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My self-summary
So my friend told me about this site and asks me just about every week if I've filled out my profile yet. I created the profile around Christmas and am just filling it out now (April 11) so that might reveal my tendency to procrastinate...I also haven't done my taxes yet. :P <-- take that emoticon IRS! (Edit: 05/26/13 -- I was just reading my profile and wanted to assure everyone that I did do my taxes! I didn't want the one bored girl that will read this in the next year to spend many a sleepless night wondering :)) I've had a couple other profiles on other sites and then they start charging for everything and I lose interest. If I had to break it down into percentages, I'd say that one percent of me thinks there's a slight chance I could meet someone interesting here that I would click with....the other 99% of me just likes to look at the pictures. I'm definitely tepid on the whole online dating thing, but I'm bored and it's still too hot to sleep. Mother nature, you better not skip Spring this year! ::shakes fist at ceiling::

Anyway, so here's my self-summary: I'm extremely honest, I think I'm smart (but who doesn't), with an odd but strong sense of humor...I'm more of the type B laid back personality although I'm trying to become more of a type A (not easy), I'm always up for something new and honestly I don't even feel very alive unless life feels unpredictable, I can also be extremely spontaneous and adventurous. I once decided I needed to get away. I came home, packed for 15 minutes, pulled up LA on Yahoo Maps and promptly drove across the country in December and stayed in various hostels in the LA area for about 10 days. It was the best thing I've ever done in my life. It definitely turned me onto hostels because you can meet a lot of fellow travelers from around the world. Hostels are great...except that one in the movie Hostel...that one, not so great.

This may be too much information, but it's still too hot for sleep so here we go. My parents were very conservative Christians and had me very late in life so I have a significant amount of old school character, but it's mixed with a love of things that are very modern...I'm kind of a hybrid of old and new. I value old school ways and values, but have always loved industrial music and various other things that are a little edgy. I feel like a bit of an oddity.

Oh hate rap, hip hop and a lot of pop so if you're the type of girl that likes those things, gets dressed up in a tacky leopard print something or other and goes out to one of those meat market types of clubs exclaming loudly, "I just want to dance"...then we probably won't get along. Just saying. I like things that have some depth. Some of my favorite bands are VNV Nation, Death Cab, The Cure and Tori Amos. I have a variety of music styles that I like but center around Industrial, Gothic, electronic, Indie, punk and good alternative.

As far as TV, I tend to like quirky comedies like Scrubs and Flight of the Conchords, but am also a huge fan of good SciFi (ie Lost and Battlestar) and I have a weakness for reality TV...The Apprentice is one of my favorites. Breaking Bad and Walking Dead are a couple of the others I like.

Hmmm...what else? I am 40, but very young of heart. I don't have any kids and although this might offend 80% of the people reading this, I don't want anyone else's kids. Don't look at me like that, I told you I'm extremely honest! I know that all the people with kids are like, wow, what an ass. But I'm really not, I'm just a romantic. I do want kids eventually and want to get married eventually, but I want to experience it with someone that's going through it for the first time with me. Now, I know what some of you will think..."Jeez dude, you're 40 stop being so picky." Yeah, I've heard that before. Here's the thing...I can't imagine anything much more depressing in life, than settling.

What else? I like thinking about anything and everything. I'm an only child and while there are pluses and minuses to that, I suppose a plus of being more lonely than many kids, was that I probably spent more time in my mind than most and I wouldn't be surprised if comparatively, it's still true. I've never been a big fan of shrinks because I feel that with most questions, when it comes to yourself, you already have the answers inside. I'm a fan of self analysis for entertainment sometimes. For example, I was just thinking that I wrote a couple provocative things above and asked myself why, as it really doesn't help. I thought about it and...I think I'm lashing out a bit due to frustration that I have to reduce myself to an online profile, coupled with a lack of hope of finding the love of my life in this manner and I quite resent the fact that I have to sell myself to others. Yea thinking. Moving along.

Ok, so I'm going to try to write out what I'm looking for. Feel free to look at this list, but this is actually more for me. This way when a friend once again asks me what I'm looking for I can just cut and paste. so Here it is:

1. "Enough" attraction to someone. You have to be attracted to someone for love I think, at least when you meet them. The definition of "enough" varies from person to person. I think if you're attracted to someone and fall in love with them you'll always see them how you first saw them, to a degree.
2. Someone attracted "enough" to me.
3. Intelligence. Smart is sexy, a cliche, but true nonetheless.
4. Personality/Humor. This is the most sexy aspect of a woman to me, especially if they're intelligent too. The looks always go, personality is what you'll have left so you need to pick someone with a great one.
5. Honesty. An old ex repeated the cliche that without trust there is no which I added...without honesty there is no trust. Yeah, how do you think that relationship went?
6. 4/4 on the four point travel partner quiz:
A. Adventure: Will you go on every ride at Six Flags?
B. Social: Can you enjoy varied nightlife and socialize?
C. Art/History/Culture: Are you interested in all of the above?
D. Food: Will you try just about anything? Vegans lose 1/2pt. Oh, I draw the line at bugs so if you won't eat bugs that's ok. Maybe I lose points on your travel companion scale, but I can live with that. If I ate some of the things they ate on MTV or Fear Factor I'd throw up like that girl in the Exorcist.
7. Music. Having compatible music tastes is awesome. It's nice if you find someone that has such a similar taste in music that you both can turn each other on to new music you love and share a soundtrack for life. See compatible music above.
8. Stable in relationships. Some people are just drama queens and need to fight and normal relationships just don't have the MTV level of drama that they thrive on.
9. Not a whore. It's like object in motion tends to stay in motion and a girl that has too much sex with multiple people, tends to keep having too much sex with multiple people.
10. Creativity. I'm very attracted to creative personalities. Being with someone creative makes me more likely to express that side of myself which normally is an aspect to my personality that doesn't surface all that often.
11. Sarcasm. I guess there's a point where someone can be too sarcastic, but I generally like it because I'm pretty sarcastic myself. Sarcastic people are usually pretty witty and it makes me wake up a little inside when someone has a strong personality.
12. To be continued.

Anyway so that's kinda a little about me. Like I said, I would like to get married and have kids, but in the meantime want to live life and am up for having fun and doing new things. If you feel like we have some things in common feel free to contact me, maybe we could do something, or even double date with my friend and his "Internet friend of the week" might be fun! I'm very low pressure so...whatever...and if you have a crappy time at least you'll have a nice story for work on Monday. :)
What I’m doing with my life
::sigh:: So, it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I eventually got into the IT field and was making decent money, but then got bored, quit and started my own business. It's a small computer business that pays the bills, but I keep thinking about going back to the corporate world where business and pleasure time is not so blurred.
I’m really good at
talking a lot and then suddenly stopping and watching as people get awkward and try to come up with an excuse to go somewhere else. Awkward is my superpower! I know what you're thinking..."sounds like a dream date!" :) I tend to get bored with things before I get too good at them so there's not much else....I'm more of a jack of all trades sort of guy I guess. I gutted and remodeled my house and I always get compliments on the job I did, so there's that. No, I won't remodel your house. :P
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know...probably that I'm ugly...oh wait, was I supposed to say a good thing?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh dammit! I just filled this stuff out up above! Oh...I like Sushi!
Six things I could never do without
Hmmm...I came up with six things that I could never do without and then realized I'm doing without them so I'm not going to fill this least any more than I already did...I like ellipses! Oh sleep! I could never do without sleep. I love naps...especially after eating McDonald's. :) Yes, I know it's not healthy to eat McDonald's. Yes, I know it's even worse to eat it and then go directly to bed. But I have such awesome dreams and sleep so well. I call them McComas.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...the meaning of life...and I swear I'm going to figure it out! I also think a lot about traveling. Particularly, about how I can travel when my friends are either coupled up, or have no money. Sometimes I think about selling my house and just moving around to various cities in the US and then around the world, doing contracting work for a month or two and then moving on. I think I would love my life much more if I did this, but such a thing is a drastic change of lifestyle and not easy to do when you have large roots holding you in place. I also like thinking about sound design and what is going on in certain sounds I like. Right now I'm thinking about how overwhelming this profile has gotten over the years, if anyone has actually ever read the whole thing and how I'm just going to keep writing more anyway. Muh ha ha ha.

Oh and SPACE! I think about space. Like for instance, I'm in New Jersey. New Jersey is in the US. The US is in North America (shut up Hawaii!). North America is on Earth. Earth is in the Solar System (really, is "Solar System" the name of it???). Whatever it's called, it's in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way is in SPACE. ...But where is space??? Where the hell are we??? That question messes with my mind man. I declare shenanigans on "reality". Whatever, let's just assume space is in the Matrix and move on.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hmmm...if it's a quiet night I'm probably watching a movie, otherwise I might be out with some friends at a horrible dive bar in Philly, or perhaps at an industrial event. That's what my friends tend to do so that's usually what I do. I miss going out to nice restaurants and doing day trips and the wider of variety of things I used to do while in a relationship, but what can ya do?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I'm walking along with my friends, I will ditch them without a second thought if it gives me the opportunity to pet a random street kitty! I will then proceed to pet that thing....unless it runs that case I'll snub it and call it a lesbian. I'll catch back up eventually.
You should message me if're in the .5 percentile of readers that not only wasn't offended by anything I said, but thought "hey, that makes good sense!"
The two of us