66 Sanibel, United States
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My self-summary
I NEVER would have imagined it, but as of January 2014, I took a job working seasonally with Florida "snowbirds." So during the winter, I'm on Sanibel Island, FL; summertime, I'm in Reno, NV. Read on, with those locations in mind . . .

I'm a high-energy, smart, funny, low-maintenance, adventuresome, independent woman. I think life is a fabulously joyous adventure! I'm a political liberal who is interested and active in various causes of social justice. I'm also a deeply involved - tho' liberal - Jew. I love travel and believe in *always* having a current passport. I'm also an avid ballroom dancer, complete with a moderate amount of training, tho' I don't always (alas!) have a partner. I don't *need* someone to make me complete; but I'd sure enjoy someone with whom to share life's wonders. I play a "mean game" of Scrabble (mostly with that dude in my Kindle). I am rarely boring. My attitude and fitness are much younger than my chronological age. To me, "age is just a number," which is to say that I'm interested in men of a wide variety of ages . . . as long as you are "young of spirit" and in something of a similar "life stage" as mine . . .
What I’m doing with my life
I'm twice-retired from a career as a "helping professional." And now, I guess I'm thrice back to working (see above). When not working my new Florida gig, I'll be traveling as much as my budget will allow. So far, since retirement #1, I've been to Kenya/Tanzania, Cambodia/Thailand, Morocco, Singapore/Bali, Costa Rica, Iceland, Italy, Berlin and Prague, Machu Picchu and the Galapagos, Namibia and the wonderful national parks of southwestern Utah as well as Yosemite. In Reno, I dance -- or listen to local music/bands -- as much as I can; on Sanibel, I'm looking for a ballroom/Latin dance partner (non-smoking, political liberal, please!). I love the Reno area and the beautiful Sierra and surrounding locations. On Sanibel, I've come to really enjoy cycling, as it's an amazingly bike-friendly community (and flat and at sea level!). I'm an avid reader -- mostly fiction but some non-fiction too. I'm a lap swimmer, and I hit the gym a few times a week. I'm not a hard-core "Burner," by any means, but I've been to Burning Man 8 tiimes and find it a wonderful experience. Initially, I bought an old, small RV so that I could do Burning Man in a bit more comfort. For Sanibel, I've upgraded to a new, still small, diesel Motorhome that I live in, while in Florida, and then also take to the playa for Burning Man.
I’m really good at
most anything that I really enjoy! I'm a good writer and public speaker. I dance pretty well. And then there are those triple-word scores on the Scrabble board! I hope that I'm at least a bit successful at improving my corner of the world. I'm a very good people person. Funny, too.
The first things people usually notice about me
My high energy. My quick intellect. Most people think I look pretty alright. My eyes and my legs. I've been told I have a kind of "presence" that people notice when I walk into a room or take to the dance floor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm a slowly-recovering fast food junkie (there's no fast food on Sanibel; so, my food habits are improving, of necessity!). Still, a double cheeseburger makes me drool. And a good steak. I'm open to eating more healthily (especially if you can cook it up tasty! I don't cook much . . .), but would surely never make it as a vegetarian/vegan or raw food/organic-only eater.
I have lots of "favorite reads," too many to mention them all. Richard North Patterson is a favorite author. In the past I've devoured Latin American magical fiction -- Garcia Marquez and Allende at the top of that list. I'm happier reading fiction, but am finding more and more non-fiction that holds my attention too.
I don't get to movies as much as I'd like, but I loved Annie Hall, American Beauty, Lars and the Real Girl, Barney's Version, Juno, Moonrise Kingdom, The Sessions, Nebraska . . . to name a few. Pretty much anything by the Coen brothers also.
Even better than movies is live theater, which I love! I've been known to just "hop a plane" to NYC for a good show on Broadway. (London was great for theater also!) In music, I like most "oldies," easy jazz, and even an occasional country song (some of them are really hysterical).
The six things I could never do without
Social justice and interfaith/diversity work
Faith (of the liberal, social justice sort)
My passport
Good/supportive friends and community
Sex! (ok, one extra . . .)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How this bi-locational chapter of my life will continue to unfold. What can I do to make the world a better place? Faith (especially Jewish, but not only . . .) teachings and practice. Where am I going to find my next dance partner? And . . . shoes (Just being honest here . . . Imelda Marcos had nuthin' on me, in this department!).
On a typical Friday night I am
At worship, because it's the Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath). On Saturday night, I may be out dancing or at one of Reno's other fabulous events . . . Artown, Hot August nights, a jazz concert, etc. I'm steadily finding my Sanibel social niche -- dance spots and film festivals.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Gads, why would I admit anything truly private here?!!??
You should message me if
. . . we look like we'd be a good match (Check out our Cupid percentages and all those infernal Match Questions!). You appreciate a strong woman. You are very complete and happy in yourself, but would love to double (at least!) all of that with a real partner. You're a political liberal . . . indeed, pretty much a liberal in all things. You're involved in making the world a better place. You'll at least appreciate my liberal, Jewish commitment. (No evangelicals or fundies, please.). You are in good enough health to be physically active.
I'm most interested in a long-term relationship that balances real commitment with some manner of "space" and independence. I cling to the notion that this truly is possible! For such a relationship, I'm open to those who are at any distance.
In the Sanibel area, I'm just looking to meet people . . . especially potential dance partners!

P.S. In the past, I've answered anyone/everyone who messaged me. It seems rude not to. But then I got a ton of spam! So, if we are clearly NOT well-matched and/or you haven't completed your profile or answered Match Questions, then don't expect to hear back from me. Sorry . . .