44Cape Town, South Africa
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My self-summary
Right now, I am a work-in-progress. I plan to be a work-in-progress until I am 90. At that point, I may choose to become an adult. It would depend on my future at that point. Currently, I still feel like I did when I lived in digs at Varsity. Only difference is I now own the house and the car I drive. This XKCD comic speaks to my soul: (616)

If you haven't guessed yet, my tongue is definitely in my cheek above. I'm actually very settled. I have a good job (and a thriving business I will take over soon), a family I am close to, wonderful friends that keep me grounded and a stress free life. And I would love to share it with someone. I have lead a very privileged existence, and I acknowledge that. I have been given opportunities and options not open to many people. And because of that, I treat everyone with respect and humility.

My main goal in life is this: I would like everyone who has ever met to think that their life is just a tiny bit better for having met me. Even if it is a brief meeting and the improvement is minuscule, even if it just to put an unexpected smile on their face. Sometime I do it with my means, sometimes with my time and sometimes with my attitude.

It's a little contradictory, but even though I am kinda shy and introverted, I love meeting new people. People fascinate me. And I am trying to be more sociable these days. I am looking for someone that will get me out of my comfort zones. Take me to craft markets, up mountains, travelling to new places far and close by. I have the means to go, but not the impetus. I need someone that has the impetus but maybe not the means, so we can compliment each other and go on grand adventures.

Since everyone seems to be so interested in it, I tested as INTJ... though I am trying to be more E...

My belief system:
1) ALL food is made better if you add cheese
2) Red cars go faster (obviously a yellow Ferrari will go faster than a red Beetle, but a red Ferrari will go faster than a yellow Ferrari... Science! ;-) )
3) It is totally fine to dislike certain people, if you know why you dislike *that* person*. It is not OK to dislike a group of people because of the reason they are in that particular group (skin colour, sexual preference, music taste... well, maybe that last one is ok)
4) If I love a TV show, it will get cancelled, because Americans are dumb and do not know good television when they see it.
5) I will rather be alone for the right reasons, than in a relationship for the wrong reasons.
6) Communication is key.
7) Cats are our benevolent overlords
What I’m doing with my life
I currently working with my father in a company we own. We write and support software that runs private hospitals and clinics. Other than that, I am currently on a major life overhaul and have started going to the gym 2-3 times a week and I have started playing cricket again (for the first time in 20 odd years... go fitness!!)
I’m really good at
Reading a book cover to cover in one sitting, quoting movies, watching TV, boardgaming, jailbreaking an iPhone
The first things people usually notice about me
I want to say "eyes", to sound all romantic... but honestly, I have no idea. You tell me when we meet...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Microserfs - Douglas Copeland
Grunts - Mary Gentle
Anything from Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Peter David, Asimov, Tom Holt or Mike Grell

Clerks, Highlander (there should have been only one), Aliens, Eurotrip, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

TV Shows:
Firefly, Game of Thrones, The West Wing, House of Cards, The Big Bang Theory, Suits


My World Famous In Cape Town spaghetti bolognaise (Every single man can cook one dish well, and this one is mine), Nandos, CHEESECAKE!!

Board games:

Six things I could never do without
My iPhone
My cats
My family
My imagination
My humour
My White Male Cisgender privilege (I know I have benefited from it, and I acknowledge it exists, which is why I could never live without it... but I try to not let it influence how I react to other people and situations)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How my life counterpoints the surrealism of the underlying metaphor.
On a typical Friday night I am
At supper with the family after having come from the gym. Then (depending on how strenuous the gym session was), I am either out with friends or in watching TV.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Yeah... riiiight.
You should message me if
The following appeals to you:

1) I am never going to ask you to send me nude pictures of yourself
2) I am never going to send you an unsolicited "dick pic"
3) I'll never call you "Bae" or "Boo", though I may find an adorable nickname for you
4) Mutual consent is sacrosanct
5) It is not a man's place to legislate what a woman can do with her body. So I am decidedly "Pro Choice".
6) Nobody can tell any other person who they can and can not love (as long as all parties are consenting adults). So even though I identify as a cisgender straight male I celebrate all genders and their pursuit of whomever they wish to love (as long as that does not include the underaged or animals).
7) Everyone from the CEO to the janitor deserves the same respect. How we treat others is a reflection of ourselves.
8 ) I am a believer in Science. I was raised Jewish, but it is my heritage, not my religion. But, having said that, I still respect anyone that does believe in a higher power. Just as long as their belief does not make them hate.
9) I am a geek. Which, to me, means I have a love for something and I am passionate about pursuing it. While it used to be that geeks traditionally pursued interests outside the mainstream, these days geekish pursuits *are* the mainstream. But, for an incomplete list, here are some of the things I geek out about:
Comic books (including TV shows and movies)
Star Wars
Star Trek
Harry Potter
Sci-Fi in general (books, movies, TV shows, board games)
TV shows in general
Board games (I have a collection of over 100 board games)
Cricket (I have recently started playing real 35 overs-a-side cricket after a gap of 20 years. Loving it!)
10) I am a cat person. Currently, I have adopted three cats. I like dogs, but I prefer living with cats.
11) I do not smoke or drink (the former because I never bowed to peer pressure when I was young and never started and the latter because I never enjoyed the taste of alcohol). I have been the designated driver since I got my driver's license. Likewise, I don't smoke weed. I have done psychedelics and I enjoy them on rare and special occasions.
12) I am a fussy eater. To me (and yes, I know it's weird), the texture of food is as important as the taste of food.

That's all I can think of for now.
The two of us