31 Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
summary: ///////
What I’m doing with my life
Writing a lot.
Finishing up an MFA in film.

What happened was that I left New York two years ago, which was a place I loved, but leaving felt like some sort kind of rite of passage that I'd need to do, sort of like when you go backpacking through Southeast Asia, which is also something that happened, but this is actually way more interesting: this living a city where people have real backyards and go to box stores, though the culture shock is slowly fading. I think now that I've written about it, finally, I can tell myself it's gone.

I'm studying film at the Art Institute. I wanted to make a film but now I'm writing a book instead. I've never written one before and it's really exciting and life-consuming, in the best of ways. It's about oil mining and music videos and it's a true story.

I tend to want to learn everything that I'm not supposed to be learning, so I study Calculus a lot and learn languages while I'm supposed to be art school. I ride a bike a lot. I've broken a few bones and have some scars, all since I got to Chicago, thanks to speed bumps and old iron bridges and Logan Square grandmothers blithely opening driver-side doors.

I like writers, and writing, and musicians, and music. I think everyone who says they love music but could never play an instrument is cheating themselves out of something amazing and I want to figure out a way to show them it's possible. There's something so basic and human about music and math: I think there's always a potential, for all these things. It deserves to be shared.

I’m really good at
I was on an island in Lithuania this past summer and ended up repairing this old pre-soviet grand piano, without knowing anything, using only Youtube videos and a tuning wrench I had to ship from Germany, and I'd just gotten it in tune and then the piano disappeared, and also the piano might have belonged to Thomas Mann but nobody knows for sure, and I'm not trying to brag about all this but I need to make sure somebody knows I fixed that piano, because I did, I promise I really did.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In a mixed-up order:

Jennifer Egan, David Foster Wallace, Andrew Bird. M83. The Sheltering Sky. Lars Von Trier. Pynchon. Werner Herzog. Michael Chabon. The Books. Owen Pallett. Fanny and Alexander. Nico Muhly. David Lynch, Hofstadter (GEB). Sleep No More. Chris Marker. Tati. Wings of Desire. Richard Ayoade/Submarine. Guy Maddin. Amanda Palmer's pretty amazing. Oliver Sacks. Dan Savage, even if he hasn't made any movies or music or food, at least not yet.

We can have TV show talk until a few weeks into the relationship, when it's cool to just hang out and watch Netflix together. But ok, it's been a lot of Archer and West Wing, lately: you'd be surprised how well those two go together.