45San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary

All right -- took off the "casual sex" box . Didn't know it really said "looking for" (thought it was "match if searched"). I've had casual sex (good friends don't count) like.... exactly twice. Both times sucked -- In Japan. Girls who wanted to try the foreigner. I'm generally adventurous, though, so if someone were to propose it (and they were a hot geek), I'd be down. Well, maybe not right now. Anyway.... back to our regular ad:

Wow. There seem to be a TON of people who could hold down an interesting (and, yeah, educational) conversation or three on here-- and I'm a total sucker for anyone smart+curious.
Shit, I dunno-- I was thinking about inviting the similarly-weird crowd to join a meetup or OKCupidSFArea LJ community or something. 'Be nice to take hike or otherwise hang out en masse. (I guess I gotta go friend a bunch of cool guys, too; my "saved" list is almost exclusively comprised of... the gender that gets my inner bashfulness-vs-flirtation engine going).

===> Update: somebody did it (the meetup), and I had a great (!) time, talking with with an unanticipatedly large number of people who were geeky, attractive, and cool... and well-socialized, to boot. Nary a boor to be seen.
Thanks, SFGuyyy and associates.

-------------- OK: Back to "the weirdness that is me" --------------
NOTE: Clearly I am in the market for the poly-geek-friendly types. Or at least for those open-minded enough to find out if they might be. A few of the questions were so incredibly tongue-in-cheek or brainless that I answered snarkilly, and will have to wait and redo them, since my enemy ratings with people I was interested in went from 0-4% on average to 8-13% on average.

OK-- So I am here principally for three things:

X: Smart/creative cohorts/community-sharers/companions/­​friends to have real-world (and other real-time) stimulating conversations with, do projects with, flirt, kiss a lot, keep, and help / enjoy-the-help-of, inspire and vice versa, etc.

Y: People for the Think Tank (the Steering Committee).

Z: Members of either/both groups who will join/lead me in a regular talkshow-centric pod/vlog-cast: interviews and other pieces presenting or referencing "naive" takes on how to make things better for people; a format that seems to imply that it is being produced by people sharing an obscure/mysterious ARG-ish take on things. Alt-techie artistic stuff, performance-art / documentary border-blurring, and demonstrwastions, too And, of course, all the aspects you'd have described here, yourself, if you had written this.

Mainly, though, an adventurous and enthusiastic, curious creature-- cute girl variety; a creative and brilliant best-friend-and-cohort to hold hands with, and explore with, and get to know new people, things, places, and states/flavors of life/consciousness with. And kiss :>

I'd like to do more improv, and meeting someone new, in-character, in a life-as-theater role.... seems like an interesting art project. 'Not sure that this is compatible with the above "A Little Romance" one, though.

I am open to romance, however it starts, and to less-romantic Friendships. And to guys who think we should hang out, collaborate, or seek companionship companionably. (Same for girls, of course).

'also very seeking a tech-heavy or faerie-conclave Playa camp as my multi-year home--- preferably one that builds an evolving/involved environment that gets more so every time.

1) I'm basically a companionable and amicable guy, and geeky enough that learning something new together or from one another is my idea of play.

2) I work[-ed] on/in the philosophical sides of algorithmic information theory, topological quantum gravity, ASP product management, "engineering management", subversion (not the software, mainly), customer service interfaces, international/multilingual IP litigation, near-to-mid-term technological futurology, immersive-telepresence architectures, corporate governance structures, behavioral economics, community/collaboration -support architectures, real-life/online hybrid systems, The Game, and the "yuppy commune project" -- some of these to pay the rent, some only in brainstorming, some in online collaborative development, some specifically in Think Tank work, and some, I hope, with you.


よるおそくて頭衰えて、邦文執筆が常時よりもトツベンかも。再び読んでみるとかたい文語調な表現をshow offしたように見えてしまう; like a bombastic egotistical prick, really. ただ、最近話す機会がなくて、こっちのほうが無難。Informalに書こうとすると、薄くなった記憶の一昔まえに覚えたvernacular的表現を蘇み起こすには、時間がかかるから、怠けること・就眠することを優先することにする。


I am Companionable, Curious, and Brilliant or so
What I’m doing with my life
Finally implementing that collaborative revolution that we've been planning.
I’m really good at
Foreign accents, putting people at ease, thinking, learning, curiosity, foreign languages, trying new things, keeping an open mind, being convinced, kissing, a lot of kinds of intimate contact.
The first things people usually notice about me
"General: Shape/Sound, Self-assuredness, Eccentricity, Intelligence, Humility, Creativity, Kindness, Social Graces, Enthusiasm (+, to those who notice: ""wisdom"").

1) in person: I'm very tall, thin, deep-voiced, kindly, probably of "serviceable" if not comely looks;

2) In voice-only: deep voice, two "native" registers [one =deeper still], amicability, ability to make others comfortable, high euphony and fluency in the foreign language we may be speaking, ability to match speech levels, and, if appropriate, erudition/vocabulary;

3) Textual: Two+ styles, multiple parentheses and involved sentence structures, prone towards the theoretical, multiple languages; 'figure it's more polite to write a lot and let people read for a few minutes learning that I'm not for them

4) VR: depends on the technology of immersion/reality-sharing, but prone to talk meta (how the platform works / should work / can be programmed, how the community works / how I/we can enjoy/contribute most, how things would ideally evolve);

5) As a player character: depends on the recognition protocols used in the game, of course, and our team/affiliation-group relationship (unless, of course, I'm just saying this for strategic/tactical purposes), that I play ultra-seriously."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
No time to think about this right now.... I'll be missing lots, some of it "essential"... anyway...

Cryptonomicon, much (sci-fi slightly-prevalent) fiction; far, far more non-fiction (mainly: most subjects that help one to figure out the strategies for the Game-- mainly as played in the current US and Japanese systems, plus quantum physics and some math stuff) , Wikipedia+++, LiveJournal; American Beauty, Coming to America [In America? -- The 'Irish in New York' one], Fred Astaire and "Rat Pack" stuff; The Bourne Supremacy, LoTR movies; The Dark Is Rising, Atlas Shrugged (plus compassion for non-heroic human frailties), the book we'll write together; some of every genre of music: Edith Piaf, Bare Naked Ladies, The Sleepy Jackson, Pink Martini, much 80s stuff in general, a tad of GOOD old country, Rap-hop (Franti/Eminem/Busta Rimes/Shake it Like a Polaroid... Local-iscious), King Missile, TMBG, Beethoven, soundtrack to A Liquid Sky, my own whistling / idle singing, some show tunes, Greg Brown, Faith Petric, classic folk, the live music you will escort me to so I can learn San Francisco's local scene [espec. punk and crooners], most Billy Joel, baladiers in general, 1920's-US-imitative old Japanese pop, new/-ish J-pop, Cantonese Pop (not "in stock" yet-- recommendations? Celtic/Eastern/Eastern-European/Ind­​ian -- lately getting quite into futuristic shit (IDM, techno/ambient/trance), the Jam Band that started it all ('took the right frame of mind to appreciate it, though, at first), the cowritten songs you'll rehearse with me.
Six things I could never do without
Loving Companionship,
Non-starry-eyed Idealism
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This fully-self-consistent scientific worldview and spirituality thing that I've been building since childhood, and the strategies built on it; and the communities of those who share such things that I've stumbled on. Nice people. Helping fix shit. Random kindnesses and spontaneous interstitial gleeful fun.
On a typical Friday night I am
A not-infrequent Friday's (also some Tuesdays') night out is:
Dressed up to the tens, as usual, at The Bar (12 Adler), enjoying the cast of characters and self-selecting visitors in my favorite haunt, wishing there were more than a few single-seeming women there, and having good conversations with the regulars and others to pass the time-- while imagining how to build the venue-scanner to video and reproduce the textures and morphology of the place on-line. It's the quintesential bar, and deserves to live on as one of the first public metaverse sites.
Oh... and then eating Vietnamese at a neighborhood dive after the place closes, and maybe singing songs with the local minstrels and bohemians, in the Adler Place cul-de-sac or in their nearby garrets.

I stumbled into the/my US pub scene relatively recently. 'Would be nice to have someone to join me, occasionally. ('Lotta gals seem to have a not-for-me or "been there, done that" attitude RE the bar scene, but I'm talking about a non-"scene" pub/local)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am an ever more consummate hedonist, and recently decided to include singing as part of my career, and as a previous non-musician-identified person, I realized suddenly that I'm going to have the un-pre-imaginable pleasure of lying next to a beautiful girl-voice some day, and stroking out harmonies on/agains her voice that will be like lightly drawing a cool dry finger tip across the lip of an eyes-closed THC-enhanced psychonaut. I haven't lived. Oh well, if a brick drops on me from the sky, at least I'll have enjoyed the "new" of the direction the ride was turning in. [And, Oh: if you are looking for a male lead vocalist, and are a female lead without an act, romance can wait or be pursued elsewhere.... hit me up]

And mainly: After all that blather, I've given way too much info about myself to have maintained enough mystery for those who would have liked some (except about my profound masterfulness;>|, past and work life, I guess... so perhaps this is OK)
You should message me if
You got this far without reaching a really bad conclusion or high annoyance level, and think I can/do probably seem normal most of the time-- at least in poliete, non-intimate company;

You think you might find me attractive, overall, in some way;

You'd like to teach me something cool;

You want to explore a from-the-inception-roleplay aquaintance-/relation- ship;

You'd enjoy helping a random stranger in any of his endeavors (to form a community I can hang out with more often, to do a project of your determination with you, to find a cute girl inward-scientist to kiss) or likely-held but not-specifically-disclosed hopes/velleities/desires;

Are open to friendship, or want to
- discuss anything with me for any reason at all.
- get advice (or give it), kindly,
- to share your great ideas,
- to help the Steering Committee steer;

You would be interested in helping/forming/joining/discussing a [huge] group to rule the world,

Or if for any reason you feel like it... (will I get the message? Should you just email/call?)

I'm new here, so I don’t know how it works yet, but I EXPECT that you will assume I haven't received your message if I am unresponsive (try elivasan at iahhooood ottcom, or calling me at SF-area-code, sixowe ate oaf Ives Icks fore).

Oh, and If you happen to have achieved high/broad fluency in a foreign language that you learned post-adolescently and/or out-of-country, then we should exchange expertise on something we're both somewhat expert at.

OH... and irrespective of all else-- I'd REALLY like to do a little photo-shoot exchange with anyone who wants to collaborate on making each other look attractive with some artful Profile photos. It'll be fun.
The two of us