38Baton Rouge, United States
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My self-summary
READ MY WHOLE FKING PROFILE BEFORE YOU MESSAGE ME!!!! - my brain conjures lots of opinions, perspectives, and stances on major issues that i get on my soapbox about... that's not to suggest i am inflexible; quite the contrary: my decisions are based on the knowledge i have... as more is garnered, it's all taken into account.

learning and breathing are equally important to me.

i am passionate about (bigger) dogs and children. mostly because their perspectives are refreshing and blunt; neither will allow you to believe your own hype for too long!

I quote movies and song lyrics incessantly. my sisters and i engage in dialogue of many movies. best to watch from the sidelines for the first few rounds -- you're going up against seasoned professionals here. in all seriousness, If you get them, you'll endear yourself to me. If you make me laugh, we'll be friends forever!

I don't care for people who thrive on hurting others or tend to find humor in pain... i collect quotes, and am drawing a blank on the source... but "a man's character can be defined by what he finds laughable," and i concur.

I like: tall, intellectually well-educated men, who: read books, say 'please, thank you and bless you'; possess: sense of humor, minimal back hair, genuine smiles, and some semblance of decorum, respect and restraint when attracted to women. i do have superficial wishes: well-endowed and aesthetically pleasing. take that as you will.
if you spend all your time watching ESPN and sports(football, basketball especially...), playing video games, and/or drinking domestic beer... we might not have much fun together.

i hate voicemail. i neither leave them nor check them. Text msgs, emails, etc. are fine. don't leave voicemail.

i realize that i am not sure what i am looking for long term right now... but i never turn away new people to enrich my life and broaden my horizons.

I am persnickety, entertaining, mouthy, and nomadic
What I’m doing with my life
Raising my son to be the kind of man that will make the world a better place.

*Coming to the realization that it's not making the big (relationship/commitment/sharing my life) gesture that scares me, but the fear of wasting the love and laughter i have to share with the wrong person; losing myself/my identity in the process. (i've managed to do so several times now)
I’m really good at
mediating conflict (when i'm not directly involved, of course), making any space homey. reading people. trivia. research. bruising. parallel parking. procrastination. being a mom. growing herbs. home-landscape maintenance and improvement. cooking.

just about anything I set my mind to, truth be told. I just have to convince myself i'm worth the effort.
The first things people usually notice about me
smile, loudness, presence in general...i am tall.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: this needs an update, but still like all these books...
The Essential Gandhi... it's incredible. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman, all David Sedaris, Happiness by Richard Layard, Eats, Shoots & leaves -- appropriate grammar is very important to me! as is vocabulary.
In Other Words by Christopher J Moore and Talk to the Hand by Lynne Truss, Candy Girl by Diablo Cody, My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Island by Aldous Huxley, the Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

SHOWS: the Big Bang theory. White Collar. Scandal. Castle. True blood. Firefly. Smallville. Breaking bad. Mad men. Ink master. I watch a lot of wild kratts and curious George... Occupational hazard.

MOVIES: 10 things i hate about you, greatest show on earth, crash, high fidelity, closer, Fight Club,the emperor's new groove, almost famous, the hunger games (books too), Reality Bites, Cruel Intentions, juno, best in show, Sneakers,Breakfast Club, old school, 28 days, Saved!,The Fountain, v for vendetta, mallrats, Ocean's 11, the royal tennenbaums, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bringing Home Baby, The Philadelphia Story-- most Katharine Hepburn films but especially the ones with Cary Grant...... lots. All Kevin Smith and All Cameron Crowe flicks. (Crowe does impeccable casting and soundtracks!)

MUSIC: *all* 80s music; Tori Amos, Dave Matthews Band, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, older John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, Duran Duran, Howie Day, Dashboard confessional, Bastille. Ed Sheeran. imagine dragons, Stevie Nicks, Remy Zero, Pete Yorn, Wilco, older Maroon 5, jimmy buffett, paul simon,
Pandora channels: 80s pop radio, imagine dragons, Katy Perry, yacht rock.... And Ludacris.
I just love music in general. My life has always been well soundtracked... but don't be surprised if you hear Ludacris, ODB, or Justin Timberlake in my car... i have no shame, Justin KNOWS WHAT'S UP! Well, these days it's they might be giants in the car ;)

FOOD: Greek- mousaka, slouvaki., dolmades/dolmas, fritos, lamb, steaks... cooked to a warm pink and marinated well. Star Pizza, Cafe Express, Ruggles, Mellow Mushroom. All kinds of Cheese!(on just about everything) Whole Foods Market freshly prepared stuff... mmmm.... and i am a great cook... i love food, so i eat it... i'm not a slave to the gym or the scale. in reading this list... i realized: Listing the things i don't like is shorter and easier. i don't care for: shrimp, chicken (all the time, every once in awhile is fine), chinese buffett foods. I would say i don't like indian food, but the one time i went with my fam to their favorite indian restaurant, i didnt like what i ate and didnt like like the smells of everything. it was overwhelming to my amygdala *update* still don't like Indian. :D
Six things I could never do without
My son. music. internet/information stream. coke cherry zero. fascinating people. great quotes.(not necessarily in that order) **and i guess a gift of disregarding the numerical specifics of the question... ;o)

hope. Integrity. goals. faith. joy. passions.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
politics, humanity (often the lack thereof), public policies, gandhi why few people act with service to community, but bitch about the woes of society. Lack of participation, apathy is the root of the problem...

soundtracks for shows -- ones i've heard, and the ones i'd like to do

lately... way existential stuff like... why am i here? what are my most attainable, while still fulfilling goals?

Public education. What I can do to help improve a long ignored, broken system.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with my baby boss. Watching Real Time with Bill Maher :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm absolutely crazy about my son. He's the first place, most important person to me. I'm not sure where a relationship works around us, only time and experience will tell. Are you game?

happiness is when what you say, what you do and what you think are in harmony. -- Gandhi

thunderstorms unnerve me. especially at night.

i'm a pretty open book... there's little i don't admit, own, laugh about, and move on... but do you want to know everything in my profile?
You should message me if
you're a dog person
You understand my kid will always come first in my life.
my personality's more intriguing to you than my photos.... or at least, you've read this far in the profile and aren't just going on pictures. Intelligent conversation isn't a request; it's a necessity.

you understand that friendship IS where everything starts, and may be all you get from me.
The two of us