30Colorado Springs, United States
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My self-summary
Hello OKCupiders! I'm looking for my partner in crime, for someone who is a bagful of intelligence, ambition, adventure, romance, and novelty... or a badass in some other combination! ;)

I'm originally from California and found out we are stereotyped to be the worst drivers, haha! I challenge that! I am totally the best at zooming through cars and narrowly cutting them off without hitting them! Haha! jk. I moved to Colorado so I can go to one of the top programs in the nation for Occupational Therapy. Whoohoo! It's all about following those dreams!

I am an eclectic human being who is passionate about life, love, food, family, traveling, trying new/exotic things, and everything in between. I love exploring, going on adventures, hiking, cooking, laughing at inappropriate things, and throwing a few jokes myself. ;b

I'm the type of girl that can dirty-up and scruff-it-up in the name of adventure, yet I can totally prissy-up and glam-out as well if need be. If I'm not doing anything special, I usually prefer to be casual, comfortable and natural. I'm pretty darn honest and I expect the same from the people in my life. :) Given my background, I'm also fairly confident that I am like no other. It may make me weird, it may make me awesome. I don't mind either ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Just graduated with my masters, and now I'm doing an internship at a hospital. Whenever I have spare time, I'll look for anything new to do.
I’m really good at
making dreams into reality, being a good student, straying from the norm, and consistently looking for ways to better myself and enhance my life.
The first things people usually notice about me
Most Definitely, La Smile :D
Second, Los eyes ^_^
Third, El mexifro #;-)
and Fourth...Los badass glasses 8-)
oh....and now that I moved to Fort Collins...umm...the skin color?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I confess I need to find more time for pleasure readings. Growing up, I really enjoyed Harry Potter, and Frankenstein. As an adult, hands down: The Alchemist. If you haven't read it...go buy it right now and read it!

Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Pan's Labyrinth, Mean Girls, Grown Ups, Superbad, American History X, Flipped, Dark Night, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump (and any other Tom Hanks movie), Gone with the Wind...etc.

Shows: Desperate Housewives, Misfits, Planet Earth, Pushing Daisies, House, Family Guy, shows on Food Network, Animal Planet, Silicon Valley, GAME OF THRONES!!!!

Music: soft rock, alternative rock, classic rock, indie-folk, oldies, romantic shit, some 80's stuff, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Eagles, Beatles, Adele, Bruno Marz, Eric Clapton, Jason Mraz, Christina Aguilera, Elvis Presely, Zeppelin, Queen, Aerosmith, Train, Mariah Carey, etc. ...and some classic songs like: "Over the Rainbow," "Unchained Melody"

Food: I love ALL foods (especially Mexican, Italian, Indian, All Asian genres, Greek, French, nice restaurants, my own creations... I love food! :D) BUT, as much as I love eating out, I love eating healthy home-cooked meals even more. During the last few years, I've changed my lifestyle to a healthier routine, where I mainly eat-in and create mostly organic, non-processed whole foods. I love designing creative, nutritionally dense meals! OR bastardizing Mexican food by making it healthy. haha. I eat probably 95% vegetarian. Of course, I have some meaty days too. I'm big on seafood as long as it doesn't taste fishy.
Six things I could never do without
Education, aspirations, awesome food, organic food, lamb, friends, memories, adventures, nature, animals, internet, and water (I know, I named more than 6, but I seriously LOVE water and couldn't leave the other things behind).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Contemplating all the possibilities that can lead to the most fullfilling and happiest of lives...

Things to do, places to see, and goals to accomplish before I die. It is my goal to try as many exotic fruits as possible!

Also, when I'm driving, I can't help but notice how beautiful earth is (the sky, the rolling hills, the vibrant green of nature)-- or maybe I've been blessed to live in beautiful places ;b
On a typical Friday night I am
I've been celebrating the end of a grad week by chilling/dinning with close friends or going to an old-town bar with classmates. I'm not really the clubber/bar type of person, but I'll go when friends want me to go, and I'll have a great time. It will rarely be my first choice, though, unless I'm in the mood to doll-up. I rather have fun by exploring a new town, getting lost, finding new awesome things to do/eat/see, hanging with close friends, or preparing for a weekend camping adventure.
You should message me if
I am looking for someone who is kind-hearted, smart, witty, goal-oriented, open to new experiences/foods, loves nature, loves learning, loves being healthy, loves self-improvement, and most importantly, can make me blush, smile and laugh :) I am looking for someone with a good head on his shoulders, with charisma and courage. I am looking for someone who isn't afraid of going after what they want in life. I may be asking for a lot...but I have a lot to offer ;)

PS: my winky faces aren't meant to be perverted.
The two of us