61 Belvidere, United States
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My self-summary

!non smoker!! i dont know where this is to be listed.. I have copd& cant tolerate it..
My key board has to be continually vacuumed out to remove the dog hair that settles underneath the keys,,SO sometimes I make spelling mistakes
! only will be involved w women who LOVE ANIMALS,,IF you dislike dogs or cats,,,I despise YOU.May You see the TRUTH of the FLYING Spaghetti monster!!May He /she /IT enter you heart/s
I'm not interested in fancy apparel,cars or modern homes
I dont live in Santa Cruz,,used to & loved it,,I live in N,W,, New Jersey,,now

One day very long ago,,My father said to me,,,&I'm not sure why but in a RUSSIAN ACCENT!!! My son you have a SOOOCCCIIIAALLL DISSEASE!!!!
tell me what movie that iz from!!!I have a full head of luxurious hair,, except for the patches that fell out,,some still on my cranium some in my closet..for most of my life I have been a proud longhair,,so if you are into guys that listen to orders that aint me,,,,, I am only interested in 1 special woman that wants a great affair w a good guy,, my & her animals,that loves me as much I love her,,, .,a woman like Eileen Winters...Jonathans better half,[,or Carl Sagans wife ] WOW! she was special,,after Surviving The Battles in the Pacific in WW11,he met her & was w her till they both passed,,,,,]

I am NOT a professional 'chef" I actually make real food from that which comes out of the ground NOT out of a box or can,,,I never paid $100's of $1000's of $$ to be told what to believe..I have cooked all of my life &in some beautiful places, have worked from Seafood houses in Nj to Southern California to a ship in Cordova Alaska,,offshore on a seismic mapping boat,for Scripps institute of Oceanography ,on the MidAtlantic Ridge cruise to Montevideo, Uruguay & then to several northern California Szechuan restaurants across to Breckenridge,,Colorado , i want one great Woman for me & my Tribe,, I want a woman for the long term. I despise "pretend christians" that pose w their Possessions/New Cars,big new homes,,,that back radical Capitalists that think it is their RIGHT to pollute Our Air &water,to destroy America in order to enrich their bank accounts,,
I am not into burning huge amounts of fossil fuels to inflate my ego w international travel
I love the area above Phillipsburg,N.J.,along the Delaware,,Its rural & Beautiful along the River,,all the way up above the Delaware Water Gap,,up to NY state,The topography is continuance of The Appalachians up into New England. NW ,I want a friend/woman to travel along these byways,,,,,Go to auctions,flea markets, hiking,walks by the Easton/New Hope Canal,,along the Dela Ware,,,through the Water gap,etc,,etc.
Someone special...I want to take care of someone & visa versa,,

I am happy curled up w a few dogs,, I commune w finely crafted Beers/ales etc,,, a cat curled around my neck for some reason,,,,who wants love in return,/.We will understand & fathom each others psyckics,/psychies?psidekicks?/?I am open to gifts of dog/cat food,,ifI do not have a LIFESTYLE!!!!
What I’m doing with my life
Bernie Sanders won every county in NY except & would have won Brooklyn if Onlly the Voter rolls hadnt been purged of 126,000 voters!!I am looking for an Earth Woman,,, i have heard,,they are easy.I like 50 1 st dates,,,I want to buy the Frank Zappa house,,,
Well I want to find out,,at least
I'm listening to all the old blues on Sirius sat radio ch70,, or outlaw Country,,,,or Howard Stern,,when he isnt being an eiltist NYC super rich dick head,,,especially,
I want to find the right ,unpretentious woman to live,, to share my home with my animals .,To cook& bake with,,I need someone I can talk to,,
I am interested in reading about Gen.Smedly Butler,,
A special smart woman,,to LoVe w .Travel some,,,road trips,,,etc,,,,Go to auctions,flea markets,sales hiking,walks by the Easton/New Hope Canal,,along the Dela Ware,,,through the Water Gap,I love driving the rural areas up & down the Delaware,, PA. Farm country,,up the backway through lower NY state...maybe to VT.New Hampshire a tim or two,,,I want to take care of someone & visa versa..drinking a few fine mystical brews doesnt mean a case just a few,,,,3-4 at most, a cat cuddling my neck,a woman ,WHO LOVES ANIMALS AS MUCH AS Me

When ,I was 20 I escaped ,,to parts of the west, Southern California,Northern ,,for 4 -5 ys at a time, Encinitas before it got too hot,,& I cooked on The RV Seamark in Icy Bay Alaska!!& then 1979 moved to Santa Cruz &the Redwood Mts there. I really miss them,so nice & cool inside wish I had stayed there.,,I hope that California recovers from its present weather pattern,,,Macchu Picchu is Mi Casa,,you can see exactly who I am,,& my life so far,,, I am thinking IF I could get a better price for my home to move to NW Massachusetts or Upstate Ny ,where I would save money on property taxes compared to N.J.
I would love to have some land for my doggies to run,,,
I have heard that earth girls are easy? Who ever said that should be sued for Billions!!/what is your opinion??
I’m really good at
Cooking dinners for friends, I have worked/cooked in restaurants for 30+ yrs,,,I have owned several,Mexican restaurants,,the kind that mexicanos like to eat.NOT Texmex,Not mild comida,,MEXICAN food,,, Just 2mos. ago i made a extra aged cheddar omlette w avocado & salsa Ranchero, today03.03 2015 I am making salsa verde con pollo,,,
I also have been eliminating,,plastic GarBAGe when I take walks w my doggies,,,I like wood,, & sin plastico....,,
I stay free of STD's..Have no use for them ...
The first things people usually notice about me
My expansive forehead that is the mark of an Einstein,[I cant imagine what happened to it] we crossed paths I was coming to this world in Apr,1955 ,he was leaving it..Just 27 miles away SE & 15 days..before,,people see the INTEL?ECT,& are mesmomerized,,,,,[makes them ignore the spelling mistakes,,] It feels like I still have a full head of long hair,,,,but as long as you are shorter than me you wont really even notice,,,
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My condolences go to the Zappas today on the passing on their really neat & fierce mom,,she took care of the great Frank Zappa May they both roam the Universe together,,that was a great relationship,they both fit w each other,I want a woman like that when I look in her eyes want us to agree & be there for each other.?? Williams,,,,Frank Zappa,Sun Ra,Miles davis,Sam ChatMon...,Blues,rock of different sorts,,inspired Outlaw Country,,Sun Ra,..My Name is Bertram I AM A Redneck ,,All my frends they call me BERT!! All mah family from down iiin Texas makes their living from the DIrt!!! Sun Ra,,,
i Vonnegut,John McPhee,,Harry Franck,,Jack Weatherford,,NoVa,Cosmos!!family guy,,married w children,,the weather Channel..Globetrekker,,,Nova,,any science shows,,This old house,,,Red Green Show?
Tracy Morgan.We need him to Get better.
Why hasnt anybody seen Tracy & Beetlejuice in the same room TOGETHER?
The six things I could never do without
Denali its proper name..NO Teams named RedSk^ns..No one should slur Native Americans.America needs to repent for the genocide that was done to The people First here.
Peros!! Doggies! Old Doggies,,,Gatos!Chiles serrano,tortillas,queso,, Ducks??
Yoga ,My working cheap Volvo WAGON<<<,& craisgslist for a %
If you only would like to know my doggies,if you would earn their undying love if you were to send us some dog or cat food,,they would be most appreciative,,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How much better life could be for Nj if we banned Gas lawnmowers,,& replaced them w sheep & goats,eating grass,fertilizzzing the lawn & then processing them at some time for more better cheap doggie & cat food,How to keep the circle of life going
,,how to do more with less,,how to take things that were free or by the side of the road & fix them to sell to buy a bag of dog food..
how to incorporate the essence of quality Flea Market /craigslist,,freedom from WALL ST.enrichment,,,
On a typical Friday night I am
drinking a beer or 2 at home,,we can drink a few & walk through the starry nights,,,& milk ./yogurt,& doggies,,,,
Rocket Number Nine takes off for Planet Venus',Sun RA!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The most memorable thing I learned at my first job, was the owner telling me,"Now the Law tells me I HAVE to pay you $1.50 an hr.BUT that doesnt mean I dont get a $1.50 an hr OUT of you.!" A $1.50 /hr at that time as a 13 yr old boy was enough money saved after a year to BUY for Cash the home I own right now.
HOME prices have gone up & Wages have sunk down for most Americans.
Travel wastes precious resources,unless its by sail,,,or bicycle,,flying only aids,,,the islamic petro billionaires,,,roadtrips are fine,,,,I never indulge in formal wear, I do not believe in dressing to impress ,,power suits etc.../synthetic trailer trash,double knitwits...,& neither should you.I wear fine select LL Beaners,,straight out of the Goodwill.or the Flea market
Tie dye is fine.
You should message me if
I dont want to hear from any women that put god&religion first & consequently would turn their back on & HATE their kids.I love
Howard Stern,,,blues on Sirius ch 70,,Kurt Vonnegut,John McPhee,,Harry Franck,,Jack Weatherford,,NoVa,Cosmos,family guy,,Married w children,,simpsons the weather Channel..Globetrekker,,,Nova,,any science shows,,This old house,,,