49 Bozeman, United States
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My self-summary
I’m a pretty contradictory bundle of opinions, ideas, interests and philosophies. I make sense to me, but I wouldn’t blame you if it takes you a time or two (or three) to figure me out. But trust me, I’m worth it.

I’m very much an outdoors person. The wild is what recharges my soul. I also can’t live without my books. I’m super curious and love to try new things and meet new people—yet sometimes need someone to kick me out of my routine. That’s where you come in.

I like and admire complexity in the world and in others but strive to keep it simple.

Grooming horses comforts me.
What I’m doing with my life
I’m a writer and journalist whose work dovetails with my passions, which allows me to spend a lot of time outdoors. I’m really fortunate that way.

When not working, I play—snowboarding, hiking, floating down a river, fishing, hunting and otherwise enjoying the bounty this great place has to offer.

My job has taken me all over the world and when I had the opportunity to up and move someplace new a couple years ago I chose Montana. No place feels so much like home to me. So I’m here for the long haul.
I’m really good at
I take my food pretty seriously. I love to find, gather and prepare what I eat. I just made a batch of killer smoked elk sausage. Next up: cheese. If you happen to know where to find wild mushrooms, heaven only knows how many foot massages you could wheedle out of me.

Beyond that, I’m kind of a Jack of All Trades. I know how to fix things that break, read people fairly well and can whisper one hell of a dirty story in your ear. I can also back up a trailer like nobody’s business.
The first things people usually notice about me
My cute ears and my Roman nose. Or, if you’re not the type to make eye contact, my size 13 feet.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My music tastes are diverse. I listen to a lot of new alt music and the music that influenced it. In no particular order: Death Cab, Pavement, Metric, XX, Cake, MGMT, Radiohead, Velvet Underground, Killers, Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, NIN, REM, Chili Peppers.

I no longer worship at the altar of the Gods of Stadium Rock, but I still visit and pay my respects: Led Zep, The Who, Queen

Voices I never tire of: Bjork, Billie Holiday, Patsy Cline

From time to time I’ll join Willie on his bus and travel with the outlaws: Hank Jr., Johnny, Waylon, Willie, DAC

Favorite guitar maestros: Mark Knopfler, Django Reinhardt, Jerry Garcia, Doc Watson

When I'm kickin’ it old-school: De La Soul, Chuck-D/PE, Ice Cube

When I’m looking to crawl into a bottle of bourbon: Lucinda Williams, Coldplay, Kathleen Edwards

When I want to chill: Miles Davis

Books: I’m a book geek and I’m always deep into several titles at once. I think the kindle is the greatest invention since beer in cans. I've recently been on a history kick. American Nations is a great read. Dirty Wars and Ghost Wars are fabulous pieces of reporting that tell the story of how we got so deeply involved in the wars in the Middle East and Central Asia. Not very uplifting, but illuminating as hell.

If you take writing seriously, I highly recommend "On Writing" by Stephen King. It is an unflinching look at his career and his addictions as well as a bare-knuckle prescription for anyone who wants to write professionally.

My first love was (and remains) sci-fi and fantasy. I’m still astounded by the majesty of Tolkien, the fearless imagination of Phillip K. Dick and the narrative power and vision of William Gibson. I read a lot of histories. Straight up histories, historical fiction, fiction with strong historical connections and biographies. (Aubrey/Maturin, Steven Pressfield’s works, Flashman, The Last Lion, Shelby Foote, John Keegan) When I feel like going big and brainy, I’ll go swimming with Moby Dick or re-read Gravity’s Rainbow. I think Lonesome Dove is one of the most perfect books ever written. And, being a guy, I can’t help but love Hemingway, Jim Harrison and Annie Proulx.

Most of my TV is from Netflix or purloined off the Internet. (Aye, I be a digital pirate matey.) I think BSG was the best series ever. The Wire is a close second. I like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Parks and Rec, Star Trek a la James Tiberius Kirk and Anthony Bourdain. Game of Thrones rocks and Vikings is sort of a guilty pleasure. Recently, I've started watching Turn and Stranger Things.

Some great movies: Fargo, LOTR, Bladerunner, Secretary, Casablanca, Josey Wales, Alien, Chinatown, Matrix, Beckett. I love the Dude even though White Russians make me gag. Guardians of the Galaxy was surprisingly charming.
The six things I could never do without
Well-fermented beverages
A sense of humor
Spontaneous affection
Well-crafted sentences
An ability to think beyond the written rules
The sound of moving water
Meat cooked to perfection
...and, of course, my children
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to make bacon even better. And why so many people have a hard time looking at the world through a point of view other than their own.
On a typical Friday night I am
Making the best goddamn martini you ever tasted (winter) or mixing up a killer margarita (summer). If I actually share these recipes with you, you can bet you have your hooks in me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m a good writer but a terrible, horrible, awful speller. I’m a slave to spell-check. This is my secret shame.
You should message me if
Any combination of outdoorsy, geeky, flirty, laid-back, off-beat and passionate is going to catch my eye. If you found any of my profile interesting, don’t be shy.

Ultimately I'm looking for a partner. In crime, adventure, passion, life. Someone to row the rivers of life with, literally and metaphorically.

Also, if you made it this far, I cannot see who "likes" me here. So if you want me to know that...send me a message. :-)