36Leipzig, Germany
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My self-summary
Well, I love the outdoors, going out hiking, discover nature by turning around leaves and stones- if it gets muddy it makes it even better- but that doesn´t mean I refuse a day at a spa with sauna and massage. I can live under basic conditions with very little physical as well as psychological comfort. I enjoy that life style and it made me learn to extremely appreciate every day “luxury” and friendship.

I love the adventure and to explore new things, ideas and places.
I appreciate the fine arts. I like going to classical concerts, museums or having a lovely dinner and a good conversation with a friend. Best thing for Sunday mornings- endless brunch in bed with newspaper, book or a movie.

I see myself as a tolerant, open-minded person with a free mind and a sense for the beauty of life, people and nature. I´m down-to-earth. I can be stubborn and bite my teeth together but I try not to take myself too seriously, I have no problem laughing about myself.
What I’m doing with my life
I´m a biologist currently working on my doctoral thesis. I did
spend the last couple of years doing field work in different
African countries but am now based in Leipzig for the write-up.
I’m really good at
not bragging about myself...
The first things people usually notice about me
No idea! Meet me and let me know- and then pls don´t tell me I look like 16 ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love books- cannot even imagine a life without them! I love this feeling when I´m standing in the book store trying to decide which book to take, which new world to discover. I used to read all those "must-read" novels- especially like Hesse, Hemingway, Woolf, but also a lot of H.G. Wells. Some of the newer stuff that I really like is Siri Hustvedt, Zeruya Shalev, Onquist. Otherwise I´m a big fan of Mankell´s Wallander!!
Music? Guess I´m old fashioned when it comes to music- I prefer everything from the 60ies/ 70ies, especially like Carole King, Carly Simon, Bob Dylan kind of stuff. Dancing and party goes best for me with crappy 80ies (I know it is bad!) and southafrican bubblegum. Best music to go out for dancing- reggae and dancehall (trying not to listen to the sexist lyrics.) Well yeah and besides that- better you know it rightaway- I love Barbra Streisand!!
Movies and shows? Favourite movie- Funny Girl with the adorable 20 year old Barbra Streisand. However another one of my multiple personalities just cannot get enough from boldly going where noone has gone before with StarTrek, the next generation. Love Picard!
Food? Love to eat, especially all sorts of vegetable and fruit etc. Cooking for others is kind of fun, in general I dont cook, half of the stuff in my fridge is usually rotten. :(
Six things I could never do without
Why six things?? I can live without a lot of things. I do prefer to not attach myself too much to material things. Less is more. Thinking of buying a car gives me anxiety. Most important are my friends, health, nature and the sun, books well and singing and playing the guitar (which I´m crap at though...)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spent a lot of time thinking about what´s going on in an ape´s head, how is that different from humans, and how does the environment shape the way apes have to communicate with eachother. After thinking too much about that, I usually begin to think this is exciting, but so irrelevant to the fact that we need to do something to protect those apes and their habitats. Which brings me to the fact that we humans are so extraordinarily smart and all, but so far using this gift only ends in exploiting our resources and other people....the thought continues, but might in between be to depressing for this purpose, but finds a somehow positive end....
On a typical Friday night I am
I don´t have a typical Friday night, I just do what I feel like...
The two of us