35San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
Myself in a text box... here goes it. I like being active, hiking and biking, exercising. I like traveling, though I haven't done nearly enough. I want to save the the environment, which is deteriorating around us, so please do your part (if not more) to help save this beautiful planet.

I find myself wanting to start projects these days, aligning my passions with my actions has gone over really well. Sometimes easier said than done in past living situations.

I'm physically and mentally fit, enjoy doing most everything at least once. I've long believed we should "smile always and hug everyone" -Me, and that "Happiness is a choice" -Me. I'm pretty analytic, and it comes in handy. My hobbies stretch though the mountains and rivers, through the world of technology, to a peaceful place where people share love and respect, and a lot of other stuff. Too much? I ride a sport bikes, some you pedal and some that go vroom vroom.

I am honest, resilient, and pliable.
What I’m doing with my life
I recently left my career (maybe temporarily) as an after-school professional to help run a small business. I've always wanted my own company, and it's a thrill! Now I tell everyone that will listen, "Find something you like doing, and turn it into a business!"

I was working in an after-school enrichment program for the past 6 years. The little buggers are anything and everything but boring, keeps me active... keeps me alive. I follow the real estate world and lightly watch the stock market. I figure, build knowledge an interest in this crap, sooner I learn the business the better! I have other business ideas and would certainly like to start another!
I’m really good at
Being accepting and nonjudgmental, making people feel comfortable? Though sometimes I get nervous as well, just not very often. There aren't many things out there that really irk my brain into tension, so I tend to be very relaxed on most occasions.
The first things people usually notice about me
I got two compliments on my jacket tonight, though my physical appearance is governed by a very small part of my brain... my dress code, don't look like a bum, presentable, and dress up when appropriate!

I tend to get along with most people, very open and personal in conversations. I'm not afraid to talk about my life, generally... very open with most deep conversation (and actions as well for that), I'll do most anything (we're not/are? talking sexually), though not much a drinker these days. I certainly don't mind others having some fun, but I keep the shots, shots, shots, shots, shots shots to a minimum, but it's a choice, the future is open.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books, movies, music, and food in one list? What a textbox-full! Slowing it down a bit, books are often read in segments; I get into it and then pick up another or sometimes a magazine, which I Read, not stare at the sometimes very interesting advertisements. So, I pick up a lot of "Education" books... "self-help" but hate to call it that with a negative stigma, but they're often found in the Psychology section at your favorite book store, like FOX Books.

Movies are the easiest form of lazy entertainment... and they can have such a significant emotional or mental response. I generally go for the dramas and comedies. Just to name a few: Good Will Hunting, American Beauty, The Matrix,
Six things I could never do without
Well I'd like to say I need nothing more than some good grub and some leaves to keep the skin cancer away, but in all normal situations, I'm pretty attached to a few things:
1. Laughter and smiles are quite literally the fountain of youth. Stay positive, stay alert, stay happy, live long.
2. This electronic box sitting in front of me... all these buttons to press, so many things it can do serving so many purposes. I love my technology. I'm not ashamed to say it, and at the same time I have a vast appreciation for the natural world around us.
3. It wasn't until I dated a chef that I came to appreciate the true value of good food. I was never a foodie, but that has changed. Good food, and healthy food also, make my day just that much brighter!
4. The outdoors and nature present a world for practicing healthy and happy habits... exercise, spirituality, socialization, and more. A good hike, camping, parks large and small, animals, trees, living thing that we cannot communicate with but are Very much ALIVE. I appreciate it all.
5. Friends.. while I can be alone and at peace for a good amount of time, humans are social beings, and I need to feel connected as much as anyone else!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... well, thinking. There is a word to describe it, but I can't recall everything I read on Google (metacognition?). I often think about thinking, about how my thoughts affect my actions, about how and why my thoughts ended up where they were, and how other people may or may not follow the same path and therefore have a similar experience.

I think about how to make myself the best person that I can be, including everything from my dietary and exercise habits to reading books of all kinds, finding new interests in the least expected places.
On a typical Friday night I am
Is tonight Friday? Actually it is... I'm normally out with friends, meaning who knows what. The list of enjoyable activities goes on forever, and I pride myself in not being really picky about stuff. On the schedule for tonight are a few options: some good conversation at a buddies house, baking Christmas cookies with a friend from middle school who's back for the holidays (I updated but couldn't take this one out... I actually went to make cookies that night and had a blast), supporting a friend in need of a hand to hold while getting another piercing, or relaxing my butt (literally after a long work out) in my chair or my comfy bed until my roommate gets home. If only there were more hours in the day.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Oh boy. I ran into a sliding glass door in 6th grade and cried my eyes out. Crying wasn't accepted at that age by my friends, but I had no choice. I think it was the last time I uncontrollably let the tears out for some time. Did Titanic bring them back? I don't think so, but I do cry at movies.

I eat the entire apple, even the seeds with cyanide, haha (minus the stem, which is really a branch of the tree and would hurt my jaw). I don't like wasting; I don't like post-its even though they are SO convenient.

I'm comfortable with my height and have no objection to dating or hanging with someone taller than I am. In fact, I think it's great. I'm confident, and yeah, sure, I'd love to have a few more inches upwards, but I'm cool with who I am.
You should message me if
You're interested in getting together for an expectation free visit, be it dinner, coffee or tea, a picnic, or most any other fun events. :)

You want to love life... let's be real, challenges arise and we all go through some harsh valleys, but that's life! Give the effort, stay positive (should you be in a down time) and strive to be the best person you can be (always), and have a great time doing it! This life is amazing!!
The two of us