37Eugene, United States
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My self-summary

->First off (and this is an update to my profile as of July 16. 2015) I'm going to state here that I'm married and not looking for anything on here beyond new friends and good conversation. If you're looking for anything beyond that, (i.e. serious relationship) this is definitely not the person or profile you are looking for.

->I was born and raised Roman Catholic, but since then have drifted from the faith (*gasp* Pagan! Heritic you say!), I do belive in something greater than I whose concept I cannot begin to fathom. How can a Finite mind comprehend the Infinite, I ask you?.

->I love food. (Just so you know) Sushi being my favorite. (Don't tell m' mum, the proper answer is always Mum's cooking, don't you know?)

->I haven't read any good books lately, though I read alot of slash fiction (*gasp* yet again)

->I'm not too fond of people, I'm a bit of a recluse who's life revolves around immediate family.

->Was in the military at one point.

->I like almost all kinds of music (though couldn't name a band or song title to save m'arse.) and movies (except noooo horror thank you.)

->I'm a "gamer geek" but I'm not cool enough to be "leet". (D&D, White Wolf, EQ, City of Heros, Planetside, EQII, WoW) But currently on hiatus from gaming.

->I bowl, I play tennis, I like watching some sports (baseball, soccer, tennis, some football), and I like dancing.

I am odd, reclusive, and a gamer
What I’m doing with my life
-> My day to day routine is basically working at the shop and then home. I do go a lil stir crazy every now and then, but at that time I head out for a little bit of socialization, drinking, and dancing.
I’m really good at

->Learning languages (when I don't get lazy)

->Photo Manipulation (when my Muse doesn't abandon me)

->Web Design (*see Photo Manipulations ()*)

->Cooking (Hence my love of food)

->Cleaning (When the mood strikes me)

->Conversation (Though I've got to stop dominating a conversation. :( )

->Problem solving...-ish.

->Some crafty-arts.

The first things people usually notice about me

->I'm short. (5'2" if you were curious)

->...and I think that's about it.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

(a)Books written by Piers Anthony and Anne Rice. I have other authors and books I love, but I also have bad short/long term memory. I do better in recalling the story than the title or author.
- Snow Crash
- The HP Series (Though I like the well written Fanfiction as well...there are some amazingly good FFauthors out there!)
- Sleeping Beauty Series by A.N. Roquelare (sp?)
- Vampire Series by Anne Rice
- Daggers Edge (have to re-find and re-read that book someday)
(Will update more after finding my books 07.21.09)

(b)The list is long..seriously. But Hero and House of Flying Daggers is in that list. I like almost all movie genres EXCEPT for Horror.
- Taken
- Van Helsing
- X-Men (Series)
- Transformers (Series)
- Harry Potter (Series)
- Too Wong Foo
- 13th Warrior
- Pitch Black and TCoR
- LoTR (Series)
...will add more later

Music: - As long as it has a dance-able beat. I'm game. :)


(d)Sushi, Asian Foods, Desserts..I just love food in general.

Six things I could never do without

1. My husband

2. My kids

3. Our Health

4. Food/Drink (Coffee an integral drink)

5. Computer (and the internet I package as all in one damnit)

6. ...uhm...I guess our Mode of transportation? Wes. Good Wes...and Ramon.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

1. haha Slash

2. Fantasizing (sp?) in general.

3. What if's (damn things)

4. Life plans...attainable goals.

5. All the things that could go wrong and what I can do to either prevent those events or overcome them.

On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes on the comp gaming for a bit or sometimes, when the mood strikes, out and about in downtown Eugene.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit

...I'm a voyeur. Not a peeping tom mind you, but a voyeur. To the point where I'd rather watch a sexual act instead of participating, even when invited to.

If that's a hard concept to grasp/understand, look at it this way. Imagine the best possible sexual you're invited to join in on the "fun".

Would you get more satisfaction from joining in? Or from sitting and watching the proceedings? Which would you choose? Honestly? Me? NO question, I'd rather sit and watch. I'm more mentally satisfied that way. *shrug*

You should message me if

1. You're male and GAY. I'm always on the lookout for a Gay best friend.

2. You read Slash.

3. You're female and Bi. *shrug* I dunno to hang out, to go to a club...(Weekends, or if in my area, maybe Thursday Nights.)

4. You're Male and Bi...and willing to answer a lot of curiosities.

5. You are a decent conversationalist and I won't want to immediately throttle you after your first introductory sentence.

6. You won't want to throttle me after my first introductory message.

7. I'll think of more later I'm sure.

The two of us