49Bombay, India
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My self-summary
Discreet wave, Hello, Warm Grin and an attempted Yodel from a warm, friendly, discreet, laid back, food/sleep/music/laughter loving Ancient Soul in his late forties. I love laughter, good conversation, genuineness, good music, good food, dogs, nature,physical cleanliness, a bit of a dirty mind, silly jokes, dreadful puns, literature, languages, travel, sensuality and spiritality to list a few. I don't much care for hypocrites, bullies, fundamentalists, people who manipulate and people who allow themselves to be bullied or manipulated, people who play mind games and power games, most politicians, people who can't keep secrets, pollution (Both smoke as well as noise) bad breath, to list a few. My work takes me a lot to Kerala, Madras, Bangalore, Bombay and Hyderabad and I guess I could describe myself as "Of no fixed address" as such, at least for now.

I am laid back, funny, and genuine
What I’m doing with my life
One finds so many people around Trapped one way or the other. In unhappy families, unsuitable jobs, unsatisfactory relationships,
unhappy marriages and so on. I feel privileged to have systematically Earned my space in life...and generally neither
disturb others nor let others disturb me, as far as possible.
Since I had to work rather hard both for my peace of mind as well as for my space (And time management) I tend to be a tad reluctant to part with these. I have two professions, one which brings me enough money to live comfortably....which helps me do what I actually love as much as I love life itself, but which brings me very little money. Apart from this I read as much as I can and explore, discover and savour the best eateries in all sorts of places, big or small.
I’m really good at
Minding my own extremely rare trait, if I may say
so myself :-) I am rather good at recognising, encouraging
and appreciating good qualities in others....with the result that good cooks LOVE to cook for me and good musicians Love to sing for me, secure in the knowledge that every last drop of their talents and efforts are ComPletely appreciated by Yours Truly. I do talk a lot when I like someone, but I am an extremely good listener too...again, when I like someone. I do listen when someone has something interesting to say, even if I don't like someone actually.
I am good at repeating myself at times.
I am good at repeating myself at times.*Duh*
The first things people usually notice about me
Most people don't notice me at all. When they do, they notice the
fact that I am dead serious (A fact) or that I am silly, bordering
on crazy (Another fact) mostly depending on the frame of Their minds. People notice that while I am a cleanliness freak, I am not much of a fashion freak. People notice that my heroes in music and books mostly remain the same for a long long long long time. People notice that I love dogs and dogs generally love me too. People notice that most of my friends are much older than me and that I like it. (These older friends however feel that it is about time that I started to make a few younger friends now, as I am getting to be an older person myself.) People notice that I laugh without any inhibitions at anything ranging from a silly joke to Just For Laughs Gags on Pogo Channel to Kishore Kumar's antics to Rowan Atkinson's antics to cartoons to whatever else makes me laugh. (Many things do in fact.) I love to chuckle and to giggle too and enjoy the company of those who do.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books :- Anything by Roald Dahl,(I feel that the Dahling man had the genius of a hundred men Roald into one. *Duh*) Maupassant, Nabokov, Milan Kundera (Especially Slowness and Farewell Waltz, read in quick succession), Oscar Wilde, Saki, Wodehouse, Gerald Durrell, James Herriott, Ben Elton, O.Henry, Maugham, Ian McEwan,Desmond Morris, Osho, Jim Corbett, Mae West, Groucho Marx,Kenneth Anderson, Ogden Nash, James Thurber, William Sutcliffe, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, to name a few. I loved books like The Old Man And The Sea, The Good Earth, The World Of Simon Raven, Gone With The Wind, To Kill A Mockingbird, Life Of Ramakrishna, Johnathan Livingston Seagull, The Alchemist, writings by Neville Cardus, stories about Sir Thomas Beecham, the earlier works of Syndey Sheldon, The Little Prince, The Diary Of Anne Frank, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Love Life by Zeruya Shalev, K.The Art Of Love by Hong Ying, The Book Of Dead Authors by Emlyn Rees, An Equal Music by Vikram Seth, Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, Catcher In The Rye by Salinger, Biographies, When Beethoven Threw The The Stew, Autobiographies, Letters, Short Stories, Diaries and Memoirs.(Some of my favourites being the Biography of Bruce Lee...Fighting Spirit by Bruce Thomas, Jacques Brel by Allan Clayson, Serious by John Mac Enroe, Memoirs of Giacomo Casanova, Letters of Oscar Wilde, Letters of Mozart, Dear Theo, The Letters Of Vincent Van Gogh, Letters To A Young Poet) Cartoons like Asterix, The Far Side, Calvin And Hobbes, Garfield to name a few...and Dr.Seuss.
Movies :- Half Ticket (Kishore Starrer + other Kishore Starrers)
Love Actually, The Naked Gun series, Airplane 1 and 2, Guru Dutt movies, Johnny English, Never On A SundayCinema Paradiso,Clockwork Orange, most good/silly/naughty/ classy comedies, Home Alone, Baby's Day Out, Scary Movie, Jungle Book, the Carry On series,Bloodsport, The Sound Of Music, Eroica,(An Amazing BBC Production about the first performance of Beethoven's 3rd Symphony "Eroica", just in case you read it as "Erotica" erroneously. And yes. I do like classy erotica too since we are on the subject now :-) Heh heh !) Shrek,Mata hari starring Greta Garbo, White Chicks, Spies Like Us,Diva, Coming To America,Bruce Lee starrers, Mel Brooks Movies, Jim Carrey starrers, Films by Sacha Guitry, by Tim Burton, The Piano, American Beauty, films of Peter Sellers...the list goes on and on really. And I Love BBC Comedies like The Two Ronnies, The Thin Blue Line, Dad's Army, Family Guy and so on. And Mind Your Language of course.
Music :- Indian Classical (South Indian and North Indian...too many artists to list individually), Tagore songs, Pankaj Mullick Western Classical (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Baroque Composers like Vivaldi and Telemann, Artists like Hiefetz, Perlman, Zuckerman, Hilary Hahn, Callas,Evelyn Glennie, Horowitz, Glen Gould, Rostropovich, Michaela Petri, Sergiu Celibidache, Bernstien, Jacqueline Du Pre,Michael Collins, Steven Isserlis...again the list runs very long.) I love the violin, piano, clarinet, harp and cello very much, especially as solo instruments in concertos. Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is probably one of my Alltime favourite pieces of music in Any form. Kishore Kumar, K.L.Saigal, Fairuz, Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis, Henry Mancini, Samira Said, The Early Nana Mouskouri, Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens, Djur Djura, Googoosh, Billie Holiday, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Ella Fritzgerald, Maria Tanase, Jade Eru, Harry Belafonte, Eartha Kitt, S.D.Burman, R.D.Burman, Rafi, Mukesh, Manna Dey, Hemant Kumar,to name a few.
Foods :- Italian cuisine, South Indian Cuisine, Dosa
Sambar and Chutney French cuisine Sushi good wine champagne especially Moet et Chandon and Veuve
, Kir Royal, chocolate especially Mozartkugeln Frigor Noir and Booja Booja Champagne Truffles. I love Pasta,Fondue,Mangoes,Chocolate Fudge,Chocolate mousse,water,fresh orange juice,Butter Chicken...rather an endless list actually. Not too fond of things like nuts, chips and so on that stick inbetween the teeth. I like having fresh breath and good oral hygene and good teeth :-)
Six things I could never do without
1)Good food
2)Peaceful sleep
5)Genuine Friendship
6)A good book
7)A Seventh thing :-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music, food, the fact that while many people have gone through the Most Dreadful things in life and still retained their strength, their ability to love, trust and laugh, very very few people seem
to be immune to becoming spoilt and rotten at the core because of success, money, power and adulation.
I think about the amazing power the media seems to have over such a large chunk of the population.
I keep discovering that in life...and in people....many things are
not what they seem to be. And I have discovered that some things are better left to the imagination than tried out in reality. Like the man who jumped off a bridge with two little birds....two budgeriars....on his shoulders.....woke up in a hospital bed six months later and groaned "I really don't see what the big deal is with this Budgie Jumping."
I think a lot about the way people seem to try to satisfy their basic Need to surrendering themselves before Godmen and Godwomen and so - called "Enlightened Souls" or by making icons of movie stars, politicians and sports stars even when their performance is grossly below par, both in their metier and even more so in their role as human beings.
I think of beautiful moments I have lived and about things which made me laugh.
I wonder about why prostitutes who sell Sex using their bodies for a few hours, women who work at strip bars and so on are labelled "Immoral" by many while many women who sacrifice their bodies, minds, souls, individuality and their very existance itself by being married to men they not only don't love but loathe intensely are called "Virtuous" by many.
I wonder why many brown skinned people are obssessed with the idea of fair skin and many white skinned people are equally obssessed with getting tanned.
I wonder why there is so much hate, fear and violence in the name of "God"....a word that supposedly symbolises love.
I wonder how in the World people like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach did what they did....and how come very few people seem to match what people of their ilk did afterwards.
I wonder why though I am not gay, I have more Male heroes in the film industry (And sports) like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Billy Connolly, Kishore Kumar, Bruce Lee, Sean Connery, Federer, Nadal, Mac Enroe and so on than women. And the female heroes I have seem to be mostly extremely Strong women....or gay Martina Navratilova, Collette, Mae West, Eartha Kitt, Ellen De Generes, K.B.Sundarambal and so on.
On a typical Friday night I am
Asleep. As I am most nights, since I have more or less the same
routine all the time. I do stay up to watch a good Tennis Match on
TV or a nice DVD.....or to email or chat with friends. Ideally I
would like to sleep early and get up early too....neither of which
happens all that frequently, I am sad to say.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I would rather start a meal with a chocolate dessert and finish with a good Cream Of Tomato Soup.
That I like oral sex more than most other sexual activities.
That I would rather make love during the day and sleep at night than stay awake all night or, God forbid, fall asleep immediately after making love, since the post love making glow is such a wonderful thing.
That I would like to give a concert and recieve a standing ovation lasting more than half an hour.
That I am most naughty in words, followed by thoughts and least of all, in action.
That when I was younger, I used to be attracted to Brilliant and creative types, even if they were perverted or unstable or arrogant. But with age, I find myself happiest with simple, genuine, kind people, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, like flying kites or blowing soap bubbles or laughing at silly jokes.
You should message me if
Your mind, soul, spirit, eyes and a host of other delectable body
parts lit up in a warm smile of recognition of a kindred spirit when
you went through my profile :-) And if you feel you and I could bring a lot of warmth, joy and sunshine into each others' lives one way or the other. And if you like genuineness, peace, laughter, good food, good conversation, watching DVDs together, watching tennis matches on TV, relaxing at places of natural beauty as well as dining out in classy places, physical cleanliness, sweet smelling and sweet tasting people, a policy of live and let live, extreme contrasts like being extremely serious and seriously silly, being classical as well as modern...I guess you would have got the picture if you have read my profile thus far :-)
The two of us