicy! - I'm a bit of a super-taster, so my tongue can't take anything that is too spicy, sour, tart, et cetera... Although I do enJoY flavors, & find it very fun to experiment w/ herbs & spices!! - I put "Lawry's" Lemon pepper on SO MANY things! - See Below.), CHEESES, yogurt & various other dairy products, and, OMG, I <3 Chocolate, AAF!!! ;-D
Six things I could never do without
1) Strong connection to Spirit. 2) PJ! 3) Serious Silliness & sense of humor - to keep mee sane!! 4) Water, juices, teas, chocolate, cheeses, & other life-sustaining fuel sources...As well as "Lawry's" Lemon Pepper seasoning, which I put on everything from chicken to fish to veggies! 5) Representations (images, stuffed aminals, figurines, etc...!) of Monkeys, Apes & other Primate "cousins" to make mee smile!!! :-D &, last, but not least, 6) Q-tips!!!! - 1 of man's greatest inventions! Feels sO gOOd to have clean ears; plus, stimulates otherwise hard to reach acupressure points, yAY ! :) - Also, close tie for #6 would hav2B plenty of pillows (Not strictly decorative ones, tho!) for a comfy, warm & welcoming bed !! :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...where you might be, My Love...! <3 ;-) ;-)
Also, how 2 improve health & spiritual abilities.
On a typical Friday night I am
...typical...!? This is dumb. But, my answer is as follows: Right now, I have nowhere 2 go & nobody 2 go anywhere with, but I would go WHEREVER with a good friend or My Love, if I had either!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I see dead people. LoL...No, really, I'm a (non-professional, as of yet~!) psychic / intuitive / sensitive / medium / clairaudient / clairalient / clairsentient / claircognizant / clairvoyant, or whatever you want to call it...! (These are actually terms that refer to different types of abilities, but I am a phrEEK of nature because, unlike most people with these gifts, I do have them aLL!!) 0:-) I've had these spiritual capabilities since I was born, but I used to consider them kind of a curse, when younger & being constantly harassed by scary sh*t. Now that I feel that I have more control over it, though, I do consider it a blessing, & I'm finally trying to work on getting stronger; Flexing my psychic muscles...! 0;-)
You should message me if
(First of all, DO NOT Message Mee iF: 1-YoU aRe LooKing for casual sex, short-term dating, OR sum1 2 show tits 4 Mardi Gras beads! 2-If you're not very communicative & honest, & if you have to flirt, even when you're in a long-term, committed relationship ! ! ! &,3- don't even bother, if you simply cannot live without porn, OR if you are much more interested in sports than spirituality!!! OKay ?)
You think I'm The 1 4 U!! ...Also, if you're spiritually-inclined &/or gifted, & want to chat. &, if you want to exercise with mee! (I've previously done & would enJoY doing again things like hiking & being in nature, biking, yoga, qi gong/chi kung, & tai chi, AND I am interested in learning some martial arts techniques for various reasons, but definitely4self-defense purposes!!) :-) Sound good? :-)
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