60Columbia, United States
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My self-summary
I am Pagan
Yep a Witch
aint a changin
NOPE won't switch

and vocal
don't walk on me
not some yokel

Do not shave my
legs nor pits
keep on a movin' if you
don't like that s***!

teeth are going
Hair is a grayin
Not lookin for someone
who is not stayin

Seldom want to
leave my house
not your thing
then just get out

Bra is seldom
being worn
Cept when out
don't get scorn

My butt is big
My weight is high
Not your thing
then say bye bye

like it or not
don't giva heck!

I have my issues
grab some tissues
Baggage is norm
in some form

is a must
Cheat on me
Eat my dust!

Honesty is
Lie to me
be retired

Raise a hand
hit on me
Got a SON
Break your knee

U got a gun?
like to hunt?
I do not care
smoke a blunt

may sound tame
Yet to me
it is no game

Handie Crafts
love to do
hope it will not
make you blue

Video games
are my bag
not that good
can not brag

Love to sew
Love to cook
needles and thread
don't need a book

Love to rescue
me some littes
Got so many
look like skittles

Mediviel times
is my thing
is the game

Check my tests
I am a mess
How bout you?
Ya got a clue?

Lookin to match
up my crazy
is it you
tiz a little hazy..!
What I’m doing with my life
Working hard to reunite our family.
I’m really good at
~Sewing. I love to hand sew medieval and renaissance garb.
~Cooking. Like most people I like to go out once in a while but I love to cook and make the best of my own world.
~Gardening. If I can grow it then I do not need to buy it!
~Creating/Crafting! I love to make my own herbal meds/lotions/soaps/laundry detergent, you know that sort of thing. I need to be sure there are not so many chemicals in our lives.
~Healing the lost/stray cats/any animal that enter into my world and finding them loving caring home afterwords. It is sometime really hard to let them go because I get so attached.
~Wizard101! As I said above I like viedo games.
~WOW! You know World of War Crack, AWW I mean Craft, yep that's what I mean, really. Yes we all play we all like it, but to say I am good at it would probably be not quite the truth. But I do enjoy it....
~Empathizing with others. Weather I want to or not, people with really strong emotional out put really come across and its hard to not feel them.
~Practicing my Religious Preference. I am a very Spiritual person, while I do not force what I believe down any ones throat, I will not tolerate anyone telling me I am wrong in my beliefs. Live and let live is the best motto to go by here!
Things I am not so good at:
~Cleaning up the house after other adults! You are a big person do not treat me like I am suppose to be your MaMa... I have Grands I have to clean after and that is more then enough.
~Folding cloths! I am so not wanting to do that. I love to wash cloths, make them clean and fresh, I do not mind putting them up. But for some reason I just hate the folding thing. Silly I know.
While I have not done this for many many years I also enjoy HTML coding, designing and developing web-pages that do NOT have java scripting, therefore are more disabled accessible. Would have to start from starch since I have been out of the loop for a while, but I think I have the ability to do so if I had the time!
The first things people usually notice about me
I generally have a jewel in my hair and dangling onto my forehead. It tends to draw a lot of comments and attention. I do NOT wear it for attention, I just like it and it feels natural.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
From My Facebook Profile:
Books: Anything by Anne Mc Caffery, But Pern is the Best.
Movies: Star Trek(s) and the Notebook (yes I really am the girl....).
TV Shows: True Blood, Star Trek(s), Dexter, Medium, CSI's, Warehouse 13, Stargate(s), SCI FI channel for the most part.
Music: almost anything played quietly... LOL. No really I like to listen to classical, though I do not know one from the other nor do i know composers, I just like the music. I like Native American music, Nature sounds, Celtic Music is the bomb! Not that fond of rap, but my daughter likes it so I hear a lot of it. I like almost a little of everything, blues, r n b, some metal, angry girl bands are ok. hmmmm
Ask and I will let you know.
Six things I could never do without
*My Family: Donavan, Burgundy, Vyolet -even though right now
I am alone (long story).
*My computer, this also includes my smart phone, what did I do without it before!
*A well stocked kitchen!
*Medieval Re-enactment, when I have time, disabled Grands make this harder, but with help think it could be done, or my natural reclusiveness is just very hard to over come and my Grands are my "reason" stated, you decide.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The number 42
You know all of the stuff a parent thinks about
What kind of Grandparent keeps siblings from seeing each other,
Are my babies ok?,
On a typical Friday night I am
On a Friday night, there are idiots on the road, so I stay at home and enjoy my evening. Hard to find people to do a real d n d game. Miss the sound of the die hitting the table and the battles in my head!
I think that finding a movie to watch on Netflix is a great idea. Make a great meal and enjoy the evening! Home made pizza, soda from the soda stream and a great evening to be had by all!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I would rather have you ask what you want to know and I will tell you. However I will tell you that I have NOT been in a relationship for over 10 years and yes that means no sex for that long. Looking, love sex, but kids came first. They are older and now its time for me.
You should message me if
You are interested in getting to know each other.
The two of us