49Lodi, United States
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My self-summary
Work has it's place as a healthcare professional, alternative medicine practitioner and writer/raja yoga & meditation mentor, (and avid swtor/ mmo nerd), but these days my attention has turned to finding my one true friend & lifelong playmate. I have the time & space in my life for the Real Thing, a lasting, deeply connected, intense, fun, meaningful relationship, do you? I'm interested in finding a compatible friend, companion for massage exchanges, day trips, fun outdoorsy (and indoorsy) activities/ cultural/nerdy-geeky/ fine arts events... but ultimately - in a successful, happy ltr & marriage. So, I'm not into random hook-ups, flings, one-nighters, sexting, etc.
*** Friends First ***

I'm a happy, open-minded, relaxed, confident, self-sufficient, financially independent, accomplished, shy at first woman who has a whacky sense of humor, (if you think sarcasm is actually a good thing - move on), has lots of friends and family, is multi-cultural/ethnic/ east-west modern; single, never married, no kids, no baggage/big life issues, pot/drug & alcohol free and looking for the same to come home to, (single, intelligent, no major baggage issues, drug-addiction & relationship trauma-free, sober, 30-40's, (or looks it/young at heart), Caucasian/non-hispanic, educated, accomplished, has no young kids, has his own place, job, car; is mature, has the time, desire, space & balls for the Real Thing/ Forever, etc).

I'd say you were a possible good match if we both felt these were important values... are motivated to nurture, protect, improve, appreciate and deeply connect our special, wonderful 'relationship bubble'; are passionate, dedicated, bright eyed idealists/ optimists, are spiritually mature but not religious/dogmatic/zealous/political; intuitive, perceptive, open-minded; well traveled, multi-cultural/ internationally minded; philosophical, theoretical, present as well as future minded, not quick to judge; touchy-feely/ pda/kissing-cuddle-slut, lol...but also balanced with rational, intelligent, clear-minded sharp intellect: grounded, articulate, educated, intelligent, life-long learner type, nerdy, honest, self-aware, self-regulated, emotional maturity, loyal, fidelity, competent, self-sufficiency/independence, honorable, unselfish, open-hearted, undamaged (has self-healing/coping tools & skills), resilient, compassionate, good listener, integrity, strength of character, high self esteem/ core values; mindful, aware, conscious, clean & pure living, asks the Big Questions & aspiring to learn, grow, heal, evolve towards Self Knowledge together as life partners.

My Myer-Briggs personality type is rare...mostly INFP-ENFJ (healer/intuitive/counselor/protector type). I know what personality types work best for me, so will only date those kinds. What's your personality type? It's not everything and balance is key, but it's worth about 20% on my checklist of compatibility eval for our potential as life and playmates. YES, I AM A NERD! Humor me, I'm totally worth it, if you are The One. You can find out by going to my test page here and click on 'take it' where you see my own results. Unfortunately the mobile app doesn't provide access, so you will want to use a real computer. HINT: be yourself and not your work, family or sports/bar personality for this. If you test out with a T, or ST- we probably aren't a match, sorry. If you test out with an F and/ or N, I am definitely interested! Balanced, adaptive, skilled, emotionally heart-mind mature Intuitives and Touchy-Feely types ready for a relationship rule! Key word: Balanced.

I also lean towards other heart-mind balanced, wise, spiritually inclined, idealist/ creative/ left-right brain types who are self-aware, conscious, life-long learner types. We consider ourselves unselfish, generous hearted, kind, thoughtful, introspective relationship philosophers, love things like sci-fi, psychology and nature/ outdoors, healthy clean living. We need to connect and demonstrate our affections through 1. touch 2. verbal affirmations and 3. quality time/shared activities, (Gary Chapman, '5 Styles of Love'). We are wise to what makes for anger & resentment-free loving, (Stosny, Ph.D. 'Love without Hurt), and are about balanced/ holistic personal growth & development, the pursuit of purpose, meaning, happiness, contentment through intimate connection, and the upliftment of humanity in some way, as major themes in our lives together.

I want a balanced man who is skilled & confident in his own masculine energy. His presence gives me butterflies and lusty arousal. He understands and appreciates the wisdom of unselfishness and the give & take dance of creating a deeply connected, wonderful, sustained love affair. We love to surprise each other in fun & sexy ways...If he touches me, i might melt. He makes me want to nibble his ear, run my hand gently over... and whisper naughty things. His smile, his eyes, his body, biceps & muscular forearms has me transfixed....He is my hero, protector and playmate whom I adore. We want nothing more than to make each other happy, to protect, appreciate and always be looking for ways to improve the wonderful thing we have together.

In the interest of total upfront honestly/ disclosure, I am not 45yrs! I had to put something down :/ The pics are from March & June 2013. Dates say I look 30's-early 40's, but am a lil older, and I admit I feel insecure about that! I have a huge hang-up about being over 40 and am not interested in men towards 50+. I will share that bit of info about myself when we meet, lol. So, now you know and it's up to you and any hang-ups you have about age yourself. Other than that, this profile is absolutely accurate & true, and I am not into games, lying, fraud or misrepresentation from myself or you. Please be honest & up-front with me also.
What I’m doing with my life
I went AWOL from mainstream medicine a while ago when I started acupuncture school and other training in energetic medicine as well as intuitive reading/ healing. I started opening up to spirit in a big way with that. Soon after I found my guru, received an intense mystical experience... and the rest is history. These days I am transitioning into writing, publishing and mission-works through an Interfaith non-profit ministry. I live a relaxed, happy, content, fulfilled life, but ironically somewhat lonely life out in the wine country of Lodi, south of Sacramento, CA.
I’m really good at
Long winded profile writing, apparently, lol. I'm also very kinesthetic.. certified massage therapist, (CMT). I love engaging and connecting through great massages. Not getting nearly as much as you may think, lol. Very selective on who touches me. Is it you? I'm pretty good. Animals and humans get knocked out and sleep, drool. Even the ponies on the vineyard estate I live on are able to somehow go comatose on all fours when I gently massage some acu-points along the back...
The first things people usually notice about me
My persian lips, my greek nose, my turkish eyes, my russian curves, my australian wanderlust... O.o I have a strong presence but give this Virgo kitty some good ol fashioned courtship romance and she will make you smile every day ;) I feel fulfilled, most content by connecting with, understanding and accepting the Big Picture of animal, human and divine nature as a mystic-scientist, and that comes across. Just your typical slightly kinky/freaky, sexy nerdy goddess type, who by INFP definition finds self-expression easiest through - you guessed it - writing, (and touch ;) lol. If you are strangely aroused/ excited by the above, write me, let's meet.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Things To Do: I love the great outdoors, animals and nature. I enjoy cycling, taking hikes, walks near water like the ocean or a mountain river. I also enjoy comedy clubs, multi-cultural events, dancing, arts & trips, bed & breakfasts. .

Favorite Movies: Dune, Riddick Chronicles, The 5th Element, Contact... I love sci-fi movies, all the better if they are comedy or parody sci-fi, like Galaxy Quest or Evolution. I like all kinds of movie genres that are positive and/or make you think. Not into horror/scary movies.

Books: I enjoy integrating bodies of knowledge, like ancient and emerging sciences, modern vs Vedic psychology, science & consciousness, neuro-sciences and emerging east-west medical modalities.

Music: Pandora is my favorite way to listen to music. I'm into all kinds of music, (but rap). World Music/ European, Classic, Celtic/ New Age, Trance/Techno, 80's Rock, (U2, Sting are favs), Sacred Music, lately, Hindu Beat music, East-West Euro-Middle Eastern synthesis, sometimes oldies crooners...

Food, Artsy Fartsy: I feel very creative sometimes and just break out the charcoal and draw all day, sculpture, record tunes...would love to draw, sculpt you? I love all kinds of ethnic foods, trying out with you ethnic cooking like Indian curries, thai, mediterranean/ greek/ italian, middleastern. I love cooking and veggie gardening. I feel so wonderful with a good gardening/ landscaping workout and relish the fruits of my labors in the full bloom of summer...
Six things I could never do without
Love, Being understood, appreciated, Emotional Strength.
Touch, Embrace, Sensuality, Kisses, Cuddling, Massage.
Spiritual, Conscious, Awakened Life, Being Fully Present.
Integrity, Honor, Stability but also Adventure, Playfulness
Friends, Family, Affection, Great Food, Community.
Surrender to God; Freedom, Exaltation, Fulfillment, Rapture.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The question on my mind lately is 'how to be in a love relationship yet stay connected to the divine within. May be that's what tantra is all about? Also, curious about all the latest studies about successful dating/marriage. Did you know that sexual chemistry is NOT a good predictor of compatibility & long term success?!Maybe that's why most relationships fizzle out after a few months, and the CA divorce rate is over 60%, lmao. Did you know successful ltr/married couples have an average of 12-14 irreconcilable differences!? I did not know that! Kinda puts things into perspective. Weigh and priorities what is really important to you, me, and compromise on the superficial/ resolvable things....Grow up, be mature, let go of old hang ups and wounds, lack of insights...apply some effort into frank self-honesty, self-discovery, growth, wisdom. What do you think?
On a typical Friday night I am
Wouldn't you like to know....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmm. Already did, see chapter 1 above, lol.
You should message me if
You want to take it slow and nurture a strong foundation as *Friends First*. You want personal evolution as the underlying theme in our life together. We are looking to compliment, learn, support/cheer and evolve together as lifelong playmates in the adventure of life. It's not easy but the challenges are worthwhile, meaningful...and the rewards are very sweet, indeed. If you feel I am writing about you, write back, ask me out!
The two of us