42Vienna, Austria
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My self-summary
I'm a simple, down to earth and easy-going person. Loves laughing and making others laugh. I do not know if it is a quality or drawback - but I normally tend to avoid attaching too much seriousness to anything. This is applicable even for my passions like writing (poems, short stories, articles - all in my native language) etc. A Technology Manager by profession and a writer at heart - I am kind of trying to balance between the left and the right sides of the brain. Yes - brain - I meant it !:)

(By the way, if anybody didn't understand what it has to do with the sides of the brain, I strongly recommend finding it out, with the help of some googling. It is good to know about it)

I have been coming to Vienna quite ON and OFF on business trips - and now it seems I will have to stay here continuously for a few years. Eventhough I had stayed in other German speaking countries for longer periods earlier, my command(?) over German is still negligible.

Integrating to the society and improving the language can happen only by getting to know about and interacting with more people around, I felt. Even otherwise - what's the fun in sitting at home?

Though I am in Vienna, I have an eye always on the neighboring capital - Bratislava (Slovakia) also. This is because I am also associated with a small business house there - a limited liability company.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying it.
Looking for more and more opportunities to add more meaning to it. And, being part of a society, when I say life - it includes everyone around.
I’m really good at
This shouldn't sound boasting. So, I am recollecting something that my friends used to say:-

(1) Presenting an idea in a convincing manner
(2) Expressing emotions in writing, in a touching manner
(3) Understanding others, when they behave strange/indifferent at a time when it was totally unexpected.
(4) There is an element related to love making - but for some reason I tend to avoid writing it here.
The first things people usually notice about me
could be that I will smile at them if they approach me, even when they could be total strangers to me. It could be because of the cultural background and the social environment in which I was born and brought up - but it is extremely difficult - if not impossible - for me to resist smiling when I happen to meet someone face to face and when there is an eye-to-eye contact.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books:- Alchemist. There are many. Hard to pick.

Movies:- Hard to pick. There is nothing like a favourite type. The priorities used to change from time to time, as I grew up.

Shows:- Nothing specific. May be - some comedy shows - political discussions.

Music:- Eastern classical, melody, natural sounds, relaxation music

Food:- I have travelled between east and west - Japan - Singapore - India - Middle East - Europe - USA and never had any problem with respect to food. So - I think I am generally OK with any kind of food. But - the common factors apply everywhere:- Not too oily - not too much fried - not too much fat. More from plants (fruits, leaves and vegetables) and less from plants (factories - artificial food products with additives)!
Six things I could never do without
(Keeping aside all the basic necessities like water, oxygen and other stuff.., ) There is nothing like that. There are many things that would make me feel comfortable - but even when they are lost- time will help adjusting with it.

Still - there are these six things without which life would be too boring for me.

(1) Good Friends, with the list kept growing. This includes family.
(2) Good (and new) places to move around
(3) Good (and new) books to read
(4) Good (healthy) food
(5) Good health and comfortable sex life
(6) Something exciting to do - a driving force that would keep the days rolling
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I do not generally spend "a lot of time" time thinking about anything particular.

But, sometimes I spend time thinking about why people do not learn from history, how to make the future even brighter than it looks like now, how to balance between the traditional value systems and the modern day lifestyle and much more.

Sometimes I think about why it takes so long for some people to act sensible and avoid falling prey to the scammers asking for money over internet.
On a typical Friday night I am
It depends on the season.

But - generally - every Friday evening brings cheer to me, in view of the weekend ahead. Can be a little extra naughty that night - as there is no need to worry about getting up in time and running to office next morning ;-)

[By the term 'naughtiness' - I did not mean anything particular. It is upto the reader to imagine what suits best to her/him :)]
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that there are many things that were supposed to be private and they all eventually got disclosed to real-sensible-close friends with whom I was really comfortable with. Wanna be one? :) You are welcome!

Another thing (, which is not a private thing, though) which I want to state here aloud (I do not consider it as an "admission") is that the two pictures that you see here are not mine, though there is a high degree of resemblence. I do share pictures with my friends - I do video chat with them - but I am part of the growing internet community that is aware of the pitfalls of posting personal images in a public site. We all have our own roles to play, in fighting with the online scamming.

In that case - is it also not a bad idea to post someone else's picture? By doing that - am I not promoting what I am claiming to be against? No. These pictures are from an actor from our area. He is already a public figure at least in some parts of the world and his pictures are available everywhere in the internet. And - this page will add nothing negative to his personality, I believe.

I am an Engineer and I am from India - the country that has sent its flag to the moon. The only country that succeeded in a Mars mission in the first attempt itself. I am a writer and I am from India - the nation that has centuries' old history of traditions, art, culture and literature. So - the main idea behind putting these pictures there is to give a direct hint about the ethnicity - and thus to keep some women away - I mean the ones who unfortunately aren't broad-minded, cultured, civilized and educated enough to wipe away the racist thoughts from mind. I am a bit unsure if it is Ok to have stated it openly here. But - it is a mere fact that the photos are mainly meant to act as "deterrants" here. If the profile description - not the pictures - looks interesting, anyone can contact me and they can even ask for the original pictures. Thanks in advance, for the understanding.
You should message me if
you think a friendship of any form or even an acquaintance with me can be rewarding in some way, at least for you, if not mutually.

For all the inexperienced and 'upcoming' scammers:- For heaven's sake, please consider improving your first message. "Hi baby - u look hot..." is quite old. Learn to improve, please. The world is so competitive!
The two of us