47Lincoln, United States
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My self-summary
I am *ethically* non-monogamous, open to possibilities from friendship to committed romantic relationship, and everything in between. But what I really *want*, is connection. That deep down, feel-it-in-your-gut connection. Where talking with that person about anything under the sun feels effortless. Maybe you feel like you've known this person for decades already, even though you've just met. The kind of connection where talking about one's vulnerabilities doesn't leave you feeling vulnerable, but supported and empathized with.

Ethical non-monogamy appeals to me at a deep level - I don't want to control, nor be controlled by others

If I feel a connection with someone, I want us to be able to explore it and allow it to grow into whatever it may become. Whatever we want it to be, completely up to us. I have my own home, and like having my own space. Not looking to cohabitate with anyone, or marry.

I am:

Awesome. Obviously...well, I girlfriend and my mom think so

Father to an amazing 14 yo girl. I have her half the time

Empathetic - I'm a feeler. That's not to say I can't logic. I'm actually pretty good at that, but I connect with people much more through my heart than my head

Independent - I'm one of those types who has to figure the world out on their own terms. Sometimes this means it's slow going. And frustrating. But I feel the need to question everything until it makes sense for *me* to be doing it or not

Eccentric and Eclectic - a little of both. I don't think I'm as eclectic as I'd like to be though

Open-minded - I don't want to judge until I understand something

Quietly competent...soft-spoken yet opinionated

Loyal and Trustworthy

Genuine and generous




INFP - I'm really quite introverty

Night owl

Kind - we're all in this together - a little kindness goes a long way
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to walk an authentic path in a society where I feel like I don't belong

Creating my own meaning, such as it is

My degree is in fine arts, most of my experience is in IT. My heart lies elsewhere

Currently am a brewery technician at a local brewery/taproom. Living the dream! Brewing is mostly cleaning, but hey - I'm in it for the glamour and prestige ...?
I’m really good at
Being creative and analytical. I'm a bit of a nerd. Or is that geek? OK, both

I can brew a mean beer and make amazing mead

I like making and fixing things. I'm good with my hands

I'm told I'm pretty fair with a flogger and other sorts of sensual bdsm play. So if that's something that interests you...You should let me know.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well obvioisly, my dashing good looks and devastating wit. Also my humility

Hopefully, my dry or sarcastic, self-deprecating sense of humor
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
From food to fine arts to music, if it's talented and well-executed, I will appreciate it. If it's talented, well-executed *and* has something interesting/quirky that makes it stand out, I will like it

When I read, it's mostly science fiction. Although I am a huge A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) geek. I've reread the series twice now

Movies - I like when they make me think

Music... All over the place, from Apparat to Zappa. Rush is my all time favorite. Such great musicianship, and they've always made their music their way, damn the consequences.

No country except the classics though, please

Food - I have found something I like in any and all cuisines I've ever tried
Six things I could never do without
Authenticity. It's one of my most important traits to me, and something I always admire in others.

Creative outlets
An inquisitive mind - mine and yours!
Wool socks
Great beer and interesting cheese
I spend a lot of time thinking about
That one grammar quirk that makes people so crazy!

Nuanced explanations to OKC questions

It may be our strengths and perfections that attract us. But it’s the intersection of our weaknesses and imperfections that decide whether we stay together or not
On a typical Friday night I am
What's a typical?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm entirely weary of everything "Husker football" related, and I don't follow sports

My favorite Muppet, whom I also identify with somewhat, is Dr. Teeth. He's mellow and full of zen-like wisdom. But I've also got a bit of Kermit in me, just not the extroverted parts. I'm also part Rolf

I had no problem being monoamorous for a very long time. I highly value integrity and honor
You should message me if
...If you've found something that clicks or interests you, please consider it, I'm not likely to message people first.

If you want to understand all this "polyamory" business. To wit:
-Trust. Plain and simple. Trust is the soil in which polyamory should grow, much like any other kind of love
-Say what you mean, always, and all of it
-Follow through on your commitments
-Don’t make promises you can’t keep
-Assume positive intent
-Ask questions. Listen, listen, listen
-Soothe fears
-Work on your own insecurities at the location from which they spring—inside yourself
-Be kind
-Be consistent
-Be generous
-Ask explicitly for what you want
-State clearly what you need
-Apologize when you fuck up, and try to fix it
Basically, all these things are also what monoamorous people should be doing as well.

Or if you just like wool socks. Definitely message me if you love wool socks
The two of us