41Zürich, Switzerland
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My self-summary
I'm quite good at random texting, and I love language for its own sake, but I never know what to say about myself. I do, however, have an opinion about everything and I don't care whether I'd been asked to impart it.

I am a paladin. I play World of Warcraft, and I play a lot. I am blessed with an awesome guild full of people I know in person, and value as friends. We meet once or twice a year. I raid once or twice a week, and I take my commitment to my guild very seriously. It's a natural progression; I grew up on table-top RPGs. My formative years were spent in White Wolf's original World of Darkness. I am a Gangrel, a Black Fury, and most importantly, a Verbena.

I'm a dedicated carnivore. If there's no meat on my plate, then it's not a meal. I make exceptions for breakfast, but I do appreciate black pudding and bacon. I feel appropriately bad about this, as I am also sufficiently "green". Therefore, I make an effort to buy local, organic, food.

Some time ago, I realised that most of my innermost convictions are a direct product of a childhood spent with Japanese anime shows, and the wisdom those impart.

I love: lists. Hm. Water, crazy nights out. Games, dragons, all shades of blue. Summer nights, dancing, spending time in good company, sumptuous food. Cats, writing, quiet chuckles. Big words, big concepts, spending time alone. Glass shards, hardbound books, sleeping, photography. All-night conversations. Shiny baubles.

I hate: inconsiderate people, and those who meander. Lame excuses. Cowardice. Talking before thinking. Wanton stupidity.

Yet again, I am told that I am hopelessly naive. I believe in people. And I take what they say at face value, until proven otherwise. That sets me up for a world of hurt, I know, but is there an alternative?

I'm in an open, long-distance relationship with Chretien. Since he is currently baking under the unforgiving Spanish sun, I will be spending more time in Madrid. Madrileños, I'm looking at you.

I am grandiloquent, inquisitive, and nocturnal
What I’m doing with my life
Getting my shit together. It's taken this long, but I now see a way to save humanity. Further updates as events warrant.

Like everybody else who reads a lot, I am obviously working on a novel. Stay tuned; I've only been at it for 19 years.
I’m really good at
...language. It's my favourite hobby and I develop an understanding for the fundamental structure of a language rather easily. I really like words, my favourite one at present is conundrum. I often do language for its own sake (e.g. talking much and saying nothing), and I can endlessly quote from movies and other sources.

... remembering things. Especially useless knowledge, which I have an amazing memory for. Mostly, though, I'll remember every drunken night out, everything you've ever said, and all the things you would really rather I forgot. Twenty years down the line, I'll say, "I told you so." Charming, isn't it?

... cooking! Have you truly experienced life before you've tasted my chocolate-orange muffins? Ah, I've finally concocted my perfect dinner. Sautéed shiitake mushrooms! Steak flambé in cognac sauce! Pears in red wine and honey! Heaven is a place in a Swiss kitchen. MY kitchen.

Contrary to the impression I'm making here, I am told that I listen well. I am able to understand a great deal about human behaviour.

For an amateur, I'm good at Astrology and reading Tarot cards.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am "exotic". I grew up as an anomaly, so I decided to make people look at me on my own terms. And they do. I'm easy to recognise and easy to remember. Also easy in some other ways, as well as horrifyingly bitchy when I catch you thinking I'm easy in *every* way.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Oh, the list is endless.

I used to have a long-winded text about Shakespeare right here. I deleted it. For brevity's sake, Shakespeare is God. Simple.

I'll read anything by Charles de Lint, who makes me want to write, even if I know that his genius cannot be equaled, let alone surpassed. MZB, under whose red sun I spent my adolescence. Jacqueline Carey, whose heroes know pain unimagined by lesser mortals. Mercedes Lackey, who gave manifold meaning to the term "sisterhood".

The Otherland series by Tad Williams. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. David Eddings' Elenium and Tamuli series. Practically all of White Wolf's first World of Darkness, especially Mage: The Ascension. Starhawk's The Spiral Dance.

Harry Potter, and, just for the record, I knew the truth about Snape from the start.

As someone said, I'll read anything that isn't nailed down, and most things that are.


Movies: Sense and Sensibility, One Day, Cloud Atlas, The Help, Monsoon Wedding, Mohabbatein, The Matrix, Tron, Sleepy Hollow, Malcolm X, 12 Angry Men, 10 Things I Hate About You, LotR, Much Ado About Nothing, The Lake House, The Magnificient Seven, all of Star Trek, all of Star Wars (yes, even Episodes I - III), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hair, Donnie Darko, movies with ensemble casts or superheroes. It goes on and on. I own some 400 DVDs, and that's just my favourites. People want me for a lifeline on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in case they get a movie question.

TV Series: everything Star Trek, especially Deep Space Nine; ER, CSI (Vegas), Criminal Intent, and Picket Fences. Oh, okay, Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, Anna and the King of Siam (the Yul Brynner one). New favourite: Heroes! Hiro's the man! It takes a Japanese mindframe to take superpowers in stride.


Music: Heavy Metal!! Slayer, Tarja Turunen, Heroes del Silencio, Kate Bush, Stephan Eicher, Queensrÿche, KISS, The Sisters of Mercy. Bollywood movie soundtracks!! Celtic stuff. Everything with a strong and evocative voice.
The Bangles, the L.A. Guns, Cinderella, Tori Amos, Guns 'n' Roses, Led Zeppelin, System of a Down, Within Temptation, Living Colour, Manau, El última de la fila, Negu Gorriak, Prince, Queen, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Amon Amarth, Epica, Amorphis, Emilie Autumn, Aretha Franklin, Jay-z, Iron Maiden. It goes on.


Foods: God, I love food. A lot of food. I can't even pick favourites anymore. I sometimes blog about food, although I'm bad at this whole discipline thing. But hey, have a look anyway:
Six things I could never do without
In a nutshell: love, lust, intimacy, conversation, entertainment, awesome food.

Paramount among those is intimacy, in the sense of a deep bond with other humans. Not necessarily physical, but the connection between souls. An example would be the relationship with my sister, which borders on the telepathic. I have such a connection to only two other people, and it is a rare and precious thing. Satisfactory survival also requires long conversations, about life, the universe and everything; it needs singing, dancing and a sense of wonder. And it needs the irrepressible knowledge that Utopia is not only possible, but that we carry its seeds inside us.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to remedy the three worst mistakes we have allowed to occur: Capitalism, Monotheism, and Patriarchy. Yes, I know they're related. One of my favourite topics of discussion at this time is the completely subjective nature of reality.
On a typical Friday night I am
raiding. On Tuesday nights, I rock. It's Karaoke From Hell, after all.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
that I have a variable relationship to truth. As a virtue, it's overrated. I usually advocate telling it from the beginning, but once you've done something that will hurt someone else, confessions only ever serve the ones making them. I've sworn an oath to myself about maximal openness. I will tell just about everything. But I will keep to myself the truth that does nothing but harm; it has no merit. And I will keep other peoples' secrets forever.

Bollocks. That' actually common knowledge. You were looking for something dirty, embarrassing, and painful, right? Okay. Here goes:

I often leave the fridge door open for no good reason.
You should message me if
You should NOT message me for cybersex. It bores me; I'm a "hands on" kinda girl. I might indulge you if I like you, but for that, I obviously have to know you first.

Now that that's out of the way, you SHOULD message me if you want to submit yourself to my verbosity. If you like to rant and rave about the BIG ISSUES. If you're into Queensrÿche, the WoD, urban fantasy, Terre d'Ange, or any other item you find in my description. If you want to go questing. If you're interested. If you're interesting. If you dare.
The two of us