33 Astoria, United States
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My self-summary
I am a cis (gentle)man, feminist, GGG*, poly** and kink friendly, atheist*** chameleon of the underground scenes (with strong punk rock roots)! I'm a college-educated DIY artist with a passion for music. My life is an orgy of awesome.

* I pretty much agree with most everything Dan Savage says.
** I like to explore every connection to their logical conclusions.
*** Science!
What I’m doing with my life
I work and play in the realms of music, video and photo which leads me to many interesting places doing cool projects with awesome people. I do freelance multi-media content production while pursuing my passion projects :< shameless plug>< /shameless plug>
I’m really good at
Super Mario Kart as Yoshi.
Making chocolate-chipless chocolate chip cookies.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Phantom of the Opera

The World/Inferno Friendship Society, GWAR, Nirvana, NIN, Deadsy, Buckethead, (certain eras of) Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins, Sleeper, Janet, Madonna, Bile, GASH, Misfits and other anomalies of music.

TV: Always watching Daily/Nightly, @midnight, Broad City, Got Ham, Marvel shows, Empire, House of Cards, etc.
Recently binged Black Mirror and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Almost done with Buffy/Angel for the first time.
Classics: Californiacation, Weeds, every bad dating show ever (bring back Singled Out!)

Update: Naked Dating is back! Yes!

Movies: PCU, Mystery Date, Detroit Rock City, SLC Punk!, 70s exploitation and horror, 80's b-horror, other horror (Wes Craven, Evil Dead, Feast, etc), John Hughes and other 80s comedies. Cult classics (Forbidden Zone, Clerks, Orgasmo). Stuff like that.

Chicken wings!
I spend a lot of time thinking about record stores have become extinct.

The Cloververse.
You should message me if
Just do it!

you also agree with almost everything Dan Savage says

you would gladly go to a GWAR show.

you are a realist who can break down cultural and societal norms and form your own opinions based on facts and experience instead.

you are a dreamer and a creator

you made it this far and are at least curious.

you want to watch The Babadook because I bought it on blu-ray and have been waiting for a perfect dark night and the right company to watch it with.

Update: I finally watched Babadook and it was great but I would watch it again if you want!