28 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
And now for something completely different:

•Species: Human
•Gender: Male-type thing
•Class: Nerd + Geek. Spec'd for video games, primarily 2D fighters, with a few points also in board games.
(Note: This profile was created on the website, there may be a few oddities here and there when browsing on the mobile app.)

I am polyamorous and legally married (separated). My current relationship status is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'm a relationship anarchist, at least according to the Relationship Anarchy Manifesto. If that isn't your cup of tea then I'm happy with being friends, but a monogamous relationship is more than likely a no-go here I'm afraid.

What am I looking for? A companion/co-pilot who wants to go on fun adventures, meeting other lovely people, but also wouldn't be opposed to staying in, getting a takeaway and playing some video games.
I'm an extrovert that prefers to stay indoors, it's a little bit tricky...

I had initially created a script (http://openuserjs.org/scripts/Mienaikage/OkChoices) to modify gender and orientation on OKC, but fortunately it seems to have now been made redundant for the most part. I may change it so that people can add pronouns to their profile once I have some time.

I like to toy with the site options from time to time.
What I’m doing with my life
#!/usr/bin/env perl

At some point in my life I fell down a rabbit hole and lost my way home. It's been an interesting and fun journey so far though!

In my free time I make YouTube clips/Gfycats with various different fighting game content. I also enjoy going to fighting game tournaments, and tend to be rather competitive in general!

I also play boardgames very often! You'll usually find me playing games such as Resistance/Avalon, Yomi, or Coup!
I’m really good at
Video games
Using OkCupid. I'm pretty sure I qualify as some sort of power-user now...
Applied Tetris
Anything technology related, I'm coated in gadgets
Fixing computers
Making internet connections go faster
Bargain hunting
Navigating/giving directions, I take routes which Citymapper/Journey Planner considers to be ludicrous and/or impossible
Overusing smileys (I need to work on that... ☻)
Assuming people aren't interested in me. That one I REALLY need to work on...
Having massive crushes on people not in London. Dating people not in London. Meeting people on OkCupid who are not in London. (WTF London?!)
The first things people usually notice about me
My pseudonym is hard to spell.

I look like a foreigner, apparently. Questions such as "where are you from?" and "do you speak English?" are not uncommon... I've lived in London my entire life 😔
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
When I read I have a tendency to glance over and try to pick out details instead of reading the whole thing. If I am reading something it tends to be factual, like an article or a document.

Stuff like this fits my musical taste:
Lindsey Stirling
The Glitch Mob
Daft Punk
Also my Gangnam Style dancing is literally prizewinning.

Futurama, IT Crowd, QI and A Bit of Fry and Laurie are my preferred viewing material.

Sushi, lo mai gai, AeroPressed coffee, and Mountain Dew

Street Fighter and Overwatch are the games I play the most at the moment. Overwatch is the most fun shooter I've played since Titanfall!
The six things I could never do without
Although I could technically live without most of these things, life would be pretty dull without them:

My computing devices (PC/laptop/handheld) + internet: from work to entertainment there's generally a computer involved somewhere along the line - besides, we wouldn't be on this awesome site getting to know awesome people without them.

Tasty food: people who know me will usually see me snacking on something almost constantly. These people are also jealous of my megametabolism.

Screwdriver: not a common thing to see in this category, but so many things would become so painstakingly difficult without them.

My senses: I rely on them pretty heavily, and would be pretty upset if I were to lose any of them.

Affection, from hugs and kisses to cuddles and sex.

Love, because where's the fun in doing something if you don't love it?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I tend to match badly with other people that mention video games.

How connected I am to new people I meet. I've recognised people on Facebook after seeing their profile on OKC, and vice versa...

What to write in a first message. Sometimes I have moments where I go "Urgh that person really cute but I'm at a complete loss for words and I don't want to send a terrible message" 😨. On some occasions I tend to spurt nonsense...

Why on the front page under "some matches you might like" it shows people that are (monogamous and) seeing someone 😒

Why some people who 'like' my profile don't respond to messages. Was it something I said? Why did they like my profile?! I'm so confused! X_X
On a typical Friday night I am
Lost in time and space.

Most likely at someone else's house, possibly in another city, potentially in another country.

Or maybe even doing the Stay Home Dance
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Unless it's explicit, I'm apparently oblivious when people flirt with me.
I'm an unashamed cuddleslut.
Seeing someone answer the 'STALE is to STEAL' question correctly excites me more than it should.
I flagmod occasionally and may visit your profile if you've done something naughty.
I don't like alcohol and don't touch the stuff, I can have fun without it.
Occasionally I contact my worst matches possible to ask if they'll be my arch nemesis.
Pegging is awesome.
Violet wands are awesome.

I tend to be pretty up front as you've probably noticed. You're welcome to ask me pretty much anything, I describe myself as a search engine without filters.
You should message me if
Do it! Just do it!

You think we'd be drift compatible.

You want to participate in games of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

You're content with the fact that We Don't Have Normal Lives.

TheRedPill makes your mind feel like it wants to throw up through your eyeballs.

You don't have ulterior motives. Being honest/up-front about what you're looking for will get you a lot further...

You didn't vote to leave the EU.

You like blanket forts.

You're into video games (especially fighting) - I lack gaming friends. ☹ this is terrible as I'm more of a social gamer and play multiplayer a lot more than single player. Non-gaming multiplayer activities are also acceptable.