40Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
look for scintillating coversations that run on through the night. I have a degree in philosophy and english. I am an anti-authoritarian. I am a bit twitchy. I can be a cynical , but i am also someone everyone tells their problems i guess i give pretty good advice. I am interested in human stuff: laughter, situations, friends, memories, dreams, suffering, struggle, fevers, lightning, war, panic, words, sounds, touching, tasting, seeing, feeling, dialectics, symbols, signs, alchohol, fucking, confusion, noise, revolution, love,hate,nature, winking at tombstones..maybe you or not so much..

When I became disenchanted with the mamatit, i began jumping head first into an empty bathtub, went unconscious and saw God as a giant scythe of light

I like it when Shane told the other guy to "Pick it up" in that ol Alan Ladd western movie

I think that those who have a greater aptitude for tears often mistake this as a greater aptitude for feeling

I generally prefer wit to 'Intelligence', art of the lash

When people talk about the fucking internet as a "paradigm shift" in consciousness or some other such technopian drivel it makes me want tear off my eyelids and stare at them unitl their heads explode

I never met an animal or a child i didnt like, I certainly cannot say the same for insects and humans.

I am fond of those gentle good natured old folks.

I think Sacco and Vanzetti were innocent

I think that tweakers and zombies have an uncanny resemblance to one another in appearence, mannerisms, reading material etc..

I often think that it would have been better to have been a stone

I think buddha was probably on to something but resent his sagely, serene exterminating smile and suspect that the fat fucker is fed with all of our pain.

When I was a small child, I raised a wild bird on sunflower seeds and honey, taught it to fly, and named it Peeps after the sound it made, it didnt sing just made a shrill indignant peep , it was a cliff swallow. I had dreams of training him to divebomb the neighbors but he, perhaps sensing my messianic intention, followed his dreams and flew away from me to be with his own kind

I think we are in the death throes of an empire and nothing is going to save it our pax romana is over, the circle can only grow tighter

I had a dog named Yukon, as a child, who was smarter and more handsome then any dog you have ever seen and I will never have another.

I have a billy the kid complex and should have died at twenty one

Quien Es?

I am ironic, ephemeral, and iconoclastic
What I’m doing with my life
Parrhesia. yeah, yeah, pretentious. Whatever, I like it, if you don't go read something else. I am also writing this profile and listening to deity guns
I’m really good at
reading, writing, procrastinating, wanting to get more involved with making films, photography, and music.
The first things people usually notice about me
"crazy eyes"...i dont think they look that crazy, but everyone else seems to think so. I prefer "gunslinger blue eyes housed in a svelt wiry frame...whatever.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
,beckett,kafka,post-structuralism,bataille, delillo, Lefebvre. goldman, burgess, nietzche,clastres, Stephen Beachy, Morris Berman, harry crews,close to the knives,anarchist surrealist dada stuff, ursula k leguin, j.g ballard, philip k dick,dostoevsky, critical theory,semiotics,social/political theory, , selby jr,pynchon, galeono, burroughs, maldoror, micheline, lipstick traces, history,philosophy,psychology, debord, vaneigem, genet,cioran vollman.zines, magazines books on black holesssion of burma, pere ubu, joy division, half-japanese,
prolapse, Isis, botch, converge, chelsea wolfe, the refused, nuerosis, swans, liars,the geraldine fibbers and carla bozulich, wire, wolf eyes, quicksand,charles mingus, mayfield, lungfish, rudimentary peni, murder city devils, Bathory,HTRK, early buttholes, Howling wolf, fugazi, raincoats, jesus lizard,sy, ritesofspring, vss, strawman, early husker du, melvins, morphine, shellac, slint, godflesh,Jesu, today is the day, leatherface,mark lanagen. pig destroyer, Kool Keith, Mr. Lif, Del the funky, melt-banana, demdike stare, drive like jehu, outkast, flaming lips, pre-84 PIL,kraftwerk, guilt, the locust, big black, sleepytime guerrilla musuem, rolling stones, velvet underground, jesus and mary chain, psychedelic furs, motorhead, jim white, coachwhips, patti smith, lucinda williams, can, coil, chrome, ccr, the coup, dead presidents, godspeed and related, coffinworm,Arvo part, beefheart, waits, cave, cohen, cash, foetus, mybloodyvalentine, skinny puppy, sisters of mercy, the lack, roxy music/eno, coil, damage manual, new model army. at the gates, nile, nasum, the national, unwound, archers of loaf, lucero, born against, spazz, john zorn, suicide, birthday party, black dice, black eyes, babyland, linton kwesi johnson, tchkung!, the piously slaughtered, jimmy swaggert cries, savoring the musky, the aushewitz flatulence, the beaver dams, your mom is a kitchen appliance, the shiny tight and tinys, the eyedropper skinnys, the ballsac doorknobs, thepopstretchpops, (the last 10 were fake fooled ya ha!) berzerker and other related artists..

gore flics, horror movies, camp/b, art films, foreign films, the classics. just about anything but hollywood cheese.La Commune.[True Romance]! Love that movie... i guess i should list directors but i am getting tired of this. I feel like if i list one i will have to list them all. i am really in to spanish films at the moment.....i like films that disturb and stimulate the intellect... and movies that suppress the intellect and stimulate the gag reflex. i love living vicariously (although it is better to live Victoriously!) through images. films rock. I actually aspire to make a full length film someday.
Six things I could never do without
music, books, friends,air,water,cognition
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How we are tragically detached from the earth and our everyday lives. I also think about sex and food alot.
On a typical Friday night I am
out carousing woohoo!..or inside hibernating depends on which way my constantly vacillating mood is swinging.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
birth will be the death of me
You should message me if
If any of this interests you. You think we may have a similar sense of humor.
The two of us