38Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
I'm honest, emotionally expressive, sharp-witted, dry-humored, hopelessly ethereal, hopelessly romantic, adventurous, overtly empathetic, mildly eccentric, trivia-laden, and so on. I've followed my heart even when I shouldn't have. I regret a few choices in life. Musically inclined. Vertically challenged. I'm extremely loyal to my friends.
I'm not hip, nor a hipster, nor a hippie. I don't care about craft beers, but you won't catch me drinking Coors. I'm not into socialism or it's many guises (don't pull public libraries or the interstate freeway system into this). I'm not on Facebook, myspace, twitter, or that photo job thing everyone seems to be connected to. I don't understand the hoopla over Mumford & Sons. I don't play the acoustic or the ukulele. Sorry...Maybe you can convince me otherwise.

I've been single for many years now, outta the scene for ever.

I'm apparently looking to meet someone here, I think..

I enjoy humor if you haven't noticed this far down yet.

I have 2 children. But, they're mine and their mother's, and not immediately necessary in any new relationship I forge. There will be a time and place for proper introductions.
What I’m doing with my life
I coached little league rugby this spring and it was surprisingly indredibly rewarding. Working, playing music, missing rugby, finishing school, working, parenting, searching w/ my good eye closed.
I’m really good at
Useless trivia, quoting movies, discovering obscure bands, empathizing with others, starting an 'I wanna know' conversation and ending up with more questions, crosswords, cooking, remembering faces, showing respect, retention pond fishing in suburbia
The first things people usually notice about me
The Katana jutting upward from behind my head (I'm always prepared to Shinobi some foos)
their reflection or sun glare?
unusually low voice? ("how does it feel baby?")
look of incarceration?..
perhaps my eyes or manners
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music is an enormous part of my life. Outside of drumming, finding new music is most enjoyable. Love live music, although Indy's scene is kinda drab....other cities are within driving distance!
Current favs: Oceansize ,Colour Haze, Cult of Luna, Radio Moscow, Built to Spill, Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Melvins, Horn of the Rhino, Torche, The Ocean, The Sword, Horse the Band, Primus & other Les Claypool projects, King Crimson, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Toadies, Quicksand, Helmet, Talking Heads, Beethoven, Chopin, many others

Books- History, horror, astronomy

Shows- not much TV, AMC shows, H2, Science, Animal Planet, Adult Swim, Vikings is incredible
Movies- Indie, Foreign, occasional 3D blockbuster, War, Drama, Dark Comedy,

Food- Interested to try new foods, Seafood looks so delicious, but usually disappoints, Italian, Mexican, German, Greek, Vienna Beef...guilty pleasure.
Six things I could never do without
The term 'vape'
Advertising agencies (commercials are great)
The soaring popularity of idiocy
The wholesale trashing of a nation
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If I'm actually in a dream, or if life has become someone's joke. Choices I've made. How to increase happiness. If scientists have discovered how to reverse the baldness gene and they're being paid off by Bosley to keep it a secret..heh. The word, "awesome" has become so "awesome" that nothing is quite "awesome" anymore. The unfathomable size and wonder of the universe. What this place will be when we're all gone and our kids are left at the helm.
On a typical Friday night I am
With my kids, at a live show, creating sound effects w/ my friend's micro Korg (and coveting it), watching a movie, On OKCupid getting silent treatments.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I kept my Milli Vanilli tape
You should message me if
Uh, why wouldn't you?
You are an extraterrestrial being or you know how the pyramids were built, you're as nervous as I am about armageddon coming in the form of a zombie apocolypse, you know of a cool joint to catch good live music, you think there's a good possibility I might be fun to meet in person, or you think I'm 12 years old and pulled this poor idiot's pictures off the web somewhere :) :():0lolololololololol?
haha, seriously though...could be 12.
The two of us