28St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
I'm Lauren. I like watching movies, reading, playing my bass, hockey, painting & sewing. I love to sew! My favorite things to make are costumes. The more extravagant, the better :) My goal is to someday make a living out of it. I love doing crafty things, too. If you need help with pretty much anything craft-related, I'm your girl ;) I am absolutely obsessed with all things involving horror. My idea of a perfect night is a horror movie marathon. Oh, and I'm also a pretty big comic book fan.

I've always been very into reading. Refer me to a good book and you'll win my heart forever :) I'd love to meet someone who can carry on an intellectual conversation. To me, that is one of the sexiest things in the world. But don't get me wrong; I can be pretty silly, too!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently working on a costuming portfolio that will hopefully get me somewhere some day. In the meantime, I'm a cashier. I also make and sell clothing and accessories on the side.
I’m really good at
Sewing, singing, painting, doin' crafty things, listening, telling horrible jokes, knowing random movie trivia (or just random facts in general), worshiping Bruce Campbell.....speaking of which:

Bruce Campbell's little black book is larger than the Necronomicon, and has taken twice as many souls ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm pretty sure my hair usually gets the most attention first.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Divine Comedy (especially Inferno), The Metamorphosis, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland, Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story about Brain Science, anything and everything by Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Algernon Blackwood, Ambrose Bierce, or Ray Bradbury

Movies: Psycho (1960), The Evil Dead Series, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, The Fly (1958), Bubba Ho-tep, The Babadook, The Witch, Pan's Labyrinth, Suspiria, Zombi 2, It Follows, An American Werewolf in London, Donnie Darko, Frankenstein (1931), Dracula (1931), The Godfather trilogy, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Hellraiser, Reservoir Dogs, Back to the Future, Tommy Boy, Dumb and Dumber....

TV shows: The X-Files, The Walking Dead, Ash vs. The Evil Dead, Penny Dreadful, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, The Twilight Zone, The Addams Family, The Munsters, Family Guy, The Simpsons

Music: Nekromantix, Misfits (with Danzig), Opeth, Ghost, Obscura, Meshuggah, YOB, Cannibal Corpse, Iron Maiden, Kalmah, Rammstein, Alkaline Trio, Tiger Army, Social Distortion, Dead Kennedys, Horrorpops, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Operation Ivy, Agent Orange, The Cramps, Black Flag, Danzig/Samhain, Aquabats, 7 Seconds.....and so on.

Food: Anything spicy! Or Italian. I love me a good cannoli :) Lasagna is my absolute favorite.
Six things I could never do without
la mia famiglia
my sewing machine
some form of antiseptic
horror films
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life in general, and where I'll be in ten years. I love psychology and learning about the human brain. I'm often thinking about what caused someone to act a certain way, thought processes, others' perceptions, motives.....basically cognition in general.

On the other hand, I sometimes find myself contemplating ridiculous hypothetical situations :)

Will the Blues ever win the Stanley Cup? Just once before I die!
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching movies, reading, hanging out with friends, relaxing, etc.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes, my mind 'wanders' when I'm watching Underworld and I see Kate Beckinsale in that tight black catsuit.....

You should message me if
You like to read.
You have a good sense of humor and love to laugh.
You love horror films, or even just movies in general.
You are an avid learner.
You have a decent grasp of grammar. It's just a pet peeve of mine.
You're not afraid to be yourself, and would like to meet someone who will do the same for you.
The two of us