30San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
I'm awesome, and you need to be just as awesome if you intend to message me. If you're only about 86% awesome, that's okay. We can probably still be friends. Probably. Good news is I love new friends. I like to go drinking with them, pick sand dollars on the beach with them, and harass them about how they're still watching Doctor Who even though the series was slaughtered and has spiraled into a disgusting mess....Being my friend isn't that bad. I promise. I tend to cook when they come over, just cause I like to take care of people, but I can neither confirm nor deny the food is always edible. I also love to dance, but good dancing buddies are hard to find.

I have a huge soft spot for amazing design and art. Typically my art love manifests in music, poetry, UI/UX, and industrial design. Something about the raw-ness of good spoken word really gets me. Obviously, I also love amazing game design, especially if they have simple art styles.

I'm poly with a man who's amazing. What's important to know about my version of poly is that I don't sleep around. Poly for me is about having actual relationships, not just random sex. I am bisexual and so those relationships may also be with women.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a producer/game designer at a new indie studio in the city. Yes, I make video games for a living. Yes, it can be just as awesome as it sounds. I tend to be super busy with all my work, but I love all of it. I do quite a few other things outside of work, but it does take a huge amount of my time.
I’m really good at
Random hilarious comments at inopportune moments

Drinking chocolate milk with a spoon

Pretending I'm learning ukulele to impress girls that may think this is cool (read: I can't play shit, but I'll totally have it laying out when you come over).

Impromptu motivational speeches that energize people for 3.7 minutes until they go back to their normal state

Taking care of significant others. Like "Hey, while you were gone I did all your laundry, cleaned your bathroom, and made dinner. Can we fuck now?"

Making people feel awkward when my friend trades shoes with me because heels hurt and he has the same size feet (this is pretty common when we party at this point).

Finding clothes that don't fit right, and thus, eventually finding clothes that fit perfectly.

Not messaging you first, cause that shit's awkward.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Game of Thrones (books and show), Wheel of Time, Hunger Games books. I read a lot and this is just my recently read list. I'm in the middle of The Art of Game Design.

As for music I listen to a range from Mumford and Sons to Metallica to Daft Punk. I typically never listen to country or gangster rap, though. Gotten into EDM lately mainly for the dancing aspects.

Gaming is a huge deal to me since it's kind of turning into my life. Right now I'm not able to play much because of work, but what I do tends to be Hearthstone. If I can sneak away a day I play the shit out of League of Legends (main support). Other than that I don't get time for much, but huge fan of all the Elder Scrolls (at least all the ones anyone ever played), Mass Effect, and mobile games. I play a ton of mobile right now since I tend to be on the bus a good chunk of time.
Six things I could never do without
Internet would be all six unless I'm camping. For some reason I really like being away from everything, but once I'm close to civilization again it's like heroin and I always need the internet.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Random shit like where I can rent a puppy for the day. I also spend a lot of time self reflecting. But if you know where I can get a temporary puppy shoot me a message. That'd be awesome.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, playing League of Legends, or drinking. Sometimes a weird mix of the three.
You should message me if
You're awesome and are going to send me a message that consists of more than "Hey" or "How are you". I don't really care what you send me as long as it doesn't bore me*.

Offensive jokes don't offend you, and it's possible you're approximately 17% asshole yourself. Note: I will accept other asshole percentages depending on type of asshole.

Good design makes you go "Holy shit, I think I just came" and then you can effectively discuss what could potentially make it better while appreciating it's brilliant already.

You're not going to tell me how much fun hiking is and you think we should totally go do this amazing mountain climb together. You think I'd love it cause it's such a spiritual experience and it'll change my life....Yeah....I may be convinced to do a small walk, but I'm a damn fat kid. I'm not starting with a hike in the woods with some fucker I don't know. And there better be something awesome at the end of this small walk, too. Like chocolate. Or alcohol. Yeah, make it alcohol.

You're into hitting up thrift stores, cause I need a buddy for that shit.

*You should NOT message me if:
The only interesting thing you can include is talk about kink or fucking me. I'm sure your cock is huge; it's why you're randomly sending sex messages to chicks on the interwebs.
The two of us