27Watertown, United States
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My self-summary
Forever a Space Lion.

I try not to ever miss the midnight BBC news hour.
I recently moved back to Boston after spending 5 long years on Long Island (Bleh) and am searching far and wide for a lady friend companions who is as standalone awesome, energetic, idea filled and eager to find someone truly special as I am.

Things I like doing but would be better with you* (insert name here): biking / walking the charles, Canoeing, Exploring eachothers
Minds, trying new restaurants, long nerdy talks about fictional character moralities and expanded universes, devouring pizzas, experimenting with new cooking recipes, and at the end and start of the day cuddling down to an overload of Netflix

!gah and to play frisbee and lie around in fields !

I really like adventuring in nature, camping and escaping from the nest I like to cultivate, but also enjoy returning and crashing in that nest.

I have a beefy Basset/Beagle with separation anxiety who's my best friend, his name is Walker
What I’m doing with my life
I graduated from University with a major of Television Production. Although I enjoy and am good at tv production my true passion has always been with solar engineering and creation.

I'm honorably treading water arranging real life back home in Boston after having to return from New York to take care of a parent.

When redrafting my resume after moving back to Boston I realized I had several years worth of experiance in fine Jewish dining, using that I subsequently found a nice job at a high end Jewish catering service. We work all around MA. Great job but the work is inconsistent so I do more.

I have been involved I'm my hometown of Newtons parks and recreation department since I was a teenager, I now work as a bread vendor at one of the local farmers markets, grounds keep at a park on the Charles, do public relations work and enjoy the beurocracy of nature

In my Free time I am: Drawing, writing, crafting, hiking, playing video games (my vice), drinking espresso / drawing around coffee shops, going to movies alone, and taking long walks with my dog.
I’m really good at
Generic masculine things
Powering things from the Sun
Finding out how things work
I can sense when 420 is near
Commanding a room with my voice
Trivia, I was a history major so I am filled with useless information of all kinds
Spinning Yarns
Throwing flat plastic discs
Nothing sometimes, Everything other times
The first things people usually notice about me
I visibly daydream often

My shoe laces never match.

I am short, sometime too self aware, and genuinely a good hearted person with an old soul
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Science fiction is my favorite, mainly Star Wars, Ray Bradbury, Burt Stiles... ask about more

I really enjoy cartoon both for adults and from my childhood; I hate everything about FOX except their glorious cartoons which are my guilty pleasure. The Venture Bros is the best show on television, I had a personal interview with the creators this past Comic-Con. It was the best.

I love music, mainly alternative, funk, electronic, blues, and if Im feeling like the old days punk or ska. I really enjoy live stuff and just hanging around listening with friends. I am happiest when I'm with people who have record players yet I do not own one myself. I like going to shows and sometime enough to go alone
*Crystal Castles*
*daft Punk*
*Big D and the kids table* :) back in HS I used to go to every Halloween shindigs
*Modest Mouse*
*Arcade Fire*
*311* I love them

I love anime. Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Outlaw Star, Afro Samurai, Blood +, Space Dandy, ask about more

I'm a comic person; I prefers alternative reboots, graphic novels and anti-heros
Some of my favorites are Moon Knight, the Dark Reign marvel event, Captain America, and the most recent reboot of The Guardians of the Galaxy. Pretty much anything by Bendis or Miller

I'm a huge movie person I love rewatching old movies and seeing new ones, having gone through communications school I can talk forever about the industry as well as give quite the subjective film critique

I'm quite the gamer,
Battlefield 4
*Starcraft 2 (Adun join me)
*AC series
Six things I could never do without


Star Wars

Nerd auras


Biosphere that is the interwebs

Technology and a workbench

NPR / Al Jazeera
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The digital era of dating has shifted in an interesting way, prepare for small digital dating rant, ready go. Girls complain about relivieving endless messages but would they rather receive none?! Isn't that the point of being on a dating site...? How about they send out some messages of their own, try the other side, fuck gender norms! Have you ever hit on anyone? Do you know how difficult it is? Now try thinking about doing it digitally... Trashing guys profiles for sounding similar, yet I challenge a look in the mirror to see how embarrassingly similar the generic female Okc profile is... And how many "unique" ladies sadly fall into the category of "generic" before dedicating space on your profile to sounding conceded and not worth anyone's time. Rant over :)

I also don't understand why girls of my height or smaller, are you looking for 6 foot Prince Charmings...

What else I think about besides the failing digital social structure:

the Future,
Parallel universe theory,
how to slow down..
Solar Power,
places I'd like to travel,
Seeing things from different perspectives,
What can I eat next,
my future farm,
My future family,
Mead production,
Nerdy Wikis
Physiological structure of societies,
How to build my future log cabin,
Conquering Westeros for the Old Gods,
Documentary themes and plots/Writing scripts
On a typical Friday night I am
Looking for stuff to do... Moved back to the area and did not keep up with high school friends. watching Movies, biking around, doing nerdy arts and crafts, Going to a midnight movie, Or maybe even just driving around listening to NPR on the radio
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a Mandalorian

I was raised by strong worldly women
You should message me if
You wanna be space pirates together.
You are looking to make plans and meet eventually (Seriously)
You want to cook food and watch game of thrones
Your in love with Star Wars!
You think Biking adventures both natural and urban, ultimate frisbee, dark coffee, and drinking through movies sounds like a good time

*If the words "Go Team Venture mean anything to you"*

Do Not message and Leave my profile if:
You are bigoted in any way
You have ever vocally compared your life to "Girls" either in a bar, life or digitally... lame I don't wanna hear it
You play the Ukulele non ironically
or if You are careless and selfish in life or in feelings
The two of us