33St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
From the depths of the dust and the ashes of the strange and foreboding website of OKCupid, came a man that time forgot. A man who is by his birth date is of 27 years but his demeanor and physicality chose not to sync up. Is he human or otherworldly? Only you can find out if you have the courage.

I come here to look for some people that I can be able to talk, enjoy life with, hold, love, whatever works.

I'm a cool, calm and collected guy looking for my way in this world as I had just moved out into a new apartment with some friends of mine. I work at a restaurant gig and I'm trying to get back into school to increase my knowledge in the graphical the computer graphical field and the sketchwork art field as well.

I do like to go out but at times I can be a stay in as well and find constructive approaches to spend my time. I work five days a week so my time is limited but that doesn't stop me from doing what I would like to do.

I'm a bit of everything: I have an interest in computers and technology. I like the outdoors and nature (long walks, biking) I like to hit the gym, I'm not a big bar/clubber guy but I can always try something new.

My underlining personality is my humor, which I bring with anywhere I go. Though behind that humor is a gentle and caring heart hidden behind a sly cool outer shell.

I'm here trying to make some friends and talk and meet some lovely people.

I am benevolent, mature, and easy-going
What I’m doing with my life
I'm trying to get to the point where I'm enjoying working and/or hobby for some type of gain were it would be in a financial, business, commercial or just plain enjoyment. I want to take up some classes to improve my art skills and work as an artist of some kind where I can draw works of art for commissions if you will.

I'm going to go to UMSL and try to apply for some Graphical Arts classes so I can improve on my skills with with artistic media. I'm a decent sketcher but I want my pictures to hav some color in them and look very presentable. I'm also looking to get a car next year so I'm not totally hoofing/biking it all the time. Not that that's a bad thing (excerise out the bum). but when we're talking about having to pick up a lady or something like that.
I’m really good at
Drawing. I've been drawing since my middle school days. Though I still have a lot to learn.
I have some technology skills but I'm no geek squad.
Agility. I wouldn't say I'm hyperactive but I'm no slouch when it comes to being physically active.
Making people smile and/or laugh
helping people out
video games
The first things people usually notice about me
my personality. I can be a calm, easy going reserved person, but I will try to keep people on there toes, keeping them guessing, in a state of unpredictability. Though it is usually when people come to know me better that I open up to them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: anything that has to do with art? I don't have any particular favorites.

Movies: Mortal Kombat, Mission Impossible Action and adventure anything that's worth the current price of movie admission

Music: Busta Rhymes, Earth Wind and Fire and Daft Punk. But I also like just about anything with a good beat. I like just about anything from the main genres if you let me listen to them.

Food: Pasta (favorite lasagna)
Six things I could never do without
My sketchBook and art supplies and my passion for art.

all of my body parts, ya know having all my limbs and everything functioning at a normal capacity. You should appreceiate what you have, cherish it and dont squander it.

My family? I much trouble as they've given me I'd definitely miss them if they were to be gone.

My humor. I don't try to take this world or other things in life too seriously.

To be able to set my mind to something and doing it. I can be a procrastinator at times but when I set my mind on something, I get it done.

Fingerless Gloves.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Art, my future, women. It's spread out about evenly.
On a typical Friday night I am
working or hanging out with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love Everybody, Everybody by Black Box with a passion. Yes, it was used as a joke on Family Guy.
You should message me if
you like to talk to or be with a guy who's relaxed and nonchalant, who can stay at home or go out. I'm a versatile person. I can be serious or goofy, I can hit the gym or just relax at home. I'm quite flexible. Figuritivly and literially.
The two of us