39Virginia Beach, United States
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My self-summary
As my screen name suggests, I miss Northern California (Bay Area) where I was born and raised. I moved to VA a while ago and go back to visit family in CA every 3 years. Some part of me will always consider it home. That being said I never smoked pot, I'm not a liberal or a hippy and I'm no vegetarian. I'm Libertarian, Agnostic and believe in following the Golden Rule. If you're not sure what that means: Google.

I'm here to help other people have online dating success. I am an image consultant, I go clothing shopping with people, cut hair, help decorate/ organize homes/ apartments, do photography portraits and I help people write their profiles. If you are interested in finding out if I could help you with any of those things, send me a message and we'll talk about what services I offer. I'm fair, reasonable and totally worth it. www.YourSharperImage.com

I am primarily looking for friendship, networking and feedback from other people here about their online dating experiences because I blog about internet dating. I am also single and looking for a relationship. I am not trying to date my clients, I don't work for free and I expect anyone trying to contact me for any reason to have a current picture even if it's a selfie and something written in their profile. I offer lots of free advice at my blog page.


I now work at Checkered Flag Toyota. It has kinda taken over my life but I love driving the vehicles and it's been very interesting learning the car business. We're not paid commission here for sales anymore which basically means when it comes to the posted prices, what you see is what you get! It feels like a more honest way to do business, plus we now sell more than just Toyota! Come in and ask for Jaclyn if you're shopping for a new car or want to sell your car. (We'll buy your car even if you don't buy one of ours!)

ABOUT ME: Affectionate, playful, adventurous; I enjoy trying new things and being very active, especially outdoors. I'm low maintenance, level headed. I think too much, have too many ideas for one lifetime of implementing them and while I crave simplicity and a streamlined life, I tend to over-think pretty much everything and am genuinely interested in almost everything. Since I'm a writer, that is both a curse and a blessing.

For you personality test people: ESTJ. (This describes me perfectly.)

I was a home owner and still have att my tools and skills for keeping up a yard and remodeling a home. Growing up using tools, I am a quick learner and would prefer to spend a $500 gift card at Home Depot rather than at the mall. As long as I'm not doing it solo, I enjoy re-shingling a roof or using a compound miter saw to install base boards and crown molding just as much as I enjoy a night on the town. Seriously. I really enjoy it. I have more tools than a lot of guys do.

I'm confident, but fully aware of my flaws. A lifetime of self improvement is not just a good idea, it should be a requirement for everyone. Like water, you're either moving forward, changing form or stagnating. And everyone knows stagnating water is gross.

I tend to be unconventional and consider myself an eclectic person. I’m thankful for a unique upbringing and various life experiences which have taught me to keep a positive roll-with-the-punches attitude and to maintain a determined and hopeful perspective of life. Life is 1% what happens and 99% how you deal with it.

I typically have a cheerful attitude and it takes a lot to get me angry. Although injustice, parents who smoke and people who are outright cruel, think they're superior to others or are "owed" what they haven't earned get me riled up. Fairness, honesty and being a contributing member of society matter a great deal to me.

I trust my gut instincts and am typically a very good judge of character. I am deeply loyal to my family and good friends. I believe in being kind to strangers and the definition of a person's character is how they treat someone who can do nothing for them.

Clever wordplay and playful banter are fun and a good debate about a serious topic is great now and then as long as it stays friendly. Intelligence, self-sufficiency, articulation and ambition turn me on just as much as a fit body. I only ask for in return what I offer.
What I’m doing with my life
An extraordinary life is really the only kind worth living. So much of life is about finding and obtaining balance. I'm a realistic yet optimistic person who is sometimes sarcastic and I always try to make the most of every day. I value people and love spending time outside and learning new skills. I have various jobs that I'm involved in and have many goals I'm actively pursuing. The difference between a "Dream" and a "Goal" is ACTION.

I've had multiple jobs since I was 14 and enjoy being independent. Never one to be a passive bystander, I like to dig in and participate. This includes contributing on every front. Very much a team player, I only take charge if no one else better qualified steps forward.

I want my counterpart to be a leader, but also receptive to input. In a relationship I want to be a full partner *not* a boss or a subservient. I pull my weight; you pull yours and we do thoughtful things for each other out of love and respect. I want to help support my significant other's ambitions and dreams and they return the favor.

Possibly the most important thing I am doing with my life is raising my 3 kids (I was married at 19 and had my first child a year later.) I am teaching them all valuable life skills and to be good people. They are all pretty amazing and I am lucky to be their mom.
I’m really good at
Talking easily with strangers.
Managing my money.
Writing. http://capriciousafflatus.blogspot.com/
Being a personal shopper. I can help you look *good*!
Shooting. (I support a person's right to protect themselves.)
Jam skating.
Archery (I have a Bowtech compound bow)
Indoor Rock climbing (I have all my own gear.)
Cooking/baking. (I'm writing a cookbook)
Home Improvements. (I'm in the process of slowly remodeling my house.)
Being a mother.
Articulating concepts.
Spelling words wrong and then using spell checker. ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
My energy. I'm an active, restless person. My mind and body like to be in motion but I also love taking a nap together or exchanging massages, and love consuming a good non-fiction book. Rather than sit for hours watching TV, I usually prefer to be *doing* something; frequently outside.

That I have distinctive "Eastern European" facial features. Since moving to the east coast I have been inundated by questions of what country I am from. (I was born in California.... it's big but not a separate country!) A few years ago when my hair was bobbed and I bleached it blonde I was constantly being mistaken for a Russian tourist. I don't speak Russian but I've decided to learn! I recently found out that my great-grandfather on my mom's dad side came to America from the Ukraine. I imagine that explains a lot.

Also I look younger than my age. I typically get guessed to be somewhere in the 24-26 age range. I blame it on good genetics and a healthy lifestyle. I never EVER smoke, drink, do drugs, sun tan, drink soda or eat fast food. Turns out the advice to eat right and exercise works! Who knew?!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read mostly non-fiction: Politics, World Affairs, Finance, Entrepreneurship, etc. I used to love historical fiction and Sci-Fi books though.

I love good Comedy movies, Spy/ Action / Martial arts films and Intellectual Thrillers. I have never watched Sex & the City. I never plan to. I do like some Chick Flicks, and also watch Foreign Films, old B/W and Westerns, and educational/ explore the world style documentaries. I never watch TV.

My Ipod would look like a music sampler. I prefer specific songs rather than artists, but love music that moves me. As long as I can dance to it, I'll enjoy myself. I love to be introduced to new artists and music styles. I'll share mine if you share yours!

I also enjoy theater, opera, classical music performances and other "high brow" events like art shows and benefit concerts. I have excellent manners, am well spoken and know how to dress appropriately and mingle with different crowds.

Good food includes ridiculously healthy stuff and lots of fruits (love fresh fruit smoothies) and fresh veggies. My favorite styles of food are American (ie. Steaks~) and Italian. I also love breads and bakeries. And I admit to having a sweet-tooth; particularly for chocolate. Mexican and Chinese food are great too. I don't do fast food, hot/spicy or sushi. Also, I don't drink coffee. I do like hot chocolate and fruite smoothies.
Six things I could never do without
My kids/ family/ good friends

Books/ Writing/ Learning/ Intellectual pursuits

Physically demanding activities/ adrenaline / Fitness

Nature/ Being outdoors / sunshine and clean air

Music/ Dance/ Sexy heels and boots

Long, hot showers/ a large soft bed

I have to add a good sense of humor to this list. An ability to find humor in difficult situations and not taking yourself too seriously will get you further in life than all the patience in the world. (And enable you to keep your sanity!) I have a kind of off beat sense of humor so I tend to share it with people in person. Sardonic quirkiness often gets lost in translation.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to fit more activities into my life and make it work! I enjoy playing co-ed softball, like boxing and Muay Thai kick boxing, gardening, remodeling my house (I can do most plumbing, electrical etc. on my own).

How to start a new business that will make me "passive income" so I can spend time doing what I really want to do... like travel.

Getting published or getting a writing gig for a magazine.

The best way to prepare for a Zombie attack/ Apocalypse.

I respect independence, fortitude, ingenuity and self reliance in people. I expect people to pull their own weight and be useful, not just decorative. Also, if you're looking for a sugar mama...keep right on moving. That won't be me!

If you send me a message and only say "Hey" or "How are you?" I will not bother to respond, I'll just delete it. If you are going to take the time to write me a message, please say something worth responding to.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working on a home improvement project and making a run to Lowe's or Home Depot.

Taking a nice walk/run/hike/bike ride hopefully with someone who can carry an enjoyable, stimulating and coherent conversation.

At the shooting range, trying to talk myself out of buying yet another gun.

Getting dressed up to go out on the town, dancing, going to a theatrical performance, a live music venue, a comedy club or any number of other things. I love wearing skirts and dresses.

Did I mention that I like to be outside in nature?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have the "appetite" of a 18 year old guy. And I'm not talking about food. It's really important that I find someone who is on the same page as I am on this. You know the whole "Lady in the streets and...(you know how the rest goes!)"...? Yeah. That's me.

I usually go for younger guys. I'm not a sugar mama or a cougar and I don't want to "wear the pants" in the relationship. I just prefer guys who are my peer in physical fitness, ambition and exuberance for life. I would seriously consider someone as much as 9 years younger than myself as long as he's my mental equal and is an emotionally mature man with his life together and ready for a real relationship. Anyone younger than that, really probably needs more life experience. My target age range is 28-40. But I'm open to meeting and dating people outside that age range as long as they defy the normal stereotypes of their age like I do. And there are no age boundaries on who I'll be friends with!

If you read my blog you can both find me on Facebook AND find my gmail address. I believe in rewarding people who take the time to read! :)
You should message me if
You speak Russian fluently and will help me learn!

I try to surround myself with people who remind me (and everyone else) what is truly important in life. It’s very easy to float along life superficially and get caught up in semantics that derail us from ever searching for truths.

Fitness is a MUST. Sorry, but if you can't run a 5k (3.1 miles) and have energy to burn afterward, there's no point in hoping for a physical future for us. The existence of a God is debatable but I BELIEVE in marathon sex!

So if you're in good shape (and are not intimidated by a competent female) and your synapses ever need a little sparking, shoot an email my way and we can shoot guns, install dry wall, take a hike or pump iron and dissect human nature, muse over the conundrums preventing a truly just judicial system and medical advancement thanks to conformist religious and political mentality or debate the validity of any current trend in thinking that is endangering the mental, educational and fiscal homeostasis of our floundering society. Cheers!
I get asked a lot why I'm still single. I guess it's partly because I'm pretty specific about what I'm looking for. I have certain requirements that seem to be fairly difficult to find a match for, even though when I spell out the criteria, it shouldn't SEEM that difficult to find. What I want...

1. Doesn't smoke, dip, use drugs, doesn't drink every day.
2. Smart/ educated/ well read enough to have intellectual conversations.
3. Fit...able to run a 5k (3.1 miles), strong enough to lift my 120 lb. body easily and able to keep up with me in physical activities.
4. Taller than me (I'm 5'4) when I'm wearing my tallest shoes (makes me about 5'9).
5. Likes and wants kids (his, mine, ours, either way!)
6. Is confident and independent and isn't put off by a woman who is as well.
7. Affectionate, good-hearted and playful.
8. Has a stable job/ legal source of income.
9. Has his life together, good credit, saves money and is responsible with his health and finances.
10. Is attractive to me.
11. Is attracted to me and treats me kindly, lovingly and as an equal.
12. Has goals, plans, interests and a future.
13. Owns a safe, reliable, CLEAN car/vehicle.
14. Doesn't have a criminal past or a criminal future!
15. Wants a committed relationship and knows how to be faithful.
16. Is social enough to do well in group settings but can also be on his own for a while so we can have individual time sometimes.
17. Has a high enough libido to keep up with me, but not so much that he's looking for experiences outside of our relationship.
18. Is basically clean and clean cut- good personal hygiene, showers daily, doesn't look like a circus freak or "talk like a sailor", keeps all his hair areas groomed and clean and takes care of his teeth.
19. Doesn't have emotional/ financial etc. baggage from past relationships.
20. Is open minded enough to try new things but won't want a nomadic lifestyle.
21. Isn't overly religious or into strange/ dangerous/ fanatic groups
22. Has respect for life and other humans from all walks of life and ethnic groups.

Basically someone who is like-minded and who's looking for the same things I am.

Who would have thought that would be so difficult??
The two of us