32Folsom, United States
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My self-summary
"good morning heartache, you're like an old friend"

I'm not a girly girl, I like to get cute sometimes, but I don't need to wear makeup every waking hour. I can fish, shoot a gun, and grow my own food.
What you can expect is an unpretentious, loving and caring Woman.
Taking care of my family is and always will be my priority.
Humor is very important to me. Life is already shitty enough without you attitude. laugh if someone tells a joke its okay to let loose.
I do Have a problem with being overly-loyal even when no person is loyal to me. So I may seem to be a door-mat but its more the fact I am forgiving of human nature. That doesn't mean I just let people walk all over me though. I'll give chances but if you continue your behavior just to hurt me I have no need for you in my life
I have a variety of hobbies and interests and I do many things that allow me to be as creative as possible without restrictions. I guess you can say I am that "dark artist" type. I like to spend my time in my own head or creating new pieces.
There's also a bit of a dark side to me. Think Wednesday Addams. I like the macabre and all the things nightmares are made of.
With all that being said. I am very traditional in my moral values (My grandfather was mennonite which are like amish except german not dutch) I don't believe in the need extravegant things. I dpn't believe in owning a cell phone ( I think it distracts us from making real human connections) I like to know where my food comes from and do not eat fast food.
Also, I have a meniers disease (chronic vertigo) it will last the rest of my life. basically I have the spins all the time due to an equillibrium imbalance. I will eventually go deaf and blind on the right side of my face and sometimes pass out from the condition so I do not drive. I don't allow it to hinder the rest of my life though. just the driving thing because of safety
one thing I have noticed about myself is I hardly make an impression on people. not good not bad, but it's not my fault people are apathetic to everything. But I am tired of always being a non-factor in the relationships I hold (friendships, relationships) just seems no matter how hard I try I'm just a non-factor.
What I’m doing with my life
at this moment in time I am a stay at home Mom to my 5-year old niece as well as a caregiver for my grandma and father. Its not the path I would've liked to take, but when your family needs you, you are there for them. So I've taken a hiatus from a normal 9-5 for quite some time now. I do have several long term goals. I would like to have a boutique-style vintage/upcycling/curiosity shop, and I would also like to redo my family home sometime in the future.
I’m really good at
Singing (even though its only at karaoke).
making others laugh.
puffing tough
Finding gems at thrift stores
Dancing Stupid
making coffee
Hackey-sacking in high heels
coming up with stupid ideas and making it fun
shitty analogies
making creol and cajun food
playing captain save-a-hoe
eating bacon
Walking right into Mordor
making paper snowflakes
making people feel really stupid when they do stupid shit
thwarting creepers advances (usually onto one of my lady friends for shits and giggles)
listening to everyones problems
The first things people usually notice about me
you will notice I am kind of a giant
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I jump all over the place. I like to try new things and have varying interests. I would say I'm a nerd, so I like sci-fi, fantasy, video games, comic book things.

B-horror movies are my fave, but I also totally love anything with explosions and graphic violence.

as far as music I prefer listening to punk/ gypsy punk/ pschobilly, alternative, death metal, rock , but honestly I will listen to anything. Marvelous 3 is my favorite band and Butch Walker is my absolute favorite writer/artist of all time.
I fall asleep to classical music every night

Some of my favorite writers are Hunter S. Thompson, Tolkein, Poe, Bukowski, Palahnuic, Burgess. (two of my tats are from books- lord of the rings and a clockwork orange) I also have a vast collection of books about serial killers

Food is sooo good, I will honestly try anything! I love sushi, greek, mexican, all american fatty-goodness topped with bacon.

As far as television goes I have a tendency to watchathon. some of my favorite shows are the walking dead, american horror story, Bates motel, agents of shield, Hemlock grove, the typical animated shows (south park, family guy, so on....) Trailer Park boys is pretty darn rad. oh and If I had to only watch 1 show the rest of my life it would be doctor who
Six things I could never do without
Coffee/ cigs (these go hand in hand)
A Sketchbook
Witty Banter
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My Zombie contingency plan
Why people are so stupid
Art/Graphic Design
How the world would be if everyone cared.
Sasquatch doing funny or even normal things
hindsite-things I should've said that would have been witty at the moment
what my next cosplay/zombie makeup is going to be
The universe and my place in it
What to make for dinner
On a typical Friday night I am
working on some art project...usually alone.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can't shuffle a deck of cards
You should message me if
You want to help me cross some things of my bucket list, dress up in cosplay and go to con or even a movie premier, go get tattoos and tacos, or have fun an turn up at karaoke. just look for the girl with the broken smile and please if you don't have the time or the heart to put forth into a possible relationship. move on. I'm not your Lady
The two of us