52 San Antonio, United States
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My self-summary
Here is the real deal on me please read carefully:

I have spent most of my life doing for others and climbed a ladder of success that has kept me from having the reationship that I desire and deserve. My job also didn't allow me to make the connection. This guy has played the game and has been out of the game for a long time, because in the end hurting someoone is not in my nature nor is it anything that I wish upon anyone.

Now I have the time to take the time to find mine!!

Many people have a tendacy to want certain things in life or out of people, but when they get close to the inception of , there seems to be a monumental movement of backward stepping or in some cases just freeze frame and nothing happens.

Imagine that on a day when you least expect it, there comes along an individual that has been there done that, and is completely comfortable and stable enough to move in a direction that gives you an endless smile, relief and pure satisfaction would you be ready, willing and able to oblige?

Take in consideration that taking care of you is important and a must action in order for you to be comfortable with yourself to give to another, but the inner sanctum must be just as polished as the outer, because when you break open the shell if there is rotten or ugliness beneath the surface all the beauty in the world won't buy you happiness, nor money, and that outer shell may not always be untouched or without a crack as you become more and more seasoned with life. I believe that happiness begins with fullfilling the obligation of being true to thyself first, understand who you are, why you are and where you are and take all the necessary steps to ensure that the person whom you will want to spend your time with has a reciprocated 100 % aspect.

This guy ,(me) has the ablity to treat a woman like a lady, a lady like a princess that develops into a queen of her own castle, one built together from a solid foundation of trust, hope, and pure committment to what right looks like.

I wonder if anyone really is ready to engage in the most natural and organic move of pure wrap your thoughts around the product of oneself to have that ultimate sense of peace.. Maybe it could be worth your time.

Often I am asked about long distance and why my profile says located anywhere, Well I see distance not necessary as an obstacle, but an opportunity to expound in the realm of trust. If there is a unique chemistry between the two and there is a bond developed that starts as a great friendship then there is an opportunity to be able to close that gap so to speak in various ways. When it is right there are no obstacles too great, no hurdles to high and no walls that can't be penetrated. Don't want to limit myself to any possibilities.
I’m really good at
Just about anything I put my mind to..
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile, my realness.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Always wanting to help others and see their success..
You should message me if
You are ready for what "right " looks like.. But you gotta be ready !.. btw not an A lister, or an upgrade member so if you only "like" with the like button, I won't know it.. Say Something..:-)