44St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
Latest - I'm seeing someone & she's lovely, hope you all find what or who you're looking for! M,x.

So I wanted a change - new experiences & a better work/life balance, and I'm getting both!

It's likely I'm only here in St Louis for a few months, but if you'd like to help me discover the best cafés, intimate bar gig spots, beautiful parks, art cinema, and other local cultural delights, then please get in touch.

I love decent films (old new, foreign, or not, anything good, witty, wise, odd, touching, hearty, positive], provocative, poignant, etc) - I caught the end of Amelie the other night & remembered what a great thing that is.

What else, what else? - I'm not conventionally attractive, & that's not the "be all" for me either - my bodyshape is a bit short & a bit chunky & I find many bodyshapes very attractive. (re my body - I'm not happy being a bit unfit & really want to do something about that, but I'm not willing to do much about my lack of tallness!)

I'm not simple, but I'm not too kooky either, I'm serious at times, but funny too. I think I prob take a bit of getting to know, but I'm worth the effort!

Ah bonjour mes petits chums francais! (et bien sur vous Belgiques,Suisse, etc - Merde! - J'oublie vous Canadiens, Polynesian, Senegalese, Morrocains, etc, etc!). Mon utilisation de la langue francais est abominable (terrible!), mais je pense que est un petit peu sexy et amusant avec mon doux accent de Liverpool! ("Le Scouse")

I am here, now, and then some . . .
What I’m doing with my life
After a while of self-employment & then as part of a partnership, I went back working as an employee & really enjoyed not working at weekends plus the novelty of, y'know, having a salary :~)
This break in MO is part of my plan to sort out a better "useful work / well-lived life" balance.

J'aime la musique bon - un peu de "folk" Anglais/Irlandais, mais aussi un peu de classique/orchestrale (excusez-moi pour mon petit vocabulaire Francais!) un peu de pop/rock/blues/jazz etc.

I’m really good at
modesty? but otherwise music - I play drums/percussion pretty well, am learning the[ukulele (stop laughing at the back) I also occasionally surprise myself & sing (either with my uke, or on my tod) at a local open mic night - so far it's been old Irish folk, hue&cry, sam cooke, elvis costello & a couple of others.

on a personal note, I think I'm a good friend, if we're close & it's important, I'm reliable, patient and a good listener.

What else am I good at - drinking & eating good food & drink? (esp decent beer!)
The first things people usually notice about me
dunno! I'm not too tall!? (honesty = best policy?)

one thing i like that few people notice is my eyes (esp when I get more sleep!) - I've got hazel ones (green round outside, brown round inside)

(appropros nothing much - while working out how to use a new camcorder I filmed close-ups of my eyes, I loaned the camera to a friend, who took the film, edited it & added some cool music (weirdly operatic stuff by Philip Glass, with words by Paul Simon), it ended up being shown at the 'locals night' at the local arty cinema - huge close-ups of my eyes on a proper bigscreen - much fun!)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
food - (good, authentic, hearty, non-stuffy) italian, chinese, thai, english, french, belgian, german, irish, etc, etc.

drink - all decent beer from real ale <<I'm currently beardless & sandal-free, but I do like decent beer & (yegods!) occasionally folk music! but I swear I'm nothing like "the real ale tw*ts" in Viz!>>, to Belgie & German stuff, good Czech lager, US craftbrews, etc, etc <<but all that said, I'm not that much of a heavyweight - I tend only to go out about once a week - but you might persuade me?>> I like good wine, gin, etc, don't tend to do cocktails or too posh restaurants, but again you might persuade me :~)

movies - loads - film noir (bogart, bacall, etc), odd old english stuff (powell & pressburger's "a matter of life & death" is just top!) some guilty pleasure stuff (I feel a bit dirty admitting this, but I have a soft spot for stuff like 4Weddings & watched most of LoveActually the other night - aaargh!) what else - I loved 'Downfall' (well it's grim, but it's v well done), I used to watch anything french just because it was french, but I'm getting a bit more discerning I think (= now I like *good* french film like Amelie, Read My Lips, etc).

I don't go to the picters <<to see a fillum - it's an Oirish thing>> as often as I'd like, but again, you might persuade me . . .

Books - I've not read much recently, but I mentioned a couple above, but also loved LordOfTheRings (it helped me to get thru a few months of working in a petrol station in my late teens!) The Curious Incident, HarryPotter, Perfume (Patrick Susskind), 2 biogs of Orson Welles (not sure why, but both good!) & a load more that aren't springing to mind., but incl Paolo Coelho, Mitch Albom, Mark Haddon,

Other stuff I like - Spooks (guilty pleasure again), Stephen Fry, Steve Coogan, Bjork, Chris Morris, good modern folk (Kate Rusby, etc) some of radio4 & some of radio3, but often radio2 too (another guilty pleasure).

I've enjoyed various bits of intelligent modern theatre schtuff (i.e. not Cats & Miserable Les) but don't go as often as I'd like (see above about being easily persuaded)
Six things I could never do without
Not original, but true. Friends & family. Good music. Good food & drink. Sunlight(for the soul as well as vitaminD . . . or is it E, I forget?). Rivers (they help me chill out). Green places, walking (you just see more interesting stuff at that pace + it's good for body & soul).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
oh I don't know, but spring is supposed to be the time when a young man's thoughts turns to what he's been thinking about all winter :~)
On a typical Friday night I am
ideally in a friendly pub, decent folks, good beer, daft talking, live music, decent food.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
sheesh! - I've admitted watching LoveActually - & you people want more!? (that said, if something needs answering - get in touch - you now know how easy I am to persuade)
You should message me if
Your life depends on it. You've nothing better to do. You've something better to do, but on a whim decide to message me anyway.

vous pensez que mon Francais abominable est actuellement un petit peu sexy!
The two of us