37Copenhagen, Denmark
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My self-summary
Before getting into self descriptions, I should mention that I don't do long distance stuff, so if you're writing from any other place than Denmark, preferably close to Copenhagen, I'm not likely to respond.

Here I am, propelled forward by Excentrifugal Force....

Im a Danish metropolitan lady, so I write this text in English as to not exclude anyone not privy to our tongue-twisting, throat-tearing language. Im also a quirky and sharp lady, with many odd adventures in the past, and I fully expect, many more to come.

This self-portraying writing is so very hard. So where to start and end this explanation of what kind of person one is...

Ok, facts about me:

Im sensitive and passionate about everything that matters to me in life. These include Food, literature, music, art in general really, Beer, oddity and people. And a whole bunch of other things.

Im tough and a bit on the cynical side sometimes, I have a wry and dark sense of humor with a hearty splash of irony and Im greatly thrilled and amused by the absurde. I can always find odd little things to appreciate and Im quite comfortable with silence and solitude. In the right company I am very easily amused. Life and the world is inherently enthralling, bemusing and quite worth a chuckle. Even when it sucks.

Im compassionate, friendly and as a principle, nice and polite to strangers, although I have come to realize that when I dont like people or just dont care, Im terribly bad at hiding it. On the other hand, the people I love, and there are quite a few as I easily come to care a great deal for people, are never in any doubt of my affection and dedication either.

preferred sparetime activities:
I love hanging out in bars, drinking beer. I prefer dimly lit places where people are thouroughly themselves in a relaxed sort of way. I have a few favorit spots.

Im currently writing and illustrating a childrens book for my own amusement. This takes up a good chunk of time. Oh and I've started writing poetry, which I find oddly embarrassing.

I like to play really old strategy computer games and listen to audiobooks when Im really tired. Lately I've been knitting socks a lot. Because I need more socks. Or I watch series. Like currently the IT Crowd, Game of Thrones and Deadwood. I never watch tv. Because most of it is completely idiotic.

I read a good deal and I love fantasy and sci fi (mainly cyberpunk). I read history books for the fun of it. I often dive into A History of Western Society before bedtime. When it comes to film and series I fall into these genres a lot as well, battlestar galactica, star wars, firefly... love the stuff to bits. Yes, Im geeky.

I absolutely love to travel and Ive done it quite a lot.

I played in a baroque ensemble for 10 years
Some of my greatest heroes are Oscar Wilde, Frank Zappa, Laurie Anderson, Stephen Fry and William Gibson
My middle name is Irina, because my mother was a passionate young communist waiting for the revolution to come.
Im an atheist and this is important to me.
I find my family history so interesting that I might distress all my relatives by writing a book about them at some point.
What I’m doing with my life
Working as an anthropologist for an innovation firm. And writing a book. Also trying to become way more awesome at being me in general. Dreaming of being a heroic blimp captain. Drawing pictures. Adoring my friends.
I’m really good at
thinking. Except when Im really bad at it. Im also good at communicating. Unless Im really grumpy. Im really good at enjoying food and drink. Always.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really dont know. Depends on my mood I think. It can be either "well that girl looks friendly and warm, why dont I go talk to her" or "wow, did it just get darker in here? All the dogs just started howling and the birds are flying into each other. Is that a nimbus of Evil sitting in the corner? Suddenly I feel cold. I think its time to leave this bar..."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh dear, ehm,
authors: Oscar Wilde, William Gibson, Terry Pratchett, Robin Hobb, George R. R. Martin, Douglas Adams, John Irving, Johannes V. Jensen, Joe Abercrombie... and many many more that Im failing to remember right now!

movies: well, some of the favorites are Bladerunner, Apocalypse Now, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Hamlet 2, The Hours, Star Wars, The Labyrinth, LOTR, and most of Will Ferrel's hilarities. Oh and the Royal Tenenbaums, A lovesong for Bobby Long and the Blues Brothers. Casablanca. Oh and School of Rock and generally Jack Black's shenanigans. And actually, pretty much anything by Wes Anderson.

Shows.... Firefly and Battlestar Galactica!! And I love Big Bang Theory and Deadwood right now. Im quite fond of Gilmore Girls. Also rather enjoyed How I met your mother. I very nearly know the entirety of Blackadder by heart.

Music... this is sort of hard to explain, since there are things from all genres I can think of that I like a lot. Mostly I am prone to metal, rock, blues, alternative, jazz and classical.

I love food. Food is one of the most beloved and important things in my life. And I basically love all of it. Though I might balk at very nasty fried up bugs.
Six things I could never do without



some source of warmth ( I easily get cold).

The company of the people I love, at least once in a while.

Really nice food. Preferably with really nice alcohol.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Food. And my visual surroundings. People and the odd stuff that they do. Pictures I'd like to make. Things I'd like to write. Men that I fancy.
On a typical Friday night I am
seated at the bar at my favourite drinking hole, visiting friends or watching stuff at home.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
hmm... as this is a somewhat public forum... I cant ride a bicycle. There. Go ahead and laugh.
You should message me if
you seem to feel like it...
The two of us