32 Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
My college English teacher once told me that while I had a good command of the English language, I was often “needlessly wordy.” Which is to say, less is more. Despite this, I still find myself doing all sorts of needless things, like being needlessly polite or needlessly complimentary. Or needlessly giving treats to animals that clearly don't need them. Then there is the needless jokes, the needlessly detailed stories, and umm.. the needless lists of needless things.

Ha, but all this needlessness aside, if you are interested in who I am and what I’m looking for, I have an idea of sorts. I’ll give you some my favorite snippets of my romantic life, and you can decide what they mean. Relationships, especially of the romantic variety, are made up of moments, and of all those moments, these are the ones I have loved the most:

- That playful banter, mixed with equal parts sarcasm and wit. I put up a valiant fight, but I inevitably (and smartly) admit defeat. The score may be 52-5 in her favor, but I remind her that I am the "comeback king."

- A day full of random adventures, from the museum and into an alcohol friendly skee-ball parlor, our checks hurt from smiling so much.

- A store, off the beaten path and almost purposely hidden, found by accident. Lying on some dusty counter, tucked behind a few worn books and an ugly table lamp reduced down to five dollars, one piece stands out. Serendipity; it’s the perfect gift for her. A slow smile spreads across my face.

- Bleary, half-awake, the piercing light from the clock says 2 am, and then... peacefully, with the gentle reminder of her soft, radiating warmth, I am lulled back into a serene sleep.

- That kiss, passionate and drawn-out, steeped in deep longing and primal desire, which feels like it’s both the first and the last.

- A realization, punctuated in perfect silence, while I wash dishes and her nose is lost in a book, that simply “being” with her is more than enough.

I'm ENFP, for those who care :)
What I’m doing with my life
Volunteering at a sexual assault crisis center and a sex education hotline, on my way to grad school to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner, working for a non-profit, and, of course, chilling.Recently became a certified sex health educator.

In the midst of my "trying to be the best version of myself" project. It's damn exciting and perpetually on-going.
I’m really good at
Giving animals great petting
Fixing stuff. Productivity increases with beer and pizza.
Putting my foot in my mouth in spectacular fashion.
Researching obscure topics. Like" war elephants" or how to make a air conditioner out of fans, a cooler, and ice.
Cooking (aka putting tasty stuff together to make it more tasty)
Being a space cadet (aka constantly forgetting where I am and what I'm doing).
Acting as source of cheap labor.
Taking the conversation to that next level.
The first things people usually notice about me
My voice and how I should be in radio. Or is it ON radio? I can never remember.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a problem constantly reading books. It's not a big deal or anything; I just break out into hives and start sweating if I don't. And then wake up in forest, naked, covered in animal blood. Like I said, not a big deal.

I like all kinds of movies, from dumb entertaining action movies to subtle and deep art flicks. The only thing I think really matters in movies, or pretty much any art form, is that the film maker is authentic and tries. That does not necessarily make it good, but it does usually make it worth seeing. In particular, I have a weakness for horror movies, but not all kinds. I prefer the ones that deftly use horror as a means to explore the human psyche/condition, as opposed to slasher flicks or torture porn, which use shock and suspense like a wooden cudgel.

In my opinion, the best kind of art is stand-alone, succinct, layered with depth and meaning, and contains vibrant color, either real or metaphorical.

I love cartoons, comedy or serious, eastern or western, it's all good to me. Rick & Morty may be the best thing cartoon ever.

Indie, Hip-hop, rock, classic rock, EDM, and alternative are all choice.
Currently digging Land of The Strange by Young the Giant. Super good albulm...

I've never met a well-made meal I didn't like.
The six things I could never do without
snooze alarm,
bag fries (aka bagglers),
wonderful people
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Fun ideas for unique and interesting dates.

What would happen if Pinocchio said, "My nose is about to grow."

Why Sandra Bullock seemingly never ages. My current theory is that she's a Highlander. There can be only ONE!
On a typical Friday night I am
Rolling the fun dice. And then flipping the fun coin. Followed by a helping of fun raffle, finished off with a good ol' fashioned fun lottery.

So, ya know, having fun. Probably.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a two-headed quarter that I use for tough decisions.

My blush reflex is on a hair trigger. Sometimes I blush cause I'm embarrassed or upset, sometimes for like no reason, and sometimes on weekends, holidays, and all throughout May.

When I was five I got chased up a tree by a bull. True story.
You should message me if
You have a "regular ability to express certain emotions, especially mirth or delight, by a series of spontaneous, usually unarticulated sounds often accompanied by corresponding facial and bodily movements." (Flailing body movements are acceptable).

You want to go on a fun date that is a little more interesting than the standard coffee/drinks.

And, most importantly, you're looking to co-create a warm and safe space with someone where we can playfully and honestly explore intimacy in all of it's beautiful forms.