43Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
Down deep I want lasting love but it's so rare to find (as it should be) so I'm happy to meet fun, yearning souls who also are not quite sure what is next or what or whom they want.

Being real and knowing my genuine, grounded self is vital but also embracing the fantastic absurdities. Enjoying artful sarcasm, dry wit, and blissfully observing and engaging in the constant confoundable, surreal, double-miss-interpreted existential, multi-interpersonal playground of beings.

I'm always open to this being a place to find lasting romantic love but sometimes I'm finding the Cupid dates I go on to be more likely to yield a potential new friend (a real one) or a connection with someone who I like a lot but not necessarily feeling a dating or sexual energy with. Do you find this a lot, too? Is it the context and premise here or something else? Who knows. but It's like I don't want to have these people I discover on here just drift away. What if some of us had get-togethers, like bar-night meet-ups or something, where we invite our favorite peeps, either good friends or ones we meet here?

Write to me and we can discus our own dating potential with one another or we can look at putting together a fun, informal singles get-together.

I'm also interested in learning more about kink experiences and how profound they can be for really good people. I know, we're all 'really good people'. But you know what I mean.. grandmas love us, we hold doors open for strangers, we don't judge folks for any lifestyle choices, God?, the universe?, and yay for gender spectrum and a gazzilion shades of gay and queer. We like nice people who know how to go to an edge or are curious to explore and express their edge.
empathy is real and essential. Sex-ploration is vital. Love and commitment with family, best friends, and community are at the base of all that is important.

I'll be continuing/re-starting my licensing hours as a psychotherapy intern this spring. MFT I like to fuse imaging, deep feeling and logical reality awareness-building in my work. I help people stay with and live from and through their authentic self. And when they/we choose to live through or from fantasy and image-persona we do so by choice and conscious decisions rather than reflex or old patterns.

I'm just sitting here right now in life. Analyzing and sizing things up. Writing, creating, feeling, recalling, forgetting. If you're in between and wondering these days and looking for new experiences in calm and excitement it could be nice to connect. I want rewarding, fun, smart new friendships and romance when it naturally develops.
Down deep I want lasting love but it's so rare to find (as it should be) so I'm happy to meet fun, yearning souls who also are not quite sure what is next or what or whom they want.
What I’m doing with my life
Is anyone interested in forming occasional, semi-impromptu Cupid gatherings where we each bring someone we find on here who we want to meet or have met and like but might not have the right romantic/sexual chemistry with? Or, we bring a really great friend who is looking for someone to meet but not on here. Are you finding (I am) that online here we can meet some great folks but often the chemistry for great romance or sex just isn't there? I think we need to unite and help each other meet peeps who don't do online dating and create a gathering where attractive, fun, healthy, smart folks like us can meet with no expectations or formal date night premise. What do you think?
I’m really good at
Planning super fun adventures. Mellow, relaxed together time. Mellow, relaxed alone time. Coming up with new ideas, seeing things in alternative ways, problem solving, getting from A to Z.
Thinking logically but being randomly and creatively spontaneous, too.
Being with family and making social situations more relaxed or fun and less anxious and difficult.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm insightful, observant, compassionate, curious, explorative, creative, sometimes stylish, random, spontaneous, musical, rhythmic. Perhaps alone in the cafe or bar reading in the back corner, tapping my foot to Head and the Heart. Or being social in a group having a great time, dancing, telling stories, listening, sharing. Being. Exploring in gerenal and water all waters!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
New and old venues/media for expression, surprise, movement.
Hiking hot springs Harbin skiing snowboarding Mexico

It would be real nice if you are conversational, smartish, genuinely nice (but a little sarcastic and not always 'happy' or fake upbeat. In at least decent physical shape, friendly-sh to strangers and have a nice balance of listening/expressing. Open to new experiences.
I like down-to-Earth but fun, aware people who are grounded but not too intense. Progressive and left-leaning but don't hate people who disagree with them. Good with grandma and kids and truckers and fun, crazy fuckers of all kinds.
On a typical Friday night I am
You should message me if are genuine, warm, friendly, smart, and sexy. strong enough to be vulnerable, at times . Real and lasting best-friendship and hardcore forever love doesn't develop over night but over time.. We know real chemistry when it's there, though, right? Something special off-the-bat doesn't need to lead to forever but it should not be denied. If it's there and it's real and amazing and fun.. Go for it!

You like taking walks and holding hands, being close.

You could enjoy the company of a guy who can be both follower and leader.. you like a balance connection of ego and will and leader-followerness. You enjoy calm, simple times and super fun, exciting times and stops in between. You're curious about life in general and love to learn and move. You love intimacy, group friends time and your alone time, as well. Sexually creative, exciting and excitable, and adventurous!
GGG sex-positive sapiosexual queer
The two of us