35 Corona, United States
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My self-summary
I'm am an enigma wrapped in a conundrum! Trapped in absurdity. Spare me your scrutiny of my mediocrity........
What I’m doing with my life
Its my life and I'm making a mess out of it. Come hang out with me we can gaze deeply into the Rubble that is my life together. Then we can go to the waffle house silly
I’m really good at
I'm really good at getting on your last Damn nerve. I'm also good at wasting your time. Hey if your reading this on your phone right now I'm pretty good at waisting your battery.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm Funny, I have glasses.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite book is lord of the flies, The lost book of Enil, a catcher in the Rye, Hear no evil, Dark alliance, War story's, Open the unusual door, Iorn thunder, the judgement, the jackal, Einstine his life in the universe, Black Gangster, Black girl lost, Dope fiend,Bhagavad-Gita, See no evil, Iran contra, Roots, incarceration nation, Dreams of my father, Obamanos, Push, Death of a sales men, Othelo, Tom Sawyer, a radon in the sun, the shining, it, the stand, jurasic park
Born free, the pan African slave trade, Che, Gandi, and alot of other books that I can't remember.

Favorite movie's are Training Day, Pinapple express, The other guys, step brothers, The miseducation of sunny carson, The Pose, Blue hill avenue, killa season, the Show, The Wash, Blue lightning, American Drug War the last white Hope, American Gangster, the Wackness, Three strikes, Devil in the Blue Dress, Do the right thing. Blade, Shottas, Ghost Dog, Wanted, Tomb Raider Tears of the sun, Born free, Young Guns, Transformers, Friday the thirteenth, the hills have eyes, super Troopers, Judge Dread, Get shorty, lethal Weapon, the crow, Exit wounds, marked for death, untouchables, Belly, Black & White, Hitman, enter the Dragon, the Protector, the enforcer, Crying freemen, the Killer, the replacement killers, dust till dawn, natural born killers, Friday(1,2,3) House party(1,2,3,4) Guess who, Bruce Almighty Anchor Man, Talladega Nights, love and Basket Ball. Balling, Malibu's most wanted, menace 2 Society, Tresspass, the royal tanimbalms, Madea Goes to Jail, Mirical at Santa Anna,

My favorite Tv shows are The Boondocks, Family Guy American Dad, the Cleavland show, intervention, Hoarders, The Young Turks, Rachel Maddow show, Politics nation, the Daily show, Alien astronauts, The Tavis smiley show, curb your enthusiasm, Real time on Hbo, Dexter, workaholics, Tosh.0, its always sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, my 600 pound life, MoBB Wives (Don't tell any one) South Park, any thing on adult swim, the Wire, south land, Law and Order, C.S.I
The six things I could never do without
My Glasses, My I phone, My Xbox, My net flix, 30yr old scotch, And my weed.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
You are 1 person out of 7 billion people. On 1 planet out of 8 planets. In 1 star system out of a billion star systems. In 1 galaxy out of an infinite number of galaxies. what ever you think you did is a drop of water in a bucket that's thrown in the ocean. We are not chosen we are insignificant holding on to ideas that are antiquated. My God can beat your God. We are primitive. My tribe is stronger then your tribe. We are afraid. My skin Ain't the same as yours so we can strike no accord! Battle lines are drawn. In the blood of our fathers. It's War. The tears of mothers drown our sons and daughters. Suffering has no boarders. Injustice has no class or color. Humanity allows us to recognize poverty, but narcism allows us to disregard it and step on the poor. I got mine you better get yours. Even though there eyes look just like yours. In city's where the hardest working can't afford to live. The rich make a living on the working mans back and gives Nothing Back. Enslaved by our selves go ahead and give Master his shackels back.

Byron Worrell
On a typical Friday night I am
TyT at 7:00
Count Down with Keith Olberman at 8:00
Rachel Maddow at 9:00

Buy Johnny walker and toast to the weekend at 10:00

Watch Family Guy 11:00

12:00 - 5:00Am a blurr of circumstance and events that I will not comprehend Fully till next Friday. When I wil denie all knowledge and Destroy all evidence.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am socially awkward and Antisocial. I don't require a lot of attention, but I need a hug ever so often so I feel appreciated.

My mom still calls me her sweet potato and I'm 31. Lol now is that embaresing enough!

This site sucks! And the women on it are either stuck up or ugly!
And my Cupid matches say 91% but I would not date any of them.
You should message me if
You should Not answer me if you take yourself to seriously.
Don't answer me if your boring, stuck up, or if you are into wasting peoples time