29Tel Aviv, Israel
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My self-summary
There is my mind, that present different parts of me to different people.
There is me, the one I feel inside when I clear of thoughts or at least of the disturbing one's.
But this one I can't explain completely yet even to myself.
All you can do is to feel it, through here if your senses are good/we resonate or face to face, again if we resonate enough but then it's a bit easier.
I'm constantly changing, so almost anything I'll write might get irrelevant tomorrow. Secondly I grew to doubt everything “I am”.
And the inner “essence” is not easy to express.
I know that this “essence” is usually shines through what people do but this is exactly what I do, I learn and I re-shape myself, getting down to the core, to understand “me” and to control what will I express from it instead of letting external things that shaped my mind to decide for me. I dislike “belonging” as a part of it too. Some might consider me “not fun” or “heavy” because of those things but it really depend on the surroundings, like I said, I'm different and I also tend to mirror people's behavior with me. I don't have one passion that guides my life (still wondering is it good or bad for me) and still searching for it and for what I'll do when I'll "grow up".
What I’m doing with my life
Learning, building, living & enjoying it.
I’m really good at
Not giving up.
Creative stuff, almost any kind of art.
Thinking, analyzing.
Knowing myself
The first things people usually notice about me
Everyone see something else through their own prism.
What do you see?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
LOTR (I' put this one aside because it stands way above anything I'm going to mention)
I read too much to remember everything I like. Those I do remember might not be the best but those are the one's that as sync with me the most.
Among those are “Spellsinger”, the Xanth series, the Galactic Hospital, anything by Christopher Moore, Yatshen. I like special, crazy books, with spice and humor and I like almost all of the classic “Creators of worlds” that fit into this description. They give me inspiration to also one day properly introduce the worlds I created or more correctly got to know to others.

I don't like movies too much but here are a few great one's.
How to make a monster and Interstate 60 are my absolute favorites. I love the spirit of Braveheart and Battlefield:Earth, for me they are basically the same movie. Mortal Kombat and and X-men just because.
Futurama, movies, series, whatever. It's genius and the most funny thing I ever seen.
Recently I watched How I meet your mother and The big bang theory and liked them a lot too.
I like anime, watchlist, ratings&favorites here (
After watching a lot I think my favorite “genre” is anything Shinto related (preferable slow paced, episodic). I love it and it correlates with my beliefs a lot.
Among my favorites I got to mention XXXHolic which is just....just me. Mushishi which is not an anime but a 24x30min meditation and a joy for my soul. Narutaro&Bokurano from the master of revealing humans deepest and darkest and I can relate to some of his stories. And Gintama that could compete with Futurama if they were in the same weight category.

It's not 100% accurate because my music folders are a mess and other reasons. I listen to all I got in a random order but it can reflect my music preferences.
Still I got to mention a few artists that had and still have a great impact on my life.
It's not music and it's not my favorite band. It's the neverending light, spiritual guide that leads me to the higher heights.
A mad energy splash, source of power which I can drink from endlessly and it will enforce me every time.
Which is in a perfect sync with my soul. Calming, carrying, rising it shines on my life.

My relationship with food is undergoing major changes so I don't really have what to say, but overall I'm not a fan of sweet things, I like sour stuff and I'm crazy about all sorts of berries and mushrooms.
Six things I could never do without
Myself, Universe, the ability to adapt while the limits are being pushed only to see what else I CAN do without. X2 if you wish.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
Trying to do something not typical.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a stalker ^_^
You should message me if
I'm looking for special people that sync with me, good people that have a unique connection that not always can be explained, to form the strongest circle. So if you should message me you know that already.
The two of us