40Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
I'm polyamorous and have been for more than a decade. That's not news here! Nor is that I'm married (for considerably more than a decade!) so if either bothers you, scroll on by please. I'm happy to say life is good and rather busy. Sure it throws curve balls at me every now and then but I've decided that it's how one moves with those game plays and handles the next ball thrown that matters.

So basicaly I'm just leaving this profile up because I've put hours into answering the stupid matching questions. It's quite a journey of discovery actually and rather addictive.

Below is my original profile.
Happy to exchange messages regarding poly and life in general and continue exchanges if we strike a chord with each other in any way and see where that takes things. There will be many places it probably won't lead, so either read on or scroll on by ;)


So let's cut to the chase to save us both some time. Warning - this isn't a quick read profile if you make it to the end, many won't, I'm well aware of that.

No I don't want a one night stand.

BE HONEST AND DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH ME - yes I'm shouting that, believe me it seems my only hope to get the message across.

A bit about me......

* I'm married, happily, nothing is "missing" from my marriage
* Yes my husband knows I have a profile, so does both he and his partner. No she's not considered his "other", or secondary. She is a wonderful person who is an important person in his (and my) life.
* I am happily in a polyamorous marriage (look it up, it's different to polygamy)
* I'm not looking to participate in group sex or a threesome, I may share my toy(s) but when it's my turn, it's my turn!
* I won't be the secret other woman. If you aren't completely honest with others it's called cheating! Deal breaker and fastest way to never hear from me again. This doesn't mean I'm not discreet and appropriate.
* One off, meaningless encounters are not what I'm looking for, quite the opposite. I need to be attracted to you mentally and physically, I'd expect that to be a reciprocated desire of yours too. However I'm not going to start planning our next 12 months if we start bouncing messages. The commitment I ask of anyone is honesty. It's actually a core criteria for me to classify anyone as a true friend and in that regard it's quality over quantity.

Ohhh you're, still here. Ok let's see where to now...

If it isn't obvious yet, what I'm looking for is best classed as friends with benefits.

Add in these definite deal breakers thogh:
* face fuzz - I can't stand it, sorry.
* smokers - even "occasional"

I've been described as cute, caring, and kind of busy.
I tend to say it as I see it ("gee really? Never would have guessed" I hear you say) and wish that more people were as open minded and respectful of others as I hope I am judged to be.
I have a fairly versatile sense of humour and am known to be quite sarcastic in my jest.

Above all else, I am me
What I’m doing with my life
Way too much I'm told! I've mastered time management but on occasion I like to just forget the world and enjoy the moment that is, what ever or where ever that happens to be.

Life keeps me busy in my many chosen roles, none of which can singularly define me. I am dedicated to my career and my ongoing professional growth, as well as to my family which includes more members I have chosen to call family rather than those I have blood ties to.

I'm slowly re-engaging with this next bit, I've been rather lax, slowly does it ......(I'm on a bit of a body image improve at the moment, it's something that got turfed to the bottom of the priority list and now it's time to feel better both in my self and about myself. I'm doing it for me and it urks me when people say I look fine the way I am because I know I could feel better.)
I’m really good at
Time management, attention to detail and remembering things - especially if it's in relation to people I care about. I won't apologize for saying it as I see it but Im told I do this in a diplomatic way (well most of the time, just don't rile me with self opinionated garbage that you cant back up)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm short, yes rather short at 5"1- funny that I don't feel short, maybe that tells me something about me :)
I'm an introvert and fairly quiet until I'm comfortable and have taken things in have something meaningful to contribute to a conversation that has my attention. If you hit a certain nerve or interest of mine I will let you know. If you are giving incorrect information about something passionate to me, well I'm sorry, but you will get my opinion!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Having to read to keep up to date with my professional education has kind of killed reading for pleasure for me so it hasn't been since my childhood that I got lost in a good book. I am trying to change that currently..... I'm finding that's not happening though

For movies, comedy is my genre, satire is even better. I love a good laugh and have quite a dark sense of humour which surprises most people who don't know me. Rather an avid fan of Disney and Pixar, love the adult amusement buried in them.

I don't watch a lot of tv but viewing when it happens includes: Scrubs, Kath and Kim, Little Britian, Black Blooks, The Office, Iron Chef, Neighbours (I know I know, I record it so fear not), Simpsons, Travel docos, QI, Father Ted, foodie shows and that includes cooking ones, competitive ones, travelling ones and crazy ones like Cut Throat Kitchen. Netflix is my go to really.

Food and drink. I love food!!! Good food, good wine and good company and I'm happy! Red wine or cider is my first choice, with a versatile cocktail/bar palate. I despise beer though. I equally enjoy a fantastic degustation fine dinning experience, a simple meal cooked at home not by me on occasion (yes I love to cook but I also love to be cooked for) or a hamburger in the park. I live by a Seefood diet (there's a pun there) - see food and eat it, just not anything too hot (I'm more tolerant now). Sadly I grew into a severe seafood allergy which gives me grief that some people won't accept the degree of sensitivity too (no don't order seafood if you even remotely think there might be a kiss involved in the evening!) but apart from that, all cuisine is on the cards. I'm not a sweet tooth though, very particular about my chocolate and a self confessed cheeseaholic!

Music: fairly diverse from classical to GnRs, typically 80's and current pop/soft rock. Anything with base is good. I'm not a dancer, unless you count at home in front of vidoehits with my gorgeous blonde little man when he was at that cute dancing toddler age which is now long gone or I'm very comfortable and had a few bourbons ;)
Six things I could never do without
Excluding oxygen, water and some form of nutrition and shelter, 6 things I value highly and hope to always have are:

* Honest love, such as that afforded to me by the most perfect life partner I could ask for, the man I am married to - anything else has to compliment that. Yes I am in a fully consenting polyamorous marriage
* The internet
* Companionship
* Cuddles, I'm a huge cuddler, a self confessed addict infact
* Mental stimulation and good mental health
* My glasses (I'm blind as a bat and will have a headache in minutes!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what I'm going to do next, was what I just did perfect in my eyes and was it received as it was intended? (Yes I'm a bit OCD, self analytical and a perfectionist but in a good way so people say)
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually at work and if not I'm at home curled up on the lounge with a glass of wine and chatting either in real life or on the net or snuggled in with a DVD - all with great company :)

*edit my work pattern has changed now and I am rarely at work on a Friday night. Yay to regaining a night to unwind from the week that was

** edit to the edit. There is a current vacancy for the part time position of couch snuggler. See above proformer.

*** Final edit. Above vacancy on hold. Move along there is nothing to see here, unless you're a verified, accredited seller of ice to Eskimos ........
You should message me if
You can construct a message without using text type. I h8 msgs from u like this! You're also more likely to hold my attention if your nick doesn't contain 69 or 4u in it.

You are curious about, or like what you read above. However, those who are not honest with themselves or those they have in their personal life need not bother as I don't have time nor energy to waste on you as it will be detracting from something else. I'm looking for fun and friendship and am enjoying meeting new personalities online, it's a bit of a self and others discovery journey for me. It's opened my eyes to how people interact - believe me, that's been very eye opening!. I value greatly the people currently in my life. I have no hidden agenda and like to have relationships with people that grow and compliment my world. I choose carefully to protect myself and those close to me.

I'm happy to bounce messages, but if you have facial hair, hate shaving or are a smoker probably best to save our time if you want to actually meet as that's not going to happen.
The two of us