37 Salem, United States
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My self-summary
I'm Baaaack! Hide your women!
I am poor, fat, and happy :)
And will continue this after Sons of Anarchy..and homework..yay homework!!
Ladies...where you at?
What I’m doing with my life
constantly figuring what else I can do with it, how i'm going to rebuild my life better this time around, wondering how long it will actually take me to quench my educational thirst and finish college, getting my ass in gear and going after my goals, pursuing things that interest and intrigue me, and finally deciding to focus on getting healthy and fit after a huge health scare 2 months ago. It's working!!!YaY protein! Wanna workout?
I’m really good at
Alot of stuff! What are you good at, maybe we can learn something from each other! Pals will say I'm the only one who ever really listens to them when they speak, and that they can talk about nothing and everything with me, no matter how bizarre or personal. I don't judge.I listen. I help. Thinking and living creatively, exploring my sexuality and helping others explore theirs.Offering advice and ideas that aren't cliche,trite or the same thing everyone else is telling you.
Also good at keeping an open mind. About everything. Seriously. Mind is so open I don't think there is even a door to close it if I could. Try me!
The first things people usually notice about me
"Wow you're really pretty for someone your size..uhhh...I mean,I'm just sayin', usually bigger girls aren't..."
Yeah.That's the point when I look to see if my nails need a trim and wait for them to say something interesting.My hair usually gets the 'looks'...it's always changing and is always at least two colors not naturally seen on human heads.Eyes get alot of notice, probably because I'm the type of gal who looks at people in the eyes when we are conversing.Hate to say it, but my ass gets an unusual amount of attention and compliments. Wait, I don't hate to say it, it won me and friends some bets,a charlie card, free DVD rentals,a pack of Newports(I don't smoke), a dime bag(I quit smoking almost two months ago, after 18 years of being a pothead, no easy feat)and plenty of unsolicited offers of getting my ass "tapped,hit,spanked,pounded,drilled, nailed" ...Thanks but my ass respectfully declines.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
By nature, I'm a bookworm. Actually, that's not accurate. Book anaconda maybe.I feel off balance when I'm not currently reading a book or three.Sometimes I like a book so much when I'm done I'll reread my favorite parts. What books are on your top 5 list?
Movies,yeah I like them,I like alot of them, everyone does!YaY!That's why movies rule!! I try to avoid the boob tube but hey sometimes your brain just needs to go into empty no thinky mode.However, if Metalocalypse, Dexter, Breaking Bad or Sons Of Anarchy or True Blood(should be true porn you see the smoking hotness of both genders they have on that show? The dirty vampire sex? Oh god damn) is on,you will see me front and center in a state of T.V induced blissful brain coma.I like finding out about movies I've never heard of and discovering a new favorite!Any suggestions?

Food is awesome, food is great, food is something I just ate!! I'm so far from a gourmet chef, however I enjoy cooking and can make a few pretty tasty dishes so far. I gave away my microwave and haven't missed it. I'll pass on eating onions and seafood, rice is nice and meat is neat! I like to cook.Give me a recipe! No, seriously, do you have a fave recipe you're willing to share? Especially a yummy high protein low or no carb one?

Music!!!Save the best for last. I live, breathe and exist for music. Very rarely will you find me not listening to music.I love all music.All kinds.Music without words, music with words in a language I don't speak. ALWAYS looking for new bands/music I've never heard before, or have long forgotten.Love live shows, cover bands, tribute bands,jam bands,soloists,music in all forms.I'm down for a show! I don't identify myself by the genre of music I listen to. I have a bass guitar, and she keeps me sane and happy. Always have I dreamed of owning my OWN drum set...One day...but if you have drums and want to make a new best friend for life...maybe we can work something out!Does music drive you? What were the first few albums you ever owned, or wanted to?
The six things I could never do without
I could take this literally, as if it was a question on an A&P final, let's see oxygen,water, food...or how about brain, heart, lungs,....
oh you mean like deserted island thing?Or more toward my personal well being? How about NO! to your six...I think 8 is great! But 9 is fine!
Alone Time
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The paranormal.Wondering why people can't accept we all have a 6th sense, just accept it respect it. People in my life and how I can be a better friend/relative/coworker/student/relative to them. How I can be a better friend to myself. How can I cure this, fix that, why haven't scientists and researchers tried this, and how I can get my theories out there, in practice, or at least published so scientists around the world can start working on it! Science rules!!!!!
On a typical Friday night I am
I was born on a Friday night baby!
I have my Friday nights back again! What shall we do with them?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I'm sensitive. Intuitive. I've been very hesitant to admit I have a decent 6th sense and pick up alot off people and places, even people I've never met. I really enjoy helping people see that we all have a 6th sense, it is not unnatural or scary, and it's not some mystical thing only a few have. We all have it. .
You should message me if
I would love to spend time with someone without getting into a committed relationship. DO NOT ASSUME that means I'm looking for a new hump and dump. Let's enjoy knowing each other,and enjoying life. You are free to do your thing and I am free to do mine, no jealousies or restraining orders. If you take that to mean I am poly, I am. If you take that to mean I live an alternative lifestyle, or a swinger, I am. Take or leave it, I love my lifestyle!
If you are looking for a new friend, someone to do stuff with that your other friends won't pick me up! :) I love people, and love making new buddies.

HEY LADIES! I love all kinds of ladies, truly, all sizes, ages, races,lifestyles,situations.I'm more of what you would all a femme, I enjoy my makeup and girly things, but I'm very comfy and cute in my sporty gear. You can be strong willed, independent and pretty without having to assume another gender or be a nasty,mean and hostile female. So be real and I'll do the same.

You're into or curious about the paranormal and want someone to talk about it with who will believe you and won't recommend you to a therapist. You just want someone unconventional and non-vanilla as a new friend.Or on your speed dial in case you get into "Cash Cab". I'm full of random information!