42 El Cerrito, United States
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My self-summary
My profile is looooong! So here's the Cliffs' Notes version: I don't play Pokemon Go. Do not. I feel like that should be enough. If you want to read on, go for it. 😊

I just want to laugh with you everyday and kiss you a lot. That's about as simple as it gets. I am truly a romantic who wants the real thing, long term, monogamous, "The Notebook" style love, and I'd like to get married again and I love kids. If you're funny and affectionate and love to kiss and cuddle as we watch a movie or an HBO show or a retrospective on Prince's influence in the world, then send me a note. (Aside: Binge watching examples for me: Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and my son just binged on Saved by the Bell. 😳

Stay with me here...I know chemistry in person has to be there. But here's my overly simple theory about online dating--you should want to connect over the phone, kind of 7th grade old school butterflies calling, and there should be some idea right off the bat that if I look anywhere close to my pictures, then you'll want to jump my bones. Not that you would immediately, but you should want to. And if you do, and if you think I'm funny (I am), then this should work. That's it. 😊❤️

So here's the full-on Moby Dick version of my profile:

I'm just looking for a genuine connection with someone sweet and sexy and fun and cool, funny and smart and affectionate. Maybe we could watch John Oliver or "Game of Thrones" together. Or Hulu Plus!!! I just signed up! It's a-ma-zing!!! If that's you and you're looking for someone great, hit me up. I'd love to hear from you. (Also, if you're interested in driving in my super duper sporty electric Fiat that I got recently. So exciting!)

I'm a divorced dad (I have 50% custody of my 10 year-old son), and I'm trying to learn and grow everyday as a person and as a dad. My son asked to hear the Bangles' "Manic Monday" (I didn't know Prince wrote that!) the other day so I'm pretty sure I've accomplished all that I need to already. 😊 And I'm both naughty and nice as you may have already seen from what I've written in this profile.

I played multiple sports growing up so playing and watching them now is still big (go Red Sox!!!) and they tend to dominate conversations with my family still; plus my son loves to play just about everything, which is definitely helping to keep me in shape. I've never dated a woman who genuinely loved to play golf or tennis or watch sports on television or really even loved going to games for the sake of watching the game. So truly, that would be pretty amazing especially given how much they're a part of things for me and Nick, my son. It's not a prereq at all, but it would be pretty phenomenal.

I love good movies, good food, literature, and singing both pop songs and showtunes alike with my son, so if you can sing like Maria Von Trapp (or just know Do-Re-Mi), you're already in like Flynn.

I also like staying current with events, am caught up in the presidential race and like what Bernie stands for (even though I think Elizabeth Warren would have made a far better candidate) and the whole political revolution/less money in politics/addressing income inequality movement. I also like being semi-witty and goofy though so it would be great to find the perfect complement. Ultimately, if you're funny and affectionate and opinionated and active, then we'll get along great. :)

A lot of questions seem to ask about ambition on these sites. I will say this, work/life balance is huge for me, so I'm not looking to become the CEO, but I got myself through law school and passed the bar exam, I make good money, and if I put my mind to bowling a 200, I do it. I'm good at stuff, and smart, and I guess I'm just saying, I can be competitive and driven and I will fight for something or someone I love. I'd like to keep getting better at everything, especially the love part.

So here's that honesty thing again that echoes what I said initially: I'm definitely in this for the real deal, long term and all--looking for my last and greatest love. But you have to know that part of that for me (and hopefully you too) is finding that powerful attraction where you feel like you want to spend just about every minute together, and rip each other's clothes off, too. First off, I just about melt when touched. I think they say you're supposed to get at least 30 seconds of hugs a day and be touched like 20 times, and I'm all over that theory. 😊 So the touch and affection thing is huge for me, but laughter and a deep connection is most critical, no doubt, and probably makes life amazing above all. So I'd like all of that again. I think if you have that with someone, the physical sparks and sex and make out sessions and passion and sensuality along with the laughter, then you've got something phenomenal. Again, perhaps too honest and too soon. Geez Mike, wait till the 3rd date at least!!! What can I say? I'm Italian and a Scorpio.
What I’m doing with my life
I used to be an actual practicing attorney, but wasn't enamored of it, so now I'm a Director of Human Resources for a major reproductive rights organization (and think right wingers are nut jobs), work with some great people (mainly women) who care passionately about free/low cost access to health care, education, abortion services, etc. and I'm happy. Hooray for being happy!

I love to cook, but it would be great to cook for someone else (I make some fantastic pasta dishes). And Santa brought me a crock pot so I'm excited for that! I also stay active, coach youth basketball and baseball, and I love to play golf and tennis whenever I can.

I'm sure the divorced dad scenario is not what every girl dreams of when you're on Pinterest putting together your wedding album (no? never???), but there's no drama at all and life is pretty beautiful, but it would be more beautiful with a special someone with whom to share it.
I’m really good at
*Reading...I barely mess up when reading out loud anymore
*Math...Go ahead and ask me what 8+4 is or 7+5 or 6+6 and I swear I will say 12 faster than anyone you know! Its uncanny.
*Catching a ball
*Being, or at least feeling, superior to Prius and Subaru drivers who drive slowly and without regard for their fellow humans. And I'm good at complaining about them. 😊
*Kissing...seriously...or not so seriously...I have awesome, soft lips. =)
*Making mix tapes, I mean CDs, but only for someone special...tapes were great for writing little love notes...I miss mixed tapes...wait, do people listen to CDs anymore?
*Making ice cream--coconut chocolate chip almond is my favorite to make but hard to beat Baskin Robbins pistachio almond or mint chip or a good mocha almond fudge.
*Knowing the lyrics to a lot of songs even though I'm a terrible singer.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hands....they're great....also: I have a unique light-brown, reddish hair color; there's also my smile, and women seem to notice my long eyelashes too; when I'm at work people notice that I wear purple dress shirts, and I like argyle sweaters and fashionable socks too...oh and my watch is gigantic!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Last novel read was The Art of Fielding, but my fave is Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia about a Prince searching for happiness, Crime and Punishment, Catch 22, Malcom Gladwell books and social commentary like him (Chuck Klosterman is awesome), Jackie Robinson's Autobiography, Robert Frost and Pablo Neruda poetry; current magazine subscriptions: Esquire, Good, and Bon Appetit. I was an English Lit major in college so I'm fairly well-read but it's nice to read for reading's sake now.

Movies: Cool Hand Luke (and anything really with Paul Newman), Shawshank Redemption (I just got sucked in and watched it when I saw it on cable again recently), The Princess Bride, The Notebook, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Caddyshack, Swingers, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, Il Postino and Life is Beautiful (Italian cinema generally), Amelie, Bottle Rocket (all Wes Anderson movies), sports movies like The Natural, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, Hoosiers...........Looking back at that list, I guess I'm sentimental and romantic and apparently I love when the good guy dies/semi-fails at the end. Awww sad. Then again, I also seem to like when the good guy hits a home run to win the game or makes the winning shot in the state basketball maybe I'm completely full of it. =)

TV: Now--Orange is the New Black, Last Night This Week, Game of Thrones, Friday Night Tykes (about crazy parents in a youth football league--so amazing! I love it!), sports documentaries and documentaries generally (side note: "Making a Murderer" is unbelievable right? I hate to think how screwed up our justice system is...jury duty people, we need good jurors!), Archer, New Girl, Drunk History, Brooklyn 99, anytime Kevin Hart's standup routines are on, The Daily Show/Colbert Report was great, making fun of our local newscasters and far too many terrible teeny bopper Disney channel shows; Then--Mad Men, True Blood, Arrested Development, The Office, Facts of Life, Cheers, Seinfeld, Diff'rent Strokes, Family Ties, The Brady Bunch, and when I couldn't fall asleep I'd watch Barney Miller and Taxi reruns with my dad.

Music: Tracy Chapman, The Avett Brothers, Paul Simon, Counting Crows, oldies and Motown are my favorites; on my Pandora station you're likely to hear Mumford and Sons, Fun, Lilly Allen, The Killers, Regina Spektor, Brett Dennen, Joan Armatrading, The Supremes, Johnny Cash, The Drifters, Dean Martin, Ingrid Michaelson, Louis Prima, Coldplay, The Beatles, Five for Fighting.

On my way to work this morning, I listened to Matt Nathanson's "The GIrl in the Kinks Shirt" (and I still think she's wearing a pink shirt), "That's How I got to Memphis," "OMI's "Cheerleader," and Cyndi Lauper's (actually Prince's) "When You Were Mine."

Food: Italian always, Thai, Sushi, Mexican. Crab and pasta are the best things in the world, and I will almost always choose the seafood option when given a choice.
The six things I could never do without
*My son
*A woman's fingernails on my back or leg
*ice cream
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*What to wear to used to be so easy when I was a suit and tie it's stressful trying to look cute and cool and everything still. Please help?
*The seeming randomness of my quickmatch or tinder swipes (like is it facial structure? the picture itself? My mood? didn't I swipe right for her already and now it's left?) and why I feel guilty and kinda like an asshole when I swipe left.
*Women in tank tops with smooth legs wearing sundresses or skirts and heels. Blame my 4th grade teacher...big crush.
*Hitting a's just something that has continually happened in my head every day since I was a kid.
*Who really shot JFK and Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.
*Falling in love again--hopefully with someone who wears tank tops and sundresses and skirts and who's also a conspiracy theorist.
*On a related note, when I think of falling in love again, these women are some of my faves: Liesl from the Sound of Music (huge crush, I'd marry her right now and she's like 80), Sophia Loren, or Linda Carter in her scuba gear from her Wonder Woman days, or Jaclyn Smith on Charlie's Angels, or Minka Kelly (Parenthood jumped the shark when they had her date Dax Shepard's character--you've got to be kidding!), or Rashida Jones, or Shari Belafonte...when you're talking about really falling head over heels for someone, I think I've had more of a thing for brunettes and tan and multiracial women over the years, which isn't to say Cheryl Ladd isn't beautiful or that I wouldn't date her right now, I'm just saying Jaclyn Smith was my favorite Angel... :)
On a typical Friday night I am
*Going to happy hour with coworkers/friends
*Taking care of my little guy, which usually involves dinners out for Italian or Mexican food
*Fridays can be great at the ballpark, too, with someone fun
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I kinda love Rachel McAdams movies--the Notebook and About Time are ridiculous and phenomenal--what can I say? It's also possible that I sometimes sit on my son's bed singing Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now," and I may get sentimental. As in tear up. But I'd only admit that to select company. Or that I own an Indigo Girls CD. Or that the latest One Direction CD is in my car right now. So you'd have to be really special to be in on those secrets. 😊
You should message me if
If you love to smile and are looking to find someone great. I'm sharp, funny, sweet, romantic, sexy, and fun, and hopefully you are too.....come on, don't be shy, you can say hi....the water's warm...besides, all the cool kids are doing it.