40Washington, United States
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My self-summary
Eclectically Simple. Trustworthy. Free Thinker. Seeker of Life.

I'm hopelessly honest.
Passionately rooted in finding the 'factors' of life and what it brings.
Seeking out connection, conversation, a shared experience; are all important to me as integral building blocks to my life. I value conversation and human connections, the simple things in life. I enjoy my life as it happens and try to not get distracted when something bad occurs.
A great conversation is a big turn-on for me. I am not really the scene and be seen kind of guy...Be as you are, truth is sexy. I can be a bit shy or introverted at first, but when I’m in my element I open up.

I am a Washington DC area native, born and raised in Bethesda Maryland, with stints living in North Carolina, Manhattan, Chicago now back here in DC proper.
In my past life, I worked as a Chef, across the Eastern Seaboard, which was a big part of my life, working for 5 star chefs is an all consuming, demanding affair, which for a time was an amazing experience. Now settling down with a job developing websites for an ad agency, I have time to connect with other parts of life besides my career.

It goes without saying food is a big part of what I do during my free time.
Going to the Dupont Farmers Market, Eastern and Union Markets on Sunday to pick up what is in season, I the spring with ramps, morel mushrooms. (Ive always wanted to go foraging for morels in the Spring but have been kind of scared to since, there are lots of faux morels that can be quite toxic). Also having a meal with fiends and family, cooking for people makes me very happy.

I also love to travel. Fond memory, walking from town to town in the South of France with the smells of lavender and wild thyme in the air. I was walking from town to town, over weeks, the French thought I was crazy, when I said I came from the distant town that was more than a day away on foot.

I grew up in the out of doors, my parents at first taking me and my sister car camping when we were little, then backpacking when I could carry a pack.
As an adult I've had amazing trips in the West, back country skiing, kayaking, and rock climbing. I enjoy on weekends going on hikes on the Billy Goat or around Great Falls. Just this summer I tried Paddle Boarding in the lakes of Maine.

Another love of mine, is music.
I spend my weekends going to live shows, going to local record shops to expand my vinyl collection.
I have quite an eclectic music taste that ranges from classical (Bach: Six Cello Suites for Unaccompanied Cello, Eric Satie: Gymnopedie, Arvo Pärt) to electro-acoustical (Brian Eno, Taylor Dupree, Eluvium, Max Ritcher, Ryuichi Sakamoto) to Electronica (Aphex Twin, Orbital, Underworld, Pan Sonic) to Post Rock (My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth)
My Last.FM profile would be the best way to get a handle on my expansive musical tastes:

If there is any time left, I fill out my time developing scripts for my Arduino Uno or soldering circuits like amplifiers. I am most definitely a tinkerer. I like the 'maker' or 'craft' scene. I have even contemplated starting up knitting (haven't pulled the trigger as of yet) , creating awesome knit scarves, and hats and the like. Working with my hands, creating something tangible that can be experienced or shared is a great pass time.
What I’m doing with my life
I work at an ad agency developing websites for the clinical trial industry.
When not at work, which is a skill, in itself, not having that consume my time, I'm with friends, exploring the city, going to art/music shows, finding that hidden gem of a restaurant that is unique and does not cost a fortune. (Example: “The Seasonal Pantry” in Shaw – their cider pickled green beans are off the hook).
I’m really good at
Being a good and loyal friend.
A good listener.
At least I try to be, with humility.
Coming up with good animal shapes for clouds
Non sequiturs like that one.
I have an odd sense of humor...the more random the better.
TV shows that I like – Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louie (CK), you get the idea.
The first things people usually notice about me
The easy, obvious ones...
I have blue eyes
I'm tall and skinny
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books
José Saramago: Blindness
William S. Burroughs: Cities of the Red Night
Soren Kierkegaard: Fear and Trembling
Pema Chodron: No Time to Loose

Favorite music
Bach: Six Cello Suites for Unaccompanied Cello
Eric Satie: Gymnopedie
Arvo Pärt
Brian Eno
Taylor Dupree
Ulrich Schnauss
Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works
Alva Noto
Pan Sonic
Boards of Canada
The Field
Future Sound of London
Paul Van Dyk
Orbital: The Brown Album
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Nine Inch Nails
Sonic Youth
My Bloody Valintine: Loveless
Jesus and Mary Chain
The Album Leaf
Ryan Adams

Take a look at my music profile to get a good idea of what I listen to:
Six things I could never do without
I am passionate about my loves:
-Food, Cuisine, Gastronomy
-I can spend hours talking/consuming/listening to any of the above.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The next meal Im going to eat/make and ingredients I need to cook it.
How not to sweat the small stuff, letting it just be, enjoying the moment
On a typical Friday night I am
What's typical?
On past Fridays I have gone...
to see live music
gone to art openings
Finding a small craft beer that I have not tried
Enjoying a tasty meal, out in a restaurant I have been to countless times, or a new place
Going to the Passenger for their Gin and Tonics
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ok...maybe just one:
Since I have never lived really in a town that needed a car to get around, I have never gotten my drivers license. I've gotten behind the wheel before and really did not like it that much. I'm much happier saving my money and talking public transport, walking, biking, skate boarding about town.
You should message me if
You have gotten this far, read my profile and are intrigued and wanting to know more about me.

I would love to be in a long-term relationship where my partner and I enjoy these above mentioned activities together.

Online profiles can be limiting, they are just one view of a person, but they don't have to be. That is if the profile is the starting point to more ...
Drop me a line and say 'hi' and we can go from there. If in the end a good friendship results, that's bonus points. Hope to hear from you, let's do something fun in our fair city.
The two of us