36Newmarket, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
UPDATED 02/02/13

What is a Memeplex? It is a collection of mutually self-supporting ideas in one individual, looking to get out and meet people. That about about sums me up.

Life for me is finally getting sorted: out of the closet (July 2011), got a cool job I love, in an amazing company working in bio-technology and research. It's brilliant! I actually enjoy going to work. I'm kept busy, off the streets and I'm paid for it! Magnificent! Been living in Newmarket, Suffolk for about a year and a half now. I have got my own place where I reside all by my lonesome, in a nice part of a nice town. I'm busy accruing various soft furnishings and white goods . Things are pretty not bad at the moment.

So we find our attention turning to the absence of having anyone to share this good fortune with. Seeking out friends, dates and romance (all three combined in one individual would be fantastic!)
I'm looking for someone gentle and passionate (like me!), but the rest of the details can be a surprise.

I think I'm honest; affectionate; loving; masculine; flirty; ticklish; serially fascinated with the world; laughing in the face of the absurd; staring out at the stars when I take the bins out. Other people tell me I'm clever, witty, loyal, that I have gorgeous eyes and I'm cuter than I realise. I am romantic, intimate, tactile and I love a good cuddle.

A bookworm by nature, I'll often have several on the go.
Though recently acquired a Kindle - am am most unfamiliar to books without pages. Just finished a book on the discovery of The Higgs Boson, an another on the pre-biblical christianity. I'm currently reading about fossils and am planning next to read either a book on Antimatter or Paradise Lost. I've not yet made up my mind.
No one author or topic holds my attention. I have a habit of reading more than one book at once. Once I get into my stride - this kindle thing might just be the best thing ever! I'm dabbler. Truth is, engage my interest and I'm hooked. Friends have described me as an 'amateur polymath.'

I've travelled a little and want to travel some more. One life to live, I want to see as much as I can and never stop exploring. Perhaps you'll find me in a secluded lagoon, toes dangling off the edge of some ocean lapped isle south of the equator or wandering the corridors inside the sculptured architecture of Buddhist temples in the Ellora Caves. Some serious penny saving will be required!
I think in another universe I might have been Senior Question Wrangler for Trivial Pursuit. As a hobby, I enjoy digital photography and editing in Photoshop. I like planning days out to go photograph new or interesting things and places or trying out new photographic techniques. Recently tried flinging myself about on a trampoline after an absence of some 20 years! Great fun however I did my poor shoulder no good! Shall be back when it healed! Quirky, exercise - but why not?

I'd like to be surprised by a novel date and I am totally up for an adventure! But conventional getting to know you over coffee is fine too.

I hope you are enthusiastic and funny. A big softy at heart. That you are up for an adventure and open to the possibility of romance. If that's you then I'm looking for you to be genuine, loving and happy but beyond that - surprise me!

Is there somebody out there who can make me laugh, loves to be loved and is (mostly) sane?

Is this you?
What I’m doing with my life
Having fun. I've been told I am irrepressibly cheerful. :)
People generally ask me if something is the matter if I'm not smiling.

Working 9-5 helping run and organise the affairs of a genetic engineering and bio-pharmaceutical research laboratory: petri dishes, paper work, admin, liquid nitrogen and PCR analysis - never dull, always busy!

Finally came out to my friends and family who were varieties of "yeah we knew" or "okay cool" so am free of that burden. That was pretty awesome. :-D

Am now free, single, sexually liberated and cool with it, and looking for something more long term - in short: niftyness personified.
I’m really good at
I enjoy word-games and riddles, Despite my sciency leanings I do have an arty streak and experience fits of creativity that usually peak every October when I carve pumpkins for Halloween I enjoy the challenge of carving intricate designs and that I improve year on year. My more conventional hobby is digital photography and I enjoy planning days out to go photograph new and interesting things and places or trying out new photographic techniques. Have recently purchased a new camera bag and tripod - am now saving up for the camera head to attach it. I took a recent holiday (September 2012) to the south coast and get some coastal photography. Still processing the photos from that. It'd be great to share this with someone, challenge and learn from each other.

I upload all my photos to Flickr page.

I love experimenting with new techniques and post-production editing.

These are a few of my favourite photographs I've taken..

**RECENT UPDATE** 02.02.13

Portland Sunset 12.09.12

Ely Cathedral 22.01.12

Cambridge Bonfire Night Fireworks! 05.11.11

Light painting!

Old Royal Naval College (and Natural History Museum) HDR

A Study in Rust (AKA: "The Windmills of Flimby")

The Lead Cenobite Carving

The walk to Riffelalp 2008

The Matterhorn and Matter Valley 2008

Things I'm considering trying are photographing smoke and soap bubbles look for reflection and structure. I've now got an intervalometer so can start doing time-lapse stuff and longer exposures so maybe some night time photography or star trails!
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm very 'nice" and polite, physically probably that I have very dark blue eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: Impossible to choose There are too many. But I switch between fiction and fact and like popular science books. I had a spot of classical leanings a while back, got into reading Dante's Inferno. Might one day go read Pliny's Natural History
I'm a three-books on-the-go sort. Finished books last year on situational ethics, and another on the 12th Century caliphate as well as the subject of metrology. On my to-be-read shelf are books on Fossils, Amphibians and Evolution On the Amazon wish-list are titles on psychopathy, neuroanatomy, and sleep.

I think the history of science is just as interesting as the science itself and I'm guided to read on what I think I will find interesting.

Shall maybe start downloading my Amazon wish-list to this kindle.

I don't have a TV licence anymore so watch everything via the Iplayer or movies from Blinkbox
Therefore I watch lot of BBC4 Documentaries. and Horizon I loved Being Human (but thought series 4 was rubbish!) and QI and Doctor Who
I like shows such as The Wire, Criminal Minds Waking The Dead, Dexter, Mythbusters and StormChasers

I love Looney Toons and The Muppets!!

Wabbit Season!

I demand you shoot me now!

A real treat for all you fear and culture lovers.

Gonzo and Dr Bunsun Honeydew and Beaker were my favourites! XD

Movie: Another impossible list! Some of my favourite movies include Aliens, Big Lewbowski , Galaxy Quest, Usual Suspects and The Shawshank Redmption.
I organise the Cinema Club at work so regularly go to the cinema at least once a month Inception was amazing, I cried at The King's Speech Left the cinema dancing after seeing [The Artist] Was disappointed that Prometheus made no sense whatsoever thought Dark Knight Rises was not as good as Dark knight. Am looking forward to the new Star Trek.

Music - I collect orchestrated movie scores - which I love and think are amazing - I like Disturbed - a bit of Greenday and Metallica My Favourite Band, however, is Muse to whom I sing along badly when I'm driving. - I also like ES Posthumus who you've probably never heard of. Ludovico Einaudi is another find - his piano work is wonderful! Also listen to Florence and The Machine and Foo fighters when the mood strikes.
A bunch of my colleagues play Mozart and Vivaldi in the labs, so I'm coming back round to classical after some time spent away.

Food:I like Thai especially, but am happy with Chinese/ Italian/ Indian and good old normal English stodge.
I don't drink alcohol regularly, but twist my arm but I can tolerate a modest amount or real ales and maybe the occasional glass of port or cocktail.

I drink inordinate amounts of tea with lots of milk.

Oh and I cook, and I like it.
Six things I could never do without
Counting higher than six,
Snoozes in bed (my bed is awesome!)


Medicated lipbalm,
and a sense of wonder.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Right now....finding some new friends, going on a few dates, meeting someone new, being there for them and having that affection in our lives. Falling in love would be nice. I've a lot of love to give so it'd be 7 shades of brilliant if I met someone who is emotional available and a cuddleaholic like me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably reading a book, knowing me. However the Criminal Minds DVD Boxset, and Skyrim and Assassin's Creed 3 have rather stolen my attention of late. Books I tend to read at lunch.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've got genetic retinal colourblindness, (Dichromatic Protanopia) That means I'm missing one set out of three of my colour receptors which in turn means my ability to recognise and distinguish different colours is, to use a technical term, " totally buggered." This makes life a little more .... interesting.

Expect uncoordinated colour schemes and unripe bananas.
You should message me if
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