35Blacksburg, United States
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My self-summary
I'm shamelessly honest, open minded, and affectionate. I'm a happy, optimistic person. I judge myself by how I enrich the lives of the people around me. I'm on here because my job doesn't put me in a position to meet women often. I believe in getting to know a person before exploring romantic possibilities with them, so I'm really looking for friendship first, maybe more later if we're both feeling it. Ultimate long term goal though: marriage, kids, grow old togeather, the whole mess. Maybe I'm greedy.

Disclaimer: I am weird. As you read on you'll say, "Wow, this guy is a huge geek..." and you'll be right. Most people can't handle it, but people who get to know me usually find me quite charming believe it or not.
What I’m doing with my life
I own a hobby game store in Blacksburg: Fun -N- Games. I pride myself on always giving customers what will best satisfy their entertainment needs even if it makes me less or even no money. I view my job as "Providing geeks & gamers with a place they can feel welcome and make friends... and maybe while they're here they'll pay me some money for stuff." Business has grown so much recently, that I've hired a full time manager and moved to a bigger space. I'm hoping to start a career as a writer (my lifelong dream) in the next couple of years.
I’m really good at
Objective thinking. I concentrate on avoiding confirmational bias, so I'm good at admitting when I'm wrong. Also public speaking. I think outside the box. I'm extremely patient. My friends tell me I am a very entertaining storyteller. I get +2 to saves against mind-affecting spells.
The first things people usually notice about me
The lens-flare from my forehead. After the spots clear from their eyes, probably my bad fashion sense.

Once you get past those, my shameless honesty.

EDIT Oct 2013: I now have vastly improved fashion sense approaching that of an average human! So perhaps being seen with me will be less embarrassing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm into mostly stereotypical geek stuff. Anime, Sci-Fi, etc. If that doesn't make you say "ew" then read on...

I really just love great stories. Reading them, writing them, watching them, hearing them, telling them, retelling them.

Shows in no particular order:
Star Wars & Star Trek (can never decide which...) Farscape. Lost. Firefly. For some reason I always find myself watching Law & Order and its derivatives. Walking Dead (Comic & Show). Anime; Though I find I've gotten really picky about it as I've grown up. Attack on Titan recently. SUPER loved Black Lagoon. Guren Lagan. I love cartoons. Does that make me immature? DC Animated Universe (from Batman: the Animated Series to Young Justice) Avatar: The Last Airbender probably my all time favorite. Legend of Korra started real real good but now the jury is out. The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CGI series is REALLY good! (he said with surprise). Adventure Time & Regular Show. WWE Wrestling (it's as dumb as it looks but a lot of a fun to watch.)

Fight Club changed my life. (But may not be for everyone)
The 5th Element. Lethal Weapon 4. Demolition Man. Miazaki films. Pixar films. Jacky Chan films. The Marx Brothers films. Old silent films, but only the important ones like Metropolis and Nosferatu.

I have EXTREMELY eclectic musical taste (you'll see what I mean if you come to my store and listen to the playlist for an hour.) My favorite bands right now are Lostprophets, Florence + the Machine, and Rise Against.
Six things I could never do without
I pride myself on being able to endure just about anything. But I don't think I could get along without lots of close friends I love and who love me.

I feel listing my favorite things doesn't really tell enough about me. However, one thing everybody always tells me is that the way I talk is very unique. So instead of things I couldn't do without, I'm going to list my top 6 things you will have to put up with hearing if you hang out with me:

Blake's Top 6 Phrases
6) "I believe you."

5) [Immediately after I inform someone of a decision I have made] "...no matter how bad an idea it is."

4) "I like to make a tradition of not doing that."

3) "I eat a bowl full of [subject of conversation] for breakfast."

2) [When something good is likely to happen] "We're in danger of [that good thing]."

1) Yeahokay (one word)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Objectivity, enlightenment, my store. Finding ways to meet more women.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm probably hanging around Fun -N- Games. Friday night is our biggest night and even though my staff is very capable, I like to be there to supervise.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There is nothing too private to admit. But on a website? That's a different story. Um... I love to perform cunnilingus?
You should message me if
You're looking for someone a bit different.

I'm just going to use this section to broadcast a couple messages to anybody who reads my profile:

I respond to all messages and would appreciate the same consideration, even if only to say "not interested." Doing so is to deliberately put yourself in a socially awkward situation just to make a stranger feel slightly better, so I pledge to never make it more awkward by arguing or pestering with subsequent replies. "No means no"

Ladies, message men! I respect women who have the guts to message a man cold on the web. Takes a healthy disrespect for sexist cultural conventions.

Fill out those Details and answer more match questions! Add explainations to your answers! You're on here to meet people, no sense hiding who you are. Much better to turn away 9 out of 10 where the 10th is attracted to your actual qualities than to attract 9 out of 10 and let them turn on you the hard way.

I don't consider going on one date to be a big deal. Somehow it seems like or society has morphed the concept of a date into some kind of a implicit relationship. We're not "dating" until it's something we do regularly.

North Carolinian ladies, you're lovely and I appreciate the compliments, but it's just a tad too far for me to consider dating. Apparently I should consider moving down their though...
The two of us