32Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
At the risk of trying to sound "mysterious" or "complex" I really don't know whare to start so I'll go with the basics Hopefully the following categorys along with my inherrent misspellings and complete disregard for grammer will give anyone reading this a sense of how my brain works oh and run on sentences...yep I'm forgetful sometimes but I mean well for evryone I have limitless imagination and am interested in litteraly evrything i am facinated by the world and excpeccialy the people in it ever understanding and trusting of them even to a fault. But I refuse to be part of the problem so I activly try to be kind and honest (to myself as well) evry day at best I help change someones life for the better at worst at least I know i tried my best to be nice and I don't have to waste energy being angry at nothing all day I have to use that energy to create! Create what you ask!? Find out in the next section! That is If your still reading this.
What I’m doing with my life
I am activly persueing a career as a global entertainment mougle and BFF of the world!
Goals include:
consistantly write and direct draw and photograph entertaining and dramaticly rewarding hi concept mainstreem hit summer blockbuster action love story indipendent sci fi horror films comics novels tv shows fashion magazines videogames ect (insert any and all entertainment platforms)
Use money and celebrity status to no
only party my ass off on my own cruse line but
also to help people like myself who have the
ideas but not not yet the means to create said
entertainment by createing free schools And compleatly revolutionizeing the education system because I think it is vital to stimulate and encourage creativity and cooperation and the current system stifles students and esucators alike.also found several creative investment foundations also hireing based solely on ones personal merits and potential considering tallent determination and attitude as the most important.
While makeing the world an easyer and more lucritive place to be creative I hope to meet my power couple gal i would go after Tina fey but she is happily married to her colledge sweeheart and I wouldn't wanna ruin that
I’m really good at
Talking... Alot ... But also drawing writeing socializeing being self aware of and largely in control of my emotions laughing and makeing others laugh (weather at me or with me I don't care as long as they people are laughing) spending money and oral sex.
The first things people usually notice about me
I talk a lot

(I thought It would be funny to only write that therby not talking a lot but then i thought it would be funnyer to write the fact that I had that thought so I did and now I'm not so sure look I'll ve quick and to the point you know make a long story short paraphraseing in a way basicly what I'm trying to say is... at any point
just tell me to shut up This is no joke it's not funny anymore seriously help me I can't stop I won't be able to breath is there a character limit on this thing!? Gasp! Cough! Ahhggg just one last thing....I talk a alot ...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
concept Art books Tom Robbins novels comics of all flavors
district 9
ghost in the shell
die hard
love actualy
the joneses
WAY TOo many movies ya know what I like all of them even the bad ones cuz you can learn what not to do
late 90s dance
kanye ect ect (I said I like eveything didn't I?)
fat ole burger
a fookin pizza pie ova heah
Indian food
Six things I could never do without
My sight
it would be devistateing to a visual artist im sure I would adapt and find other ways to create and be happy but i don't like thinking about it
my puppy jade! Nuf said
my phone seriously I get lost easyly gps is a lifesaver
my sense of humor and optimism I don't know how people get through the day thinking life is miserable and doomed to suck all the while takeing ecrything far too seriously I say smile relax enjoy
my closest friends you know who you are i love you all dearly
and lastly a zombie survival plan ya know just in case
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Omg thes are just asking me the same thing over and over!
I spend ALL of time thinking about EVRYTHING! But mostly stories and how to tell them
On a typical Friday night I am
Up untill recently it would deffinitly be a bar but Ive effectivly quit drinking as of month ago save the other night when I felt like haveing a few with a friend i decided I earned it but i've really saved a ton of money witch was the point I need to buy camera equipment and get famous alteady I can party harder when I'm a celebrity! So as if now you might find me playing pool at holeywood on occasion or fir a birthday but most if the time I'll be writeing drawing or working on school projects or takeing notes on a movie on netflix
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm horrible with money I have bad credit and I'm ashamed if it although It shouldn't matter I think uts the most unatractive quality about me I know you don't need it to be in love or happy but a certain level of financial security is required to facilitate the kind of relationship I think Id like to have one day.
You should message me if
if your a sexy lady! Kidding (well no I'm not kidding sexy ladies need also apply!) but If you seriously made it all the way down here and read evrything thers a chance Youl be able to put up with, and more importantly, keep up with me in person.
The two of us