33Jersey City, United States
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My self-summary
I am all of the following:
a badass
pretty bbw
a rockstar
a fantastic versatile bass player
videogame supplier
a pimp
extremely caring
full of useless knowledge
friggin hilarious
lacks patience for ignorance
a loner
loud mouthed
surprisingly humble despite my waves of confidence
in desperate need of a reality escaping vacation
probably cooler that you.

I am always smirking, selectively spiteful, and musically inclined
What I’m doing with my life
Being the bass player of a progressive metal band with boys i adore &loving every minute of it.

sleeping when I can.

working all the damn time. Dat management life.

Xb1 is crack. I loveeee that machine.

Having awesome random deep conversations with friends and aquaintances.

Reading random subject material hoping for some inspiration.
I’m really good at
playing the shit outta my bass
making tasty strong ninja drinks
text messaging
laughing really loud
making others laugh almost as loud
being dirty when the situation doesn't really call for it
driving too fast
staying up super late
lying (hey, it's true)
learning about science
sometimes being that asshole
being awesome
The first things people usually notice about me
height. (&No I didn't play basketball.)
And I'm really approachable.

Someone once told me my bottom lip is this century's Helen of Troy. ...obviously over the top, but too funny not to include.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-any of the monty python movies. anything Bruce Campbell, lost in translation. magnolia. My First Mister. Troy. Dr. Strangelove. Big Fish. Muppet Movies. Seven. Anime movies. Disney's Robin Hood. Kung Fury. China, IL. Archer. Bob's Burgers. American Dad. Ted Talks. It Crowd.
My Netflix que is bizarre.

-Any book Henry Rollins wrote him. All Mythology. Science texts.... yes, and I've already stated I'm a nerd. Graphic novels! Love catching up on past Marvel storyarcs especially the X-Men. Sci-Fi- Mass Effectnovels. World War Z. Earth by David Brin. Any and every Star Wars novel ever. Art of War. The Host.

-all music. i'm a junkie. anything that grooves hard i'll give a listen.
Frank Zappa. The Who. Beck. Jay-Z. Foo Fighters. Queens of the Stone Age. Radiohead. Jethro Tull. Police. Jimi. Miles. Deftones. He is Legend. Coheed. Incubus. Kanye. Them Crooked Vultures. Beatles. N.E.R.D. Cake. Jeff Beck. Mr. Bungle. Periphery. The Mars Volta. Between the Buried and Me. The Strokes. Steve Miller. Protest the Hero. Trioscapes. Chelsea Wolfe. Russian Circles. Brontide. Crosses. Desert Sessions. Make Them Remember. Bosnian Rainbows.
Top 40 has a hold on me lately, damn you pop music!

-i love Thai and Japanese!! I could eat sushi every day.. A big juicy burger every once in awhile is fantastic. I tend to eat vegetarian stuff cuz the spices used are wonderful.
I love trying new reasonably prices restaurants in nyc.
I have a serious weakness for bubble tea and ice cream/ gelato.
Six things I could never do without
A giant bag to carry my nonsense in.
my cat Sampson.
my bed.
random conversation with my sister.
a good book.

Too many other things get honorable mention.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How much longer can I snooze and still make it almost on time?

what I'm wearing tomorrow.
sex daydreams.

I should just grow lady balls and try modeling already.

I need more activity buddies who want to see random metal shows in Brooklyn or nonsense like the Kaiju Big Battle.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working or seeing a show or maybe drinking or just in my room playing video games with no pants, but probably working.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a serious t-shirt buying impulse. My tee collection is pretty boss (& tré nerdy)

*I am a bbw, but I diet and walk a lot, so I'm a work in progress. If you're too shallow for a bigger girl, your loss- but I respect your opinion of being not interested*

i'm not the social butterfly i'm assumed to be.

i find it neccesary to recharge alone after large outtings.

Trying to push my way up that corporate ladder.

I love cuddling under fleece blankets.

Am a believer in comfortable silence, you don't have to talk for the sake of talking sometimes. And just looking at someone in the eye isn't your cue to say 'What?'

My mood swings when I'm mad or hungry( or hangry as I find is quite a popular mood for me lately) are no joke.

And I'm still way cooler than you.
You should message me if
...I'm way too busy to really try anything, it's just not fair to you. I'm not saying don't try, but think before that incomplete sentence message you're gunna type gets sent...

you think I'm as cool as I think I am.
can hold a random intelligent funny conversation.
know of some other awesome band I should be listening to.
don't mind sick humor
like going to concerts
like trips to museums
wanna know my gamertag
are sitting home bored and feel like sending a message just for the fuck of what randomness we could speak about.
The two of us