28 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a dog loving (well, all animals really, that's a topic in itself), music playing, bibliophile that enjoys social interactions of all kinds... friendly, romantic, a spirited debate, stoned philosophy, whatever. They all hold their own merit.

I like to keep an open mind about possibilities and relationships, I don't want someone to just fit a preconceived notion of a role, and the same should go for you. It's pretty rare that I allow the word "date" to be used. Why put pressure on hanging out to have a particular goal in your interactions? That being said. I'm not interested in a purely physical interaction with someone. I just don't see the point at this juncture of my life. I personally am monogamous, I've tested those waters already and it's just not me :)

I like being a woman of contradictions and surprises, but in a perfectly sane way I assure you. I play hockey, but also violin. I love dresses, but usually wear them with Docs. My favorite ring says Fuck in cursive metal. I'm one of the sweeter people you'll meet, but I curse like a sailor sometimes. I like to try things out of my comfort zone on a regular basis and jump at scary opportunities.

One time during a job interview I was asked what one word best described me.
I told him "Multifaceted"
What I’m doing with my life
I'm new to Seattle. It's a pretty wonderful (and large) area so I'm still figuring out all the things to do here. Particularly what to do when the weather has turned to rain.

I have a deep love for camping and the outdoors. I have some big goals in mind to do some bigger hiking/backpacking trips with my pup. If this is something you have experience with, I'd absolutely love to pick your brain on the details.

In conjuncture with this, I'm pretty focused on my health and getting into shape. I've lost a significant amount of weight and still rocking it.

I try to spend as little time with technology in my free time as possible. I have a love affair with my hammock and a good book.

I do smoke Marijuana on a fairly regular basis to put it bluntly (I read this back to myself and didn't even realize the pun at first!) , you don't have to but I do quite enjoy it as my social lubricant of choice. I get excited over new pieces, strains, etc. I do enjoy a nice glass of scotch or a dark beer, but I'm not too much of a drinker otherwise.
I’m really good at
Taming the meanest of animals
Music in general. I sing and play a few instruments.
I'm clumsy as hell, I've considered it a strange talent to hurt myself on weird things. Strange trivia about myself, I've been stabbed by not one, but two, dishwashers in my life. I'm also damn good at ice skating (played hockey growing up).
I have a weird memory for the small details while somehow forgetting all the major ones (ex: I know exactly where you placed your keys 6 hours ago but where the fuck is my car?)
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically? I'm sure my boobs, I've had them be my describing factor many a time. Personality wise, I'm a little abrupt and tend to leave an impression. I make an effort to look nice, I'd rather be overdressed. A friend told me "This is what I like about you, you're more of a Marilyn, not a Snooki." Don't worry, even though I take the time to get dressed up and looking lovely, I won't make anyone sit and wait while I primp for an hour when you're trying to get out the door. I get the most comments probably on my eyes once we've moved past the cleavage.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read, dystopian novels I will kick out in marathon reading sessions. Be my friend forever and suggest some good ones to me.

I love comedies, anything that can make me laugh is a winner in my book. To name a few.... The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Archer, Arrested Development, HIMYM. Speaking of Archer, i went as Pam for Halloween, seriously, check out my pictures. The dolphin was well received, and got lots of action. On a more serious note I have massive withdrawals for Game of Thrones and enjoy the insanity that is Breaking Bad. I <3 Star Wars


I love a lot of music, that's a conversation and novel in itself. I listen to a lot of guilty pleasures. After a few drinks I have a thing for Toto. If you don't like Incubus you'll hate driving with me, they've been my favorite ever since I high jacked my brother's copy of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. in middle school. I also have a slight obsession with Queen. Freddy Mercury will forever be my musical idol. Two things that will forever upset me is that I never got to see Queen or RATM perform live.

As far as food goes, I do believe I could eat sushi all day every day and be happy. I also quite enjoy Thai food, I kill for oyster shooters at Bayou, or really anything tasty, I'm open to most things.

All the scotch. And whiskey
The six things I could never do without
The contents of my purse in general - it is like my survival pack
Social interaction
My dog - she and I are very much a package deal. If you aren't really a dog person, we probably won't get along too well, she's with me most of the time.
Physical touch - I am very much a tactile person, if you have a personal space issue, tell me very quickly or I guarantee I will freak you out.
Something to tinker/fix
Some sort of instrument
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Battlestar Galactica.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typically hanging with friends, I like low key nights with bud and maybe a few drinks, preferably outside if the weather permits. I usually have large blankets in my car to lay out on the grass with or wherever else my night takes me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I talk to my dog... a lot. There may be singing involved too.
You should message me if
I strike your fancy?
I don't know, I can't tell you what to do.