39 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I'm putting it all out on the table here - I have just spent 6 months with the wrong girl, doing everything I could to support her, be there for her, and figure out a way to make things work and yet time and time again, all I got for it were words. Just words. No actions, or rather I should say, actions diametrically opposed to the words. I know who I am and what my roll is in a relationship. I am the silent rock. The one who always takes care of things, is always there when needed, always thinking of others first, and I absolutely expect to be respected and appreciated for it and more.

I have no illusion that i'm an easy person to be with. I am extremely intelligent, as well as smart and take note of details. More often than not, I know better and my views are expressed mostly unvarnished. The only way I am willing to waver, is if you can discuss a point and convince me with your logic or prove me wrong. If you can't, then just do as I say. If you can - then you will move this mountain as if it were a fluffy cloud.

If you drink a lot - we are not a match.
If instead you smoke pot here and there, cool, as long as it's not indoors. I am extremely sensitive to smells and have the nose of a bloodhound. Like I said, i'm not easy to be with.

You've never met someone like me before. I will move mountains for someone I care for. I think things through, both actions and words. I always say what I mean and actually mean what I say. And I say it all like it is, sometimes brutally so, though not with the intention of being vicious. But I will put up a mirror in front of you if I think it is needed. I have zero interest in a relationship that is not honest, open and real, so I hold up no facades and want none from you either.

You may have already gotten the sense that I have a dominant streak to me, but it is tempered with a lot of care, emotional intelligence and peaceful presence.

If you desire a real man, not a boy or a man-child, That's me.
A man who is strong, caring, affectionate, straightforward, sometimes serious when needed, then you found him.
What I’m doing with my life
Need a break from tech and startups and entrepreneurial stuff.
Decided to drop off the face of the earth and do something i've wanted to do for many years now, which is writing.
Working on the very, very early stages of a novel (Fiction/Fantasy/Young Adults type thing)
I'm an entrepreneur, through and through.
Typically, I am involved in creating technology start-up companies of various kinds, creating business plans, raising funding, running the companies and so on.
I also have a little real-estate business.
I’m really good at
Making things happen.
Dancing Salsa.
Listening and giving advice.
Noticing small details and understanding how they affect the larger picture.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am easy going, calm and relaxed.
I know the easy going part doesn't exactly sound like me based on what I wrote earlier, but nevertheless, it's true.
The six things I could never do without
I recently came to the realization that I just don't really know the answer to this any more.
This section used to say "goals" and such.
I think I need to think about it a bit more.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

I spend a lot of time trying to not think about business anymore.
Instead, I try to think about ideas for my novel.

I suddenly realized that when I'm in a relationship, I spend a great deal of time thinking about my partner. Perhaps to some this goes without saying, but let me tell you, it doesn't. I've experienced first hand what it's like when your partner thinks mostly of themselves.
I'm done with that.
On a typical Friday night I am
Still working, but now that entails either reading books or writing, or procrastinating (Which essentially means watching TV).
BTW, the position of Czar of Fun is still open.

Probably either working or taking it easy at home.
I'm not a party person.
If I'm in a relationship, then I may be going out to dinner/movie/Dancing or something along those lines.
I'd be happy to anoint you Czar of Fun in whatever potential relationship we may form and you'll find us fun stuff to do Friday nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Read my intro... I think you'll find I already admitted it there ;)
But to summarize - I'm not easy, a bit dominant (also a bit kinky :) ), mmm... also, not sure I know what being happy really is anymore. Not in the "moping around all gloomy" kind of way, not even a little. Just not sure I know what happiness is exactly. Just an existential thing that is fairly private. I wonder if it's a common thing...
You should message me if
If you can have a logical discussion, make real arguments and get to a point, bring it on.
If you really are looking for a deep connection, companionship, a bond; and if you are more on the submissive side (especially sexually), then you definitely should message me.